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Obama on Press Trump Coverage: “This is Not a Reality Show”

President Obama Friday lectured the press about its coverage of Donald Trump, saying reporters have to do a better job vetting him. Because, Obama, said, the presidency is “really serious job.”

I speak to all of you as reporters . . . I just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. This is not entertainment. This is not a reality show.

The one thing I’m really going to be looking for over the next six months is that the American people are effectively informed about where candidates stand in the issues, what they believe, making sure that their numbers add up,making sure that their policies have been vetted . . . And if that happens, I’m confident that our democracy will work.

This from a president who, from having his feet on any desk in sight, to chewing gum at official events, to making a fool of himself on any stupid TV show he can find, has done all he can to degrade the office.

And suddenly a pontification about the sanctity of the press, from a president whose aides have done all they can – I assure you – to undermine honest coverage of Obama by the White House press corps, including by bullying reporters they know have done fair stories and circumventing responsible reporters any way they can.

Like, for example, sitting for interviews with YouTubers.

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  1. . . . like the press did such a great job vetting Obama in 2008? We STILL don’t know his college record, or why he forfeited his law license (or why Michelle forfeited hers) or any of a hundred things we’d want to know about any candidate, if we were a sane society. And of course Obama has the temerity to lecture everyone (he does love to lecture, doesn’t he?) how important it is to do all the things he’s worked so hard and spent so much money assuring would never be done for him. What a piece of work.

  2. bwah ha ha ha ha…

    The first thing the press should do is to turn this around and send it back at him.

    “Oh, so you want us to really vet candidates…REALLY?”


  3. The New York Times Magazine has a very revealing piece on Ben Rhodes and how the White House staff “ventriloquizes” the press, creating an “echo chamber” to repeat lines of thought created by the White House staff. It tells how the Iran deal script was largely manufactured to sell the deal, and was written to leave viewers and readers with implications that were misleading or false. It also notes that the restructuring the American narrative was seen as “our entire job” by the White House speech writers.

  4. WTF is he talking about??? If he was “vetted”, he would have never been elected president. And he is one to talk about the dignity of the office…coming from a man who interviewed with a women who ate fruitloops in a bathtub of milk! This man is certifiable psychotic and the press are a herd of morons. The end. Next case.

  5. WTF is he talking about??? If he was “vetted”, he would have never been elected president. And he is one to talk about the dignity of the office…coming from a man who interviewed with a woman who ate fruitloops in a bathtub of milk; interviewed with the “Pimp with a Limp”. I can’t even with this man, he is certifiable psychotic and the press are a herd of morons. The end. Next case.

  6. And Obama makes these statements without the slightest clue that he is describing his own attributes, failures and behavior. What a complete dolt.

      • They will never tell the truth about Obama, criticize him or otherwise inform the citizenry about who he really is. They are cut from the same clothe as Obama, drink the same poison, laugh at the same jokes, and are are shallow and dumb as he is and as they appear to be. Latest confidence rating of the American press is six percent. 94% of the American people have no confidence in the MSM. You’d think that would be a wake up call for them, but they are too far gone to save at this point.

        • They don’t need no stink in’ wake up call. They tell us what to think and don’t you forget it! I truly believe they think everyone out of the beltway is a dumbass yahoo with no education or thinking skills.

          • Yep, they do. The favorite weapon for political submission used by the MSM is how the frame the story, or the person they are trying to destroy or promote. They leave important information out, use speculation disguised as objectivity, and otherwise try to hoodwink the public. Every knows it—public confidence in the press is down to 6 percent now. No one believes them, and they know they are falling down on the job and committing professional suicide. They don’t care. That’s how crazy they are.

        • I wonder if Mr. Koffler will ever write a tell-all book about this useless & sycophant “WH press corps”, and “media” during the Obama regime…?
          (Imagine all the stories & dirt & ‘truth’ Keith must know about what really went on in the White House under Obama…)

          • None of them will write a tell-all. The rest of the press corp will disown the author and access to the WH will be taken away. It’s a form of blackmail, and the reporter lemmings understand that.

        • The MSM is suffering the same malady as the GOP. Corruption and denial have crept in so slowly that they think they’re just dandy. They’re not.

          The cure for denial? Honesty and courage.

  7. The chosen one has spoken. All peasants bow before the almighty ruler. What a joke this a**hole truly is. Do as I say, not as I do for I am above you.

  8. I’ll take the reality show produced by Donald Trump over the horror show produced by Obama&Jarrett that we have had to endure for the past 8 years

  9. It’s certainly been a reality show for him, for seven plus miserable years. He’s been on a perennial vacation. He’s had the time of his life to the detriment of this country. What a profound statement.

  10. One thing for sure: Obama never would have gotten to second base if Trump had run in 2008! He would have USED his opposition research to knock lyin’ Barry out of the race.

    It’s still not too late. It’s important for him to make this race as much about Obama as Hillary, starting with Obama’s affiliation with the Communist party and his sleezy campaign tactics against his MENTOR, Communist Alice Palmer, way back when he ran for IL state office.
    The corrupt media ignored it all.

