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Trump at 56 Percent Among Republicans Nationally

Donald Trump is at a new plateau among Republicans nationally, sitting at 56 percent, compared to only 22 percent for Ted Cruz and 14 percent for John Kasich, according to an NBC News poll.

With those numbers, it become awfully hard to deny him the nomination, no matter what happens today in Indiana, where most polls show him well ahead. I can see unbound delegates who have pledged to Cruz under enormous pressure to support Trump.

The poll also appears to put the lie to the notion that Cruz does better against Hillary Clinton than Trump – a key selling point for Cruz. Hillary leads Trump by only six points, 43-37 percent and that’s before his moniker of “crooked Hillary” gains traction. Hillary beats Cruz by 44-30 percent.

GOP national poll

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  1. Off topic, but following up yesterday’s brilliant posts regarding the dreaded “N-word”, by gracepc and others, I thought the late, great Lenny Bruce’s take on the subject, back in the early 1960s, might be appropriate.

    “One time Lenny Bruce used the N-word 22 times in short piece of shtick that lasted about 30 seconds. He said at the end of the routine, “Well, I was just trying to make a point, and that is that it’s the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness.” He went on to say that if you used the word repeatedly until it “didn’t mean anything anymore, then you could never make some six-year-old black kid cry because somebody called him a ni**er at school.”

    Video of his stand-up routine:

    1. True and powerful words by Lenny Bruce who, as Denise’s comment reminds us was even arrested (although there might have been more to that then just words — memory fails:) ). But how true is about suppression of words. We even see it with ISIL, undocumented, terrorist but not Islamic extremists and so forth.

      Lots of ugliness.

        1. I understand your dislike. I am not crazy about it either. But it’s about time some things come to light. And quite frankly, Obama had every opportunity to shut this down in a respectful and responsible way. He did not.

          1. I am not crazy about this. But the fact is that the blacks and the left use this to call others Racist and from there to hate and from there to hate crimes etc etc etc. That is just not right. So, take the power of the word away.

          2. It’s bad enough at least on this site to see the stupid phonetic spelling–hoping to shock. Pls let’s not splash it around here…it’s like a punch in the eye…I could not use the c-word here either, or some of the others. Can we please please have some class.

          3. Star is the dem troll.

            Majic Knee grow is as racist as the KKK

            We all know that.

            We went in a Dennys yesterday in Chino Calif. Ladies in the next both switch from English to Spanish and started giving us dirty looks.
            I grabbed our stuff and moved to a different table.
            Racist Mexicans maybe legal, maybe not.
            This is the America Majic Knee grow wants!

  2. Trump’s inevitability has been obvious for quite some time now. At this point, Cruz couldn’t beat my goldfish!
    Joe and Mika had a blast this morning, mostly about Cruz. They played a slo-mo, frame-by-frame of Carly falling off the stage while Cruz looked down at her briefly and kept on shaking hands. Only a monster could be so callous.
    How he got this far is beyond me! The donor class must have a death wish.

    1. They were rich this morning with all the Cruz bashing and Trump loving. I guess their marching orders from above are to push the Don. I saw no difference between Cruz talking with that guy and Hillary talking with that guy representing the sentiments of workers crushed by the crippling of the coal industry–except Trump did tell the NYT not to sweat the wall and Hillary was not taken out of context when they quoted back to her that she said she would destroy the coal industry. And her campaign said she did not expect a question on mining when she went to mining country–are you KIDDING me? But Joe and Mika did not question any of that. Usually I prefer MoJoe (certainly to F&F)–but they are so biased now, it’s pathetic.

        1. I think they have to do what the bosses say–Andy Lack and those guys. But they are soooo hamhanded and dopey…it makes my teeth grow hair sometimes.

      1. Star, I am surprised to hear you say M&J biased and pathetic. I never watch and have to take your word for it.

        But too bad for you. IIRC, you enjoyed them at one point.

        1. I do think it’s an informative show–smart guests whether I disagree or not, no lost dog stories…but the word has gone out to skew for Trump and it’s repetitive and quite tiresome (kinda like him in my opinion). So blatant—it even makes me hate the press, but I remind myself they are not really reporters, those two. When I go on their comment site, which I do often, others agree with me, so I am not alone…

          1. For my money so does the constant fan club stuff–we are all tiresome at this pt. I do my most honest and I think powerful Trump material elsewhere…

          2. Pictures of Ted Cruz dad handing out fair play for Cuba handouts…… with…..ready for it

            Coming soon
            Lee Harvey Oswald.

