As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, May 6, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
4:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Carter

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House Briefing at noon

25 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, May 6, 2016

  1. Between 10 and 4 I’ll be happy to have a job that my employer motivates me to show up for so I can afford health insurance…..for now.
    obama is just going to phone it in until 01/17

    • Re. phoning in — I hope not. Every time this creature picks up a phone bad things happen to this country.

      I saw the citizenship renunciation numbers at Drudge and read about all the hispanics and minorities and the lefties all offended over one thing or another and I think about how the Left and the Democrats have changed this country — and it is just plain sad. THE thing that is so disturbing is all these kids and people, middle finger raised, dressed like bums claiming it is their country. Meh. That kinda’ day I guess.

      And yes, you are fortunate to have that 10-4 — so hsve a good day and don’t mind me. Obama will be golfing so little danger of him phoning it in for that time.

      • Thanks Gracepc… was a good day. Sent my beloved Mother in Law some earrings made in Hawaii after that nasty show in her town last week ……..(Costa Mesa, CA)

  2. In other words, it’s another goof-off day in a very long string of do nothing, screw around, stare at the wall, “Gosh, I’m bored”, “Where’s Reggie” days for Barry.

    There’s something very not right with this fraud. But we figured that out seven years ago.

    • The old say.. “Don’t just stand there, Do something” is now replaced with “Don’t do something, just stand there”

      I am perfectly happy with him doing nothing. The most he ‘does’ the more debt and destruction occurs for our country.

      Remember the Summer of Recovery? This will be the Farewell Tour of Obama Golf and Gab on the Late Night Shows.

      Relax. It is almost over. He will be fully checked out by July and by November it will be nearly impossible for him to do anything.

      Now everyone has to ‘get over’ the candidates and pick the one least likely to screw over Americans and then we can start work on the 19 Trillion or whatever we have over our great-grand children’s heads that should make us all ashamed that this nation is in such a state.

      Have a great Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, especially the Gold Star Moms.

      • Good points. We’re at the end of our walk through Obama’s House of Horror, and the exit is just around the bend. Obama tried his very best to destroy the country, and he did some serious damage, but we’ll recover. I note he’s on TV right now telling us what a terrific job he’s done with the economy. A liar, right up to his final months in office.

        • If you have to TELL me that you are a people person…you are not

          If you have to TELL me that the economy is great…it is not.

          If the economy is great then people would be telling HIM that it is great.

          My of those feeling the burn of Obama do not know what it is like to experience a strong economy. If they knew. If they knew…..

          • This month’s jobs report was abysmal. Only half of the number of new jobs as projected. Thank God he will soon join the ranks of the unemployed.

        • Indeed, him and his S$#$# eating grin.
          All day everyday “hey mom look at me” I am so great.

          I hope we can recover. The Donald is going to have to work hard to fix this.

        • Sports Authority closing all of its stores. Bankruptcy issues.
          Sears also closing many stores.
          Yes Barry, economy doing great.

          • CiscoKid, I’ll add all the Albertson’s grocery stores here in Seattle that were bought out by Haggen’s grocery chain and then filed bankruptcy and is now selling back to Albertson’s. The Gov originally forced Albertson’s to sell off due to monopoly of the chain and now reversed it due to Haggen’s high prices couldn’t maintain the high volume of customers that Albertson’s could. Another example of Gov involvement failure.

          • Where’s your great senator McCain Star ?
            Doesn’t he care about the economy in your state ?

            Perhaps he is reluctant to oppose Obama.

          • Completely not true–you see him out there dinging at Obama in almost every news cycle…now he says he will support the nominee while trying to educate him…which is a disappointment to me. Nobody’s perfect. I wish they had earmarks back–our state could use some and with his seniority he could rake them in. Ah, the good old days…

  3. Ha — that’s where my bad mood gets me. Mod Jail. I was there yesterday. Good news for you guys! I am off to find the scotch. Cheers.