    • Trump could not have run in 2008 I don’t think. The massive damage and idiocy of Barack Obama, the retreat of the media to the opium den, and the failure of the Republican Party to run viable candidates or to be a Party in opposition found Donald Trump. It will take someone as out of the box as Trump to begin any kind of repair. And I care more about the country then I do whether someone is labeled a conservative or not. The word conservative as used by the Republican Party today is a self deluding phrase to keep them in power.

      • Well, the party is sure not conservative now–as many here taught me to think of conservatism (before, when you cared about it). I see no party that represents me…And all the sellouts sucking up to Trump now disgust me, and yes, this incl McCain, no matter how he spins it. There is no party to unite, so that excuse is claptrap.

  11. Well said, Mr Koffler. Can’t wait until January 21, when President Trump and his decent spokespeople will restore professionalism and honesty to the White House’s relationship with the press.

  12. Now I’ve heard everything. If anyone has treated the Oval Office like a reality show it’s Obama. Who showed Beyonce and JayZ the Situation room? Who parties til the wee hours of the night with all sorts of celebrities?

    I can only wonder what kind of condition we’ll find the WH in after the first grifters move out. Especially with their dogs having “accidents” in the WH.

  13. Since what he thinks is irrelevant (and so is he) who cares? Shall we sink our collective teeth into a discussion of the new Muslim Mayor of London instead?

  14. I’ve thought about this BHO comment (This is not a reality show.) today and this is really the comment I want to make:
    “No Sh*t, Sherlock.”

  15. Wow the amazing ‘blind spot’ …
    his whole term has been geared and conducted as if he’s in an MTV episode
    the arrogance of the vicious creature … and that evil grin like a snotty fresher that the big boys have smiled at …

    • He is a disgrace to this great nation as far as I am concerned. I am soooooo ready for them to move out. ANGRY AMERICAN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! yuk indeed

  16. Well said Keith, and I guess you know a lot about what he and his aides have done to undermine honest coverage of the hypocrite in the White House. But why couldn´t someone, for example an old journalist about to retire, shout to him: “Well then, show us your academic records, Mr Obama”.
    “Do a better job vetting Trump”. Oh, the impudence, insolence, presumptiousness ( no more words in my word-book).
    Off topic, a Muslim mayor has been elected in London. Maybe because the other candidate was such a lousy one, another spoiled blabbering Eton boy, Zac Goldsmith. Well, it isn´t necessarily bad. I have noticed that Muslims involved in politics and media over here often are allowed to be more critical of issues concerning Islam than ordinary Europeans. Well, the PC media allows them to say the truth many times because, caught in the dilemma of criticizing the holy cow Islam and criticizing another holy cow, a Muslim, the PC media thinks the former is “easier”. The real test will be when, or if, new Muhammed caricatures are published. What will Mr Khan say and do ?
    I read that Cheney now is supporting Trump. It worries me a little. I used to like Cheney but now, after my awakening because of the conflicts in Ukraina and Syria, he represents neo-con foreign politics to me. And I definitely do not want more of that, it will be the end of the world. I see Trump as a great white hope here. And his East-European wife can probably talk sense to him.

  17. Unbelievable. Well, actually no. This kind of hypocritical, self serving BS is what we have come to expect from Barry. I wonder, does he ever listen to himself? Not that it would make any difference.

    • Agreed.

      Overall, am surprised at the level of non-committal attitude toward Trump. I believe that in a few months many of you will have gone through some mental gymnastics to conclude that a Trump presidency is better than the alternative — I suspect that the key point in this process will be when the VP is chosen…. “Oh that is great! Now that XXXXX is on the ticket I can see that Trump is serious, blah blah and that he will be able to blah blah. Back when I was a NeverTrumper I did not have this information. I will reluctantly(because my ego is more important than the country) support Trump.”

      In a landslide of ‘reluctant’ voter turnout — Trump wins.

      • You may say it’s ego, but I will never ever vote for this man, for whom I have not one whit of respect or affection. He apparently thinks people will buy his daily shifting flipflops and vote on faith–well, I won’t. I don’t think running a closely held company is anything like running a country…etc. He would make a hash of the country–or finish it off, whichever you prefer. Is that Manafort guy going to be his Jarrett, his north star?

        • And there is no VP he could pick that persuade me, even though the VP would probably be picked for running the country ability, which Trump does not possess.

  18. Calling the kettle black does not get any blacker. Obama and the press are in deep denial about what a dangerous unicorn dance these past 8 years have been.

    Most currently, all that is swirling about Ben Rhodes and his manufactured and mythical speeches and behind the scenes maneuvering on Benghazi and Foreign Policy. Soviet propagandists would have erected a statue to this guy.

  19. Oh dear. I just had a mental image of Obama as Narcissus, leaning over the lake, admiring his reflection, arms loosely behind his back, wrists lightly clasped.

    And then leaning in to get a closer look, he tips forward and goes head first right into the lake.

    Never to be seen again. (ok, I made that part up).