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Video || Cruz Punches and Then Elbows Wife in the Face

Furious that she contributed to his Indiana loss by terming him an immigrant, Ted Cruz Tuesday might punched his wife Heidi and then elbowed her – in the face. This after last week throwing Carly Fiorina off the stage during an event with his running mate in the Hoosier state.

Okay, just wanted to see if you thought I’d gone crazy. Next thing you know, I might be saying his dad was in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald. Of course Cruz only accidentally bumped his wife, and I don’t think he even saw Carly fall off the stage last week, which, like her impromptu singing, was something she did entirely on her own.

But the was funny. I mean, not for Heidi.

8 Responses to Video || Cruz Punches and Then Elbows Wife in the Face

  1. Yeah, the wife- all the wives of candidates are decoration in a campaign. When the campaign is over, they either take on a new role or just go back to work.
    In MrsCruz’s situation, she had to give up her job at Goldman/Saks, learn to travel in buses or crammed into the back seat of SUVs, be on public display, and take care of their children alone.
    SenCruz loses the fight so he turns to her for comfort – not to comfort her for sacrificing on his behalf, but to ease his pain. He then dismisses her as he turns to his supporters, completely erasing her from his view.
    Boom. Hits her with his elbow, or hand.
    Oh, he’ll pay for that at some later date.

    re: the elder Cruz. Why couldn’t he be standing alongside Oswald at some point, it’s not impossible or improbable.
    The curious question is why the ex-Cuban moved to Canada and who financed the move. His son has told us many times how poor his father was when he fled his homeland, so it’s reasonable to wonder.
    We also wonder why SenCruz threw in the towel when he had sworn to take the contest to the floor of the convention. Something changed his mind and it wasn’t just the loss in Indiana.
    OT: so where is Jimmy Hoffa?

    • I saw that–it was an accident for heaven’s sakes. I am no Cruz lover, heaven knows, but to go crazy over that? Also it’s Sachs. Saks is a store.

  2. I was really hoping to like Cruz better as a candidate. He would have been okay, I guess, but nothing to really get excited about. And so we are left with . . . Trump.


    • Yikes indeed. As I said at one of my other sites (both sides also represented), we now have the battle of the brands…One brand past its sell-by, the other a pandery mishmash intent on itself. Whatta choice.

  3. It seems like all the commentators are totally against Trump! I cannot figure
    it out. Are they just mad because the voters were backing Trump? Today being Sunday, it was pathetic to watch even the
    FOX channel diss Trump. I do not get them.