          3. Star, Re. commenting elsewhere. I would really like an honest discussion about Trump, the Presidency, and the good things that can be accomplished. But that’s not online.

  3. But, but, but this cannot be correct. All the experts, gurus and the smart folks in the politics business said Trump could not ever, ever, ever get above 30 percent. Well, then they said 40 percent because Trump sorta busted through the 30 percent thing. That was it. But, wait, then Trump went through the 40 percent firewall. Well then that was the limit. For sure. The firewall thing. There was no way Trump could go higher than 40 percent. Impossible. Could never get higher. All the experts said so and they are really, really smart people, so they know about this stuff. The limit. What???? Trump is now over 50 percent????? Well, that’s the limit. He’s hit the firewall for sure now. Can’t go higher than 50 percent. No sirree Bob. We know for sure cause the experts are telling us Trump’s hit the firewall. Can’t go higher. No way.

    Now the experts keep telling us how Trump cannot possibly, in a million years, ever, ever, win against Hillary. Can’t be done. A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, they are telling us, and they are really, really smart people who know all about this politics game. They are experts, you see. Been doing this a long time. No way will Trump even catch up with Hillary in the polls. Impossible, the backroom experts are telling us, and it’s even in all the newspapers, and the newspaper folks sure know a thing or two about politics. Yep, if Trumps wins at the Republican convention that’s all she wrote. Hillary will be measuring for new drapes at the White House. She’s in like Flynn.

    What???? Trump has now caught up with Hillary in the polls, you say???? Can’t be true. The experts all told us it couldn’t be done. Impossible!

      1. Right now, when MrTrump is the most likely the nominee for the Repubs, what we’re hearing is sour-grape, miffed, shunned, political operatives who find themselves obsolete.
        No matter how this all shakes out, the election process has experienced a major earthquake that changed everything.
        The RepubE has been dismissed, and the Dems will re-examine their candidate process to catch up with a changed population.

        1. The “political operatives”, Carl Rove et al types, are what Ayn Rand called parasites and bottom feeders. They contribute nothing to society. More and more people have finally figured that out.

      2. Nope, they don’t.
        Here’s where the electorate stands, as we speak:

        ” Forty-two percent of people responding in the poll described themselves as independents. Thirty-two percent said they were Democrats and 26 percent said they were Republican. Of those independents, 14 percent leaned toward Democrats, 19 percent leaned toward the GOP, leaving 9 percent with no partisan preference.”

        Independents, it seems to me, are made up of the core Independents, and the squishy Republicans and Democrats who are fed up with the current state of affairs and who can be persuaded to vote for whomevr they think can fix the problems we all sense are driving us over the cliff. And, it seems obvious to me, this is the group Trump has been targeting since Day One of his campaign. It’s a viable tactic (don’t all politicians use it to some extent?) and it seems to be working for Trump.

      3. I see Will’s pt, though–if the Rep Party is now the Don Party, why would those of us who don’t respond to this guy unify under it? After 8 yrs of listening to most of you, whom I considered conservatives way longer than I had been, talk and then in a second, switch allegiances, I thought well, I guess the Republicans aren’t so great. The Dems are also weirded out. I have no party. According to this, 44% of Reps have been abandoned.

        1. Star, you aren’t alone. The party membership for both R & D have been very fluid since Bill Clinton (Texas used to be a state that was “all Democrat” locally – there were wings within the party to represent the different interests). A lot of “things” changed during his time in office, some of which is only now coming to fruition. As developments emerged, the party leaders changed directions and voters moved around in frustration, thinking things would get back to normal “if only”.

          Now, we’ve learned the hard truth: at very high places, both parties were working toward the same wrong and dangerous ends all this time – just for different reasons.

          Things are shaking again this year. It remains to be seen whether the new alliances will be honest and valid, or whether TPTB are able to put on new masks and fool us again for another 20 years.

    1. Gonna’ be one crowded staircase when the pundits and pols gather on that staircase for their “ready for my close up” moment.

      1. Edit button Keith please. Of course, I could assume some of that personal responsibility I am always yapping about and slow down and do my own editing. There is that.

