As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule Week of May 9 – May 15

From the White House:

President Obama Monday has no publicly scheduled events.

On Tuesday, the president will welcome the NCAA Champion UConn Huskies women’s basketball team to honor the team and their 2016 NCAA Championship.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Obama again has no publicly scheduled events.

Obama Friday the president will host the president of Finland and the prime ministers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland at the White House for a U.S.-Nordic Leaders Summit. In the evening, the president and Mrs. Obama will host the Nordic leaders for a State Dinner.

On Sunday, Obama will travel to Rutgers University’s New Brunswick campus to address 2016 graduates at Rutgers University’s 250th Anniversary commencement ceremony.

8 Responses to Obama Schedule Week of May 9 – May 15

  1. So much for ‘transparency’! The LSM should be watching this guy like a hawk now that ALL of the attention is focused on the two-ring circus at hand. And don’t even bother to ask what the lame-brain Congress is doing to stop this guy!

    • A rattlesnake is most dangerous when it feels cornered, when it is desperate for dominance or , in the case of Obama, when it feels it has limited time to deliver a fatal bite to its perceived enemy.

      • This rattler has been in a coiled position for 7 yrs- waiting for this moment.
        He never intended to work with Congress – not even for one second.

    • Re. Section 8 moving to the a neighbor near you or the house next door, I wonder if Paul Ryan is going to personally release the funding or if it will just be “let” unannounced.

  2. Makes sense Obama at Rutgers. THat’s been a pretty active school in the liberal college kids arena. Maybe there will be greek columns.

  3. What got me about this schedule–and I rarely give a flip was not the “free” days but the Nordic Leaders–what will he be saying…deal with your refugee problem better? Some bossy cow thing? I am sure Swedish Lady would prefer Putin come on by.