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Chris Matthews Doesn’t Like Donald, but He Digs Melania

“Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God is that good . . . I could watch that runway show,” Matthews said, apparently unaware his mic was going.

Brian Williams quickly went to a break.

45 Responses to Chris Matthews Doesn’t Like Donald, but He Digs Melania

  1. Eh, who can blame him. We’ve all spent the last 8 years watching the current FLOTUS clomp her way down the hall, forced to admire her “toned” arms, and trained not to comment on her caboose.
    MrsTrump is a beautiful woman.

    • And we’ve also seen backflips done every time big Mo changed wighats. Yes, a real trendsetter. Anyone see the interview Meghan Kelly did with Trump’s new campaign adviser? Manafort. She had on a cocktail dress and was getting quite feisty/flirty with him:-/ the women were drooling over him in their comments. I saw it on YouTube, got rid of cable as a protest after the 2012 election. When I see MK, I always think of her interview with Howard Stern. She’s quite the journalist;-/

  2. Saw Chris Matthew on Jeopardy a while back. He was soooo stupid. This guy is a near moron. He failed to answer even the easiest questions.

    News reader as they call them in England!

  3. OT: I just got a robo-call recorded message from MrTrump asking me, ME!, for $100 or $200.
    A billionaire by his own account is asking a senior citizen living on a limited income to send him some money.
    Not gonna happen, pal.

      • Sounds too early to me, too–but it will happen…suggesting $100 to $200 won’t. I got an email saying Trump was going to offer online jobs–I was curious–it was one of those “My sister-in-law made ten grand a month…etc” things and was headed CNN… the skeeves will be askeevin’.

    • I can’t believe that Trump would allow that to happen.
      There are going to be a lot of scammers out there.
      I agree with Star.

    • I’ve gotten give-us-some-money calls all the time from candidates. Never got one from the Trump people.

      Here’s his current campaign finance information. He IS getting individual and group campaign donations but not much (compared to other candidates), He seems to be financing most–not all– of his campaign with his own money. Looks like he’s spent a total of about $50 million so far, compared to Hillary’s $260,000,000.

      Also, you might note the organizations who are spending money for or against Trump and how much they are spending. Not a big surprise there.

    • I got a letter in the mail today from Romney telling me how much he liked Paul Ryan and could I please send $$$? I haven’t gotten one thing this entire season from anyone till this!! BP went UP!!!

  4. OT Unless I missed something Drudge gave no or virtually perhaps no ink to Cinqo de Mayo.

    Don’t know about elsewhere but perhaps there is a “media sense” that the middle finger up, Mexican flag wavers might be overplaying their hand.

    Or maybe I just don’t get out much. :)

    • Yep, it is a good article. It’s Spring cleaning time in the Republican and Democrat parties, and the people, the electorate have (has) turned the giant vacuum cleaners on. The traditional political elites have been screwing us for far too long, fattening their wallets, accumulating power, telling the rest of us how we should think, vote, behave. driving the country down all the wrong roads. They are the curse of the United States political system. I always use the Porky Piggish Carl Rove as a symbol of these elites, but there are many of these parasites and bottom feeders living off the current system.

  5. Chris Matthews, why would you drool over Trump’s wife? If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one that got the leg tingle over 0 years ago. Correct? Both way, per chance?

  6. But the real question is: does this rise(or sink) to the level of a chill running up his leg? Inquiring minds want to know– NOT!