  4. It’s amazing to me how Bush was the go to guy. Then nobody voted for him. Then the next great hope was Rubio, until nobody voted for him. Then Cruz, who by the way, the powers that be couldn’t stand, became the next darling, until nobody votes for him. Meanwhile Trump only adds to his totals because ppl are fed up with how the government is being run into the ground. Yet the powers that be are shocked and can’t figure out why Trump has so much support. I remember when grass roots campaigns were all the rage, guess that only goes for candidates that will fall in line.

    1. All true. This political season, there are earthquakes and tremors being felt all through the establishment–both parties– and the political big shots don’t like it one bit. People are fed up, and know they are being taken for a ride. Problem for the political gurus is the people are yelling, “Get me off this runaway train, it’s headed for a cliff!”

    1. Whew!
      During my stint in the Army and my 35 year civilian career, I’ve been present to some serious ass-chewings, and I must confess, been the recipient of a few.
      But Judge Pirro’s was epic, pure poetry.
      ps; Mitt, you lost and you still are.

    2. Whew!
      During my stint in the Army and 35/year civilian career,I’ve been present at many an ass chewing, and I must confess, been on the receiving end.
      But Judge Pirro’s was epic, worthy of any Drill Sgt.
      Epic, pure poetry

    1. Great idea!Usually fly on Independence Day & Memorial Day, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor Day.
      But she’ll be flying on the 5th.
      If ANYONE dares to mess with it, my next post will be from jail.

      1. …I have been fed up since about 2006 under Bush & the beltway/out-of-touch ‘Republicans’…
        The NO VETTING/QUESTIONING of “Barack Hussein Obama” in 2008 made it so much worse!!!

  5. Listening to SenCruz today:
    ‘we all know………..what today means…… all of America……..if you don’t want Trump to lead……..if you want to protect your children………..’
    Good grief, he is one terrible speaker and his cadence is enough to cause yawning before he makes his point.

    Evil thoughts enter one’s mind such as how long it would take for him to entice his wife into an ‘afternoon delight’.
    He couldn’t sell a used car to anyone. They would leave the car lot while he was still telling them the make and model of the car= ‘and here……..we have the well-cared for……….made in the year……2005!…….

    1. Looks like he’ll be out–so not to worry… What I really resent is not having someone I respect to vote for. But I guess I have said that…

      1. I really am sorry to hear that. Senator Cruz is my Senator and I voted for him for the Senate – was so excited to finally have Kay Bailey Hutchison gone and to be able to defeat Dewhurst too.

        That was Cruz’s first election after being a government staffer for most of his career. We were surprised and concerned that he decided to run for POTUS this time. I think his inexperience with the difference between serving in elected office vs practicing law/advising others has probably hindered him.

        The story is that the only reason he ran for Senator was because he wanted to get name recognition so he could be Attorney General. He didn’t expect to win. I think he would make a great AG for the USA, and would be very happy and productive in such a role.

      2. Star, Please watch this all the way through with an open mind. Perhaps you will be able to find something to respect about Trump. I read about it elsewhere but the link led me to TGP, not a site I enjoy. I did not read the comments as they are usually either crude or incendiary. But give this an honest look. Perhaps it will give you a sliver of hope. You have said DT scares you. Watch this and ask yourself if this is a man who would make a decision that could hurt his family? I’ll post it elsewhere, but I thought I would put it here as well. Don’t expect a conversion or an Aha moment, just wanted you to see it.

    2. Being a paralegal student, Cruz’s “cadence” reminds me of a lawyer giving a statement before the court: ‘the talking…pause…more talking…pause…talking’.

      ~A lawyer professor of mine told us to use this pattern of speech in our “Trial Process” class (we got a case, picked sides & had a mini-trial for our class final)

    3. Cruz’s behavior has been getting extremely strange in the past few days. He’s not used to losing, and indeed has a fine record of winning Supreme Court rulings, elections, etc. His problem is that Trump outfoxed him and is wiping the floor with him, using better tactics, out-branding him, so to speak. Cruz is losing big time, and he’s just not used to that. He’s under enormous pressure no doubt, and it looks like when he’s not winning and not seen as the smartest kid in the class, he falls apart and begins lashing out in a childish, irrational and petty manner. Pretty odd. Probably not a trait we want AGAIN in the White House.

      1. The combination of Cruz’s bizarre cadence and his sanctimoniousness is enough to send me over the top.

        This morning he once again accused Trump of never ‘asking the Lord for forgiveness’. And then he added: “I have already asked Him for forgiveness three times this morning”.

        I fully understand why he has no friends and cannot be trusted. He is a religious fanatic.

        1. That forgiveness business is actually a falsehood that