As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Signs Law making Bison the “National Mammal”

National mammal? So will we have a National Reptile also? I mean, other than Bill Clinton.

So you get what this is all about, it’s about how evil hunters slaughtered the buffalo and ruined the Native Americans’ livelihood and America is bad and so on and so forth. That’s what kids will learn when they find out the bison in the national mammal. It’s a symbol of shame, not pride, because DAMMIT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. And you know it.

Obama bison

Of course, the national animal should be the horse, which did all the work making this nation great. Mostly what the bison did was crap all over the Plains and make the fields fertile for the farmers who eventually came along to grow enough food make us the world’s breadbasket and create feed for cattle who are regularly processed into the world’s greatest steaks.

I suppose that’s a contribution, but that’s hardly why Obama — and Congress — are doing this.

Okay, sorry, I’m in a bad mood. I feel bad we killed all the bison too, but this designation is a political statement.

Here’s some video of bison rudely interfering with traffic.

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    • Commercially available.
      Lower in cholesterol, fat,and calories, the grass fed ones that is.
      And damn tasty.
      In chilli… to die for when mixed with some of PENDRYS chilli seasonings.
      6 pack of Lone Star, just to keep it real.

    • Will increase in price. And then due to its new national status, they will become protected, and you will no longer be able to buy, let alone enjoy your bison products.

      And a few ranches and processing plants will belly up as well. Such is the way in the Error of Obama. hat tip Denise.

      • The bison ranchers would get quite outraged if they were put out of business.
        When bison burgers are cooked ‘correctly’ they aren’t dry and most people can’t tell the difference from cow burgers.

      • That’s just what I’m afraid is going to happen now! I think this is all another attempt to get folks to give up meat altogether! Soon we won’t be able to afford it anyway, then it will end up becoming obsolete! Now, if only we could find a way to make that jackanapes in the White House obsolete!!

    • Bison burgers are too dry for me. I can’t imagine the cool kids in the White House would let this meat source be outlawed. It’s what the hip people eat. And my vernacular may be hopelessly outdated – but you know what I mean and I don’t care.

  1. I agree: it should have been the horse.
    Without the horse, the West would still be NoMan’sLand, overrun with Indians, Mexicans, and White criminals.
    The stately wagon train moving families from the overcrowded East to the open spaces of the west could not have moved without the horse.
    The early farmer needed the horse to plow his field and take his product to market.
    The Bison just wandered around, eating and making big piles of dung.
    Plus factor- you can always eat the horse if the crop fails, or you get stuck in the desert

      • Horses were not native to this country until the Spaniards brought them here.

        Native Americans, what we called ‘Indians’ when I was growing up used horses to herd buffaloes over cliffs to slaughter them because they didn’t have firearms to selectively kill them for food or clothing.

        Obama is a prime example of someone who does NOT know the history of this country.

        His stupidity and ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

        • They did the same thing when hunting caribou around here. Drove them off a cliff, slaughtered the survivors at the bottom and, in time, pretty much killed them all off. I could take you to a location north of where I am and show you a spot where they did exactly that. Still can find caribou bones if you know where to look.

        • Due to the fact he spent his formative years in Indonesia, till I believe though grade 8, I would assume he is better schooled on their history, it’s always been obvious he knows little about American history. (or cares). He really is getting the most out of AF1. Wonder if he will be given AF1 as a parting gift when he descends the throne. Seems only fair;-/

      • I know that had to have been a rhetorical question, Denise. Either that or you simply forgot of whom you were speaking!!! He doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING right! ;)

  2. At NYC’s American Museum of Natural History there’s a diarama of the Indians, sorry, Native Americans, chasing herds of buffalo over a cliff, it’s how they hunted them. It also depicted a group at the bottom of the cliff who finished off the ones who didn’t die instantly. A pretty gruesome scene.

    During that time, herds were like 1 mile wide and 20 miles long. Methinks the NA’s had a little to do with their demise.

    • “Methinks the NA’s had a little to do with their demise” …Not much, it was the buffalo hunters. Killed off the buffalo to help kill off the indians. But it was the diseases brought by europeans that really did in the indians.

