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Video || Clinton Uses Republicans to Skewer Trump

From Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed. Pretty entertaining and probably effective with some. But this is stuff people already understand about Trump.

22 Responses to Video || Clinton Uses Republicans to Skewer Trump

  1. Hmm, let’s see, Loser Whines:
    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.
    Elites outraged at a citizen who dares challenge them:
    yes, yes, yes and yes.
    Smarmy ad paid for by flawed, dishonest, greedy, lying, progressive/commie elite who claims a “right” to be President:
    IMO, a waste of money and a bunch of sour grapes from men and women who couldn’t beat MrTrump.

  2. And then she has the nerve to say that Trump will now need to answer the hard questions. Maybe we should ask both of them questions about how cattle futures work.

  3. This is interesting.

    “Carville admits Hillary lacks campaign ‘apparatus’ to take on Trump”

    Is Carville softening the shock for when Hillary’s campaign finally collapses on the ground? Is he miffed about the way the Hillary people are treating him? Who knows? Quite a remarkable statement from him given where we are in the campaign. The Hillary people can’t be pleased with Carville at this point. At any rate, by the time Trump gets done with her, she won’t know if she’s afoot or on horseback. Carville’s right.

    • Cry Havoc and loose the dogs of war.

      This is the most fascinating election in memory.

      Trump has the ear of the people, and the elites are in a quandary as to what to do about it.

      The Clinton machine is up against the people of the United States and a man that won’t back down.
      Bring it.

      • No doubt. It’s the best campaign in a very, very long time. Both parties are going through a painful transformation–the old guard in each party is either jumping ship, hanging on to the “old ways” (which is making them irrelevant and stupid-looking), or otherwise in various forms of meltdown and irrelevance.

        And it’s about time. They’ve both been disconnected from the American people for far too long.