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Kasich Drops Out Too

Gov. John Kasich is out of the Republican contest, having put out word that he is suspending his campaign.

Now, as we all know, Kasich was out of the election soon after New Hampshire, but continued his ego trip for months afterward. Nevertheless, his campaign put out word today that he is formally ending his long-dead quest to be president.


That leaves only Donald Trump as the last man standing and the presumptive nominee, I presume. Unless Jim Gilmore gets back in, which I doubt.

You remember Jim Gilmore, right?

Gosh, of all those people onstage during those GOP debates, now there is only one.

I had wondered if maybe Ted Cruz had some kind of weird plan to let Kasich go one on one with Donald Trump and do well enough to deny him the 1,237. But I checked, and Kasich’s polls were terrible in all the remaining states I saw, so this was out of the question.

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    • I was even thinking of offering my services to McCain–as a speechwriter or something. But I don’t know enough about AZ politics and issues. I guess I could learn…but I would have to work offsite.

          • He hasn’t effectively countered Obama!
            Time for a change.
            He was in the gang of eight, promoting the flow of immigrants into this country.

            Sorry Star, McCain is a RINO.

            Whether you support him or not, he should retire.

          • I think he will win–sorry for you, glad for me if he does. If you are still fluffed up over RINOs, why are you favoring Trump—he’s the RINO KING. And McCain has stood up hundreds of times against Obama–don’t you watch “the shows”?

          • You sure ask a lot of one man–and a crippled up one at that…He has gone to Iraq 30 times, stood up as defacto spox for the party, railed, even insulted, etc….

      • McCain is a used up, useless Rino. EVERY election cycle he trumps around Arizona telling everyone he’s gonna build a wall on our southern border & work to correct the cray immigration laws we have. I’ve heard this from him for all the 25 years I’ve lived in az. McCain is a useless wimp. He needs to retire for the good of our country. He’s now ‘made enough money’ & needs to retire to one of his 7 or 9 houses around the world.

    • Interesting.
      I read that our troops performing “advisory duties” are not getting combat pay because they are technically not engaged in combat.

      • That is some BS.
        Doesn’t one of Murphy’s Law go, if you’ve got incoming, you’re in a combat zone.
        I talked to my brother, a Navy vet and told him about NATO.
        He told me that after pulling duty, he was told to get back, he was needed.He said I just got off duty. “Boy you in the Navy,you on duty24/7/365, now get back to your duty station.”
        FF Vreeland

      • BS re advisory not combat.

        Advisory now is because Asshat said “no boots” . He is as willing as Hillary to step over a dead American for the sake of politics.

  1. Kasuck right out of college starting with .gov jobs. He has never done anything but feed at the troth of tax payer money.

    He worked hard at stopping the B2 bomber! He worked hard at stopping the B12 bomber and it worked. B12 dead!

    Up yours Kasuck!!

    • Ohio Governor John Kasich announced earlier this week that he is firmly in support of the national Common Core standards.

      What a jerk

        • Weapons systems sometimes have to be cancelled–I was in that business–it’s very hard on the areas building them…But they take up to a decade and sometimes are overtaken by othr technology or priorities. On the flip side, some are retained forever due to the influence you claim to hate from members of Congress. I remember that one paper copy of the proposal for the C-130 would have filled a box car–this is big stuff…big numbers, big problems.

          • Many of the aircraft we have today are grounded because they can’t get replacement parts.
            Some of the older equipment sit on the flight line because they need maintenance.

            Why can’t this country supply the parts that would keep them in the air ?

          • Spare parts were a big hot button when I was in the game–1967-82. I am trying to remember back–I know there were counterfeit parts…don’t know if that’s an issue. Also foreign-made…I really don’t know the current issues, AfVet, sorry.

          • Red tape.
            The C-130 is an excellent aircraft.
            So is the C-135 tanker.
            So is the B-52.

            The F-35 stealth fighter is estimated to cost 250 million per plane and the Marines want them like yesterday because of their ability to launch vertically.

            Obama stopped the production of F-22’s, a proven weapons system.

            Red tape, and the manipulation of money in congress.

          • AFVet

            Why can’t this country supply the parts that would keep them in the air ?

            The Obama Administration. This is purposeful. The Services and Defense are in shambles.

  2. Quid pro quo is what I think. Trumps’ people called Kasichs’ people last night and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    • I wonder if the photos I saw online of Cruz’s father and LHO were real? I read several stories about Ted’s dad last week and let’s just say they weren’t an asset to Ted’s campaign. And I read a story of a Carly/Heidi encounter in the restroom of a pizza restaurant in small town Indiana somewhere.
      Very interesting and sudden turn of events – my mother always reminded me that “where there is smoke, there’s fire.”
      As for Kasich – his funding dried up I imagine. That was the only way the Repubs could convince him that yes indeed, he was a loser in this election!