      My acknowledgement of the truth by no means implies that I think we owe any reparations. That notion is ridiculous. It was horribly wrong, but that was over 100 years ago. Live in the present, and quit blaming.

      I live in Montana, and I see these critters quite a bit. They are amazing creatures. Had one charge me as I passed on a snowmobile recently. That would not have ended well for me had it not been for good acceleration.

      And yes, they are tasty. However, elk is my favorite wild game. No fat, so you have to cook it in certain ways… Now I’m hungry.

  3. I saw no politics in this–in fact, my brother used to be a ranger in a park in St Louis County that has bison–I knew about this a few days ago and wrote him the park should put out a release–come see our national animal. Maybe some things are just not politics–is that possible?

    • It is my opinion, everything is political when it comes to this Administration. Especially when you consider the windmill energy program I mentioned.

    • Wrong animal Star.
      Bison covered this country.
      In the days of Daniel Boone, Ohio was filled with them.
      The herds were immense.
      They would take days to migrate to a different area.
      Much like the passenger pigeon flocks that used to darken the sky in midday then at night when they went to roost, they all landed in the trees and ruined property.

    • Not even remotely possible that this wasn’t pandering political shtick with the Obama gang. Another President, possibly. Not with The Bam. He’s about two dance steps from demanding that Bison be allowed to vote. You heard it here first. The really surprising thing is that one would have thought that Obama would be forcefully promoting himself as the National Mammal. Someone must have talked him out of it.

      • Boy King would probably lean toward the King Cobra although I can think of a few others that would be elevated to National Status only for the duration of the Obama Error.

        • Cobras aren’t native…I know you had some pt there. I still say this isn’t political and even if it is, so what…It just a frivolous honorary thing–did Obama pick it? There had to be a committee, years of meeting, etc…

  4. And they are proposing a new energy program — megabucks — for windmills that it is proven will kill off an unconscionable number of American Eagles.

    So good luck bison mammals. One day you’re in. The next day you’re out. Livin’ large with Barry and his merry band of progies — who in a less politically correct environment would just be old style commies in the tradition of Lenin, 5 year plans, etc.

    • There are many ranchers that maintain herds of bison.
      They’re not much different than beef cattle.
      This is all political.

      • Just Barry wanting to be in the publics eye to nourish his ego.
        Lookie me, I’m the president and can do neat stuff like this.
        Meanwhile Iran threatens to blockade the Straights of Horowitz (?) to keep out US NAVY.
        Lookie me, I can’t do squat cept’ this

        • Well, according to tomorrow’s schedule Obama has “convened” a NSC meeting. The failed romance writer and Talk Show Sunday Susan will be there. Top men. Top men.

        • Such a shame that Obama forced the Republican controlled House and Senate to pass this bill and put it on his desk to sign.

          Oh, wait, you didn’t realize that Republican controlled Congress passed this bill first? Yeah, I’m guessing you didn’t.

        • Yeah, Cisco. Barry knows history (if we have any real historians) will not be kind to him, so he’s grasping for as many ways as possible to have his name turn up in the history books. It’s all about those “firsts.”

  5. Oh, we know it’s about the drive to eliminate the buffalo was part of the drive to subdue the indians. So there’s lots of pc stuff implied here.

  6. Pioneer women cooked with dried buffalo “chips” that were everywhere in mounds on the prairie. SO I guess this is non-trad fuel invocation as well as what-you’ll-use-when-the-“chips”-are-down from my admin’s effects foreshadowing.

  7. Obama could care less about Native Americans, white people, or anyone else for that matter. He is an egotistical narcissist, or in plain English an ass! He eats dog and buffalo wings….go figure..obnoxious jerk…

  8. Sorry, your stretching here, Keith. I realize this article was written somewhat in jest, and the idea of a National ‘anything’ is all rather silly. But I grew up in buffalo country. They are uniquely American, shaped a great deal of our history, and are damn impressive when seen up close. I don’t think recognizing them for what they are is making any kind of political statement. In fact, if you are a true student of western history, the Native Americsns played a critical role in the near extermination of these huge animals, so no shame by me or any other living person in the country today.

    Besides, getting stuck in a buffalo-jam on the road in Yellowstone Park is kinda cool…..