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Hacker Claims He Broke Into Hillary’s Server

The famous Romanian hacker “Gucifer” says he got into Hillary’s server through Sidney Blumenthal’s. This claim hasn’t’ be verified, though. But it could easily have happened.

6 Responses to Hacker Claims He Broke Into Hillary’s Server

  1. Why is this person not behind bars is aggravating and shows the corruption that exists. I hope Trump brings this up during the debates.

  2. It would be interesting to know how many of the enemies of the United States hacked into Hillary’s server. Bet the list is very long.

      • For sure, and at the very least. Her server system was so vulnerable I bet high school hackers got into it. Why isn’t this person in federal prison yet? Oh, that’s right, this is all just a Republican trick because they don’t want a woman as President. I keep forgetting about that. ;+}

  3. Someone (no link or citation) made the point that as long as the media continues to protect Hillary by referring to her troubles as an “email scandal” this is guaranteed to go nowhere. It is a “national security” scandal. Of epic proportion in my opinion.