      • Why can’t people imagine that the senior Cruz could be photo-ed with a notorious figure. It’s possible that our path has crossed some famous celebrity or notorious criminal at one time or another.

        Just because there is a photo of GeorgeClooney with someone who looks like ME in the background doesn’t mean that we are BFFs or we even know each other.

        • True. I said I wondered…
          And I can’t show links because I saw various photos on various sites and I didn’t bother to copy the links…so I can’t prove anything regarding this topic. However, it is my opinion that Cruz quit very suddenly and without warning which does lead me to think something is amiss somewhere. Or he got a great deal – a promise involving the Supreme Court?
          Pure speculation on my part, I admit. But let me be clear about one thing – IF the man is a serial adulterer (and I believe that the smoke from that alleged activity is certainly indicative of a roaring fire) then I wouldn’t trust him if he told me the sky is blue.
          So bye-bye, Ted! Your arrogance and lying and cheating and baptist preacher speaking technique cost you this election – not DT.

  3. You walk away from the TV and the computer to handle some chores and people make decisions that will affect everyone in one move. Geez.

    Someone told him that Ohioans are ashamed of him now – eating pancakes and talking like he’s a gift to Repubs and the USA.
    Time to get back and solidify his, um, legacy.
    See ya.

    • Yeah, who wants a guy who knows the system, how to work it, wants smaller govt, fiscal responsibility, regular order, all that jazz, and has the gall to think his lifetime in govt benefited the country. How mundane–and those table manners! He’s done.

      • I don’t want anyone who supports Common Core, ACA or, most importantly, has worked for the government all his life. And after listening to his grandiose “suspending campaign” speech, I think the guy has slipped a cog. No matter what he may believe, I don’t think he is a Coke, a bag of chips and all that. Buh bye John!

  4. IMO, when Kasich accepted $700,000 from
    progressive socialist Soros for his campaign heading to CO, he aided the leftist plans to permanently divide and to scuttle the conservatives’ hopes for winning the White House and eliminating the policies and secularists influences of the BHO WH ADM which have a strangle-hold on every aspect of Americans’ daily life! Call me pessimistic, but the Dem Election Machine can elect just about anybody ~ once they put a peanut farmer in the WH and twice they elected an American pretender! What gives anybody optimism about the Trump vs Hillary or John Kerry or Joe Biden or even BS outcome? Never mind!

      • Thanks, Star, but Soros is a sly one, and his ‘so-called former employees’ funded the Kasich Super-Pac and probably paid-off ‘’ to blurrrr the facts! Sorry for my rotten attitude, but my DC friends have had better info over the years and what the general public reads or hears has underpinned my cynical take on the media ~ much of which Soros owns. At this point, very little can cheer me up about the battles for the WH and the MINDS of the ill-informed young voters who believe BS or HRC policies are on target! PLEEEZE! jb

  5. I’m not fond of Piers Morgan but he has an excellent article in the Daily Mail called:
    “10 reasons why the Trump Train gave the lazy PC crazed Washington elite the spanking it deserves.”

  6. What was with Kasich’s “I am going to suspend…” speech?
    My husband asked, “Is he was ending his presidential campaign or conducting a revival?”

    • Whoops….just noticed you ran the same story I cited below.. Sorry. But it IS a great story, isn’t it? ;+}

      Great first paragraph from the story:

      “SANTA MONICA, California — During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized Wednesday for the vulgar language he has used regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the southern border and invited the likely Republican nominee to Mexico to see the border from the other side.”

  7. I am a Trump supporter. But for all of us, know this. The single biggest reason for his success is the stupidity of the established Republican Party and here it is in all its glory. And notice the comment by McConnell that somehow unity is now Donald’s responsibility. BS. I am ashamed of the Bush family and I have always liked them for their seeming commitment to country over Party. Guess I was wrong.

  8. Voted best exit speech ever. Highly noble, other person lifting, gratitude for others in his life. Of all the candidates in both parties, Kasich is the only one that would be a good neighbor.

    • Funny. I use that “which politician would be a good neighbor” test also. Definitely off the approved list for me: the Clintons (for all the obvious reasons), the Obamas (far too strange for my tastes), Kasich (too goofy), Rubio (probably would behave himself) , Sanders (also too goofy), Cruz (too intense), Christie (talks too much), Carly (also too intense);

      On the my list to be my good neighbor: Ben Carson (could have interesting conversations with him), Trump (unpredictable but still there when I need him for help in something), Jeb Bush (probably minds his own business and quiet. No loud parties), Jindal (decent guy, could leave house keys with him when on vacation), Jim Webb (I just like the guy)