As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

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  1. I just finished reading this and thought you guys might find it interesting. I can see Hillary Clinton as the Angela Merkel of the US in terms of free speech at the least. And in general, I like to read Mark Steyn and have great respect for his fight for free speech particularly on the issues of islam and climate control for which he is suffering greatly at the hands of the western “justice” system. Anyway, have a look and think of Hillary. Which is kind of like “close your eyes and think of England”, I suppose.

    • That’s one of the reasons I like Trump.
      Trump may be a little crude at times but I think he is on a mission to put this Country back on track.
      Four years of Hillary will kill us.

      • In these days of Big Brother and Social Media Thugs, let me say I wish no one harm. That said, a big concern with Hillary is her health. She does not appear to be healthy and it’s possible something could put her out of commission. And then it would turn to her VP. And with the choices being bandied about, especially any one of the LaRaza boys or worse, and this country would be turned into a third world cesspool that would make even Barack envious. (but proud).

        • I want to see all of Obama’s legacy go down the tubes.
          That won’t happen with Hillary.
          With Trump, we have a chance.

        • The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

          The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.

          The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.

          “It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” said Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group where progressive Democrat and Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout was once an organizing director.

        • And I think Trump will finish off anything that isn’t already done for–how about the full faith and credit of the US–he now says he will try to nego with our creditors and beat them down….Hello, China? Look, you want 75 cents on the dollar or nothing?

          • The thing there, Star, is that he is the only candidate – heck the only person – who is even talking about paying off our debts. Every politician and talking head just goes on about “the deficit”. Mr Trump has been there and managed to come back again: he understands what kind of slavery debt is. I finally achieved my life-long goal to live without debt, and I want my government(s) to do the same. Our children and grands will be in a world of hurt if we don’t start now to deal with the governmental debt.

            Also, do remember that China probably actually owes us more than we owe them, so he does have some good points for negotiation. Here’s only one little-known element of that debt:

    • Thanks for the link, grace. Mark Steyn is a voice in the wilderness, who has doggedly fought for free speech and was treated abominably by the various Canadian “human rights” courts. He is a true Canadian patriot who fights for freedom of speech everywhere.

  2. The Bush family will not support the Repub nominee, assorted elected Repubs are thinking about running a third party candidate and the masks come off, revealing a slew of elitist, selfish, ignorant political entities that care absolutely nothing about the public welfare or the fate of the country.
    Former Repub candidates who forced MrTrump to swear that he wouldn’t run a third party for President and would support the winning candidate have dropped their masks revealing unethical, disgraceful men whose word means nothing.

    • x1000 on the hypocrisy. Shameful. They are now just desperate — and not for the country, but for themselves and their own power.

    • The GOPe is revealing itself as the corrupt entity that it is.
      It took Donald Trump to make it public and so far he is doing a pretty good job of it.

      • speaking of corrupt Clinton is –

        Exposed – The Clinton Foundation is Running a $20 Million Private Equity Firm in Colombia

        How the Clinton Foundation Paid Sidney Blumenthal $10K per Month as He Gave Horrible Libya Advice to the State Dept.

    • a slew of elitist, selfish, ignorant political entities that care absolutely nothing about the public welfare or the fate of the country.

      I sure hope you mean this blanket statement about some theoretical leaders and not voters who genuinely despise and fear Trump and can tell you all the reasons.

      • By the time people of your thinking and the media get done with Trump he should be “awarded” the Presidency just for putting up with this Alinkyite type of targeting and pillorying.

        So much worse than 4 dead Americans on your watch or exposing national security secrets for the world to access because it’s inconvenient to do use proper and secured channels. And so much worse than an agreement with a country that shouts its hate for the United States every single solitary day. And certainly so much worse than any war or reckless spending that GWB (whom I like)rained down on this country. Yeah, big bad Donald Trump. Give me a friggin’ break.

        • And let’s not forget the conservative darlings who lifted barely an eyebrow as this illegal invasion of America sauntered across our open borders and scattered without a trace into the nooks of crannies of this vast country. There’s a lot to be outraged about. Donald Trump recognizes it and verbalizes it and that is what scares people.

        • I don’t give breaks…and for about the dozenth time–citing bad things other people did does not make the bad things someone might do any more acceptable…You know all this…it’s not a response. At least at other sites, I learn new info or get cogent arguments…

          • Yes Star. Well, I don’t see you coming up with any solutions either. All I hear is you’re scared , there is nobody in either party for You to vote for, and what to do, what to do.

            You must have made a heck of a functioning Democrat and I am beginning to wonder if you are not lost in a world of politics that is not lock step as the Dems are.

          • As far as other sites, I don’t see any big sign here that says the Rule is you MUST respond. If this is just oh so tedious and worn out and incoherent for you feel free to glide right on by my ignorance and repetition, leaving nary a sign of your superior intellect and snark.

        • What is YOUR solution–throw in with some guy who had shown no evidence he can do the things he says, which is actually good because some of them are horrendous? I am not running for president, but I have ideas anyway–
          1) A realistic compromise on immigrants who are here–we can’t afford socially or economically or even in terms of do-ability to send them back, so fines, delays in citizenship, back taxes, etc. Does that punish them enough for their transgressions–I think so.
          2) Enforcement of our present laws–it’s not that the border is so open, it’s that the will to enforce the law is not there…Of course, the killers and rapists should go to jail…
          3) Open negotiation of future trade and nuclear deals–sure, cut tough deals, get quid pro quos, get something for markers we give up–but tearing up existing deals is not going to work or happen.
          4) Don’t threaten other countries like the bond holders in Atlantic City someone stiffed–this is foolish.
          5) Don’t set up the US Military, rebuilt or not, as a mercenary force and give up the leverage we have in the countries where we, with reason, have standing forces.
          6) We need to be strong, thoughtful, consistent, take no guff from others, and recognize we are a superpower and act like it within the responsibilities this confers.

          Yeah, you can attack me for snark (guilty) and now for disgust. I never said anyone here was lesser for supporting Trump, but I do say as a fan site, it is not teaching me anything. I want to compare analyses, notes, facts. Aren’t we supposed to be holding people “accountable” here?

          • Yep, that’s my choice. Campaign rhetoric is campaign rhetoric. There is a good chance that he wlll, as most people do when confronted with reality — which as you know, is different than campaigning,== implement some of the things that you have listed as preferred. Then again, maybe not.

            What I do know is that the existing Republican Party, shrouded as it is in runaway elitism and entitlement, has not shown itself either capable or willing to do anything more than protect itself. The GOPe has no credibility with me and certainly,in my view, has failed as an opposition party. A uni party seems acceptable to them.

            So, in the face of that, my candidate of choice will not come from their roster.

            And if I was in hunt of analyses, notes, facts and “teaching” I would not do it from a “fan site” of someone I thought was absolutely, in every way, unacceptable to me. Because then I would have no commentary other than to critique those “fans”. But hey, that’s me.

            And I do not consider this to be a “fan site”. My choice is Trump, there are others who may think differently.

  3. The country is headed for a titanic size iceberg right ahead.
    Stock market bubble
    New housing bubble
    Tech company bubble
    Debt public and private at record levels
    Trillion dollars in school loans
    Car sales headed for a crash

    This is ugly and we are going to get hurt

    • That’s why we need someone who understands the economy in office.
      Somebody that will give the middle digit to the lobbyists.

      • Give me some evidence he understands the economy–not that he hired people in his life (incl illegals), but the economy as a dismal science, as they say..Can he explain supply side? Can he grasp cycles? Does he fully get globalism (besides manu overseas himself)? How about international currency arbitrage (besides ranting about how China outfoxes us with fluctuating currency), etc. Let’s see the creds. The evidence. If he does slap on a remittance fee to money being remanded overseas–how will this affect not only immigrants, but others, even companies? I know you must ask yourself this–when you do, do you just think, Oh, well, he will figure it all out or hire someone…? That isn’t enough for me!

    • That letter is wonderful. I started reading John C Wright’s blog originally because of his conversion story, a long time ago, and was really glad to see this pop up.

    • Thanks for this. I didn’t know of Wright.

      As for George — wow — just wow —

      Donald Trump’s damage to the Republican Party… Republican quislings… …slinking…. These collaborationists … ineligible to participate in the party’s reconstruction.

      Oh dear.

    • George Will deserved every word of that pen lashing–as do the others in his little clique, his little insider group. They have handed us a long list of less than stellar candidates over the years. Vote for Mitt! Vote for McCain! They were all politically spineless, wimpy sourpusses and we did vote for them, red-faced and embarrassed, for several elections. We know who they were: the loose cannon and unreliable McCain, the soft around the edges Romney and others like them all around the country. We kept losing elections, even in the face of the pathological Clinton and the outrageous fraud Obama. We lost running against THESE bozos, because the Republican graybeards and chinwaggers supported the wrong Republican candidate. And now they want us to support a possible third candidate, guaranteed to lose again. And they suggest that we do as they threaten to do–not support–perhaps not even vote for– the Republican candidate who is setting record votes in state primaries, who is bringing Independents, some Democrats and lots of people who have “given up” on the system.

      And now we are defying the Republican wizards who live in their big mansions, who grin and chat on television, who are more concerned about their own power and influence than they are the state of the country. And they are very upset and angry with us. We just are too dumb to make our own choices, choices with make based on what we see and hear and our concerns about the path of corruption and deceit Obama (and others) have demanded we travel.

      Nope, not this time, George Will. You have deceived us once too often. It’s time for you to go home and ponder your life and your sins. Perhaps there is still time and hope for you.

    • AF Vet, Thanks again for this. I read it a few times. I have never been able to understand how it is that the Dems can walk so lock step. I am not all that well read in American history, but I do know my Marxist-Leninist ideology. Wright explained it here, in a way that I can understand it.

      “The communists, socialists, and leftists generally show admirable party discipline, because they understand that, as a rule, subverting Western civilization is a process that requires many false steps, doubling back, setbacks, detours, and compromises.
      So the Dems will, without blinking, overnight, go from being avid and public supporters, say, of Hitler or the KKK, but then the next day be avowed enemies of Hitler (the moment he breaks with Stalin) and avowed enemies of the KKK (who will now retroactively always have had been Republicans, somehow). Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

      A mob cannot beat an organized legion. A conservative mob cannot beat a coherent Democrat machine.”

      And this took me back. I think it was Lenin, although it could have been Marx, who said Two Steps Forward, One Step back. For my studies I had to read all of Marx. Engels. Lenin and others, in great detail. But Lenin, in particular, was an absolute maniac when it came to party unity. I hadn’t thought about that in a very long time. I did major papers and presentations on it — Lenin and the party.

      Anyway, Wright’s comment helped me understand how truly socialist or Marxist the thinking of the Democrat Party is. Or at least the Democrat Party of today who follows the likes of Alinsky. I am weak in American history so I don’t know if it has always been so.

      Not until reading this, and absorbing it in a way that fit into my frame of reference did I get it. Having studied the real thing in depth,for years, and having witnessed socialism in all its ugliness, I don’t think it penetrated that the Alinsky Democrats –Americans, part of our government — actually really and truly, heart and soul, like Lenin, believed this.

      I think I had some vision of an “Americanized” Ivies, Ivory tower version of socialism. But, now I understand clearly that this is the real deal today. And that is even more frightening. So, live and learn — at least for me. It’s quite unsettling.

      Apologies for the length. But hey, moment of awakening. Thanks AFV for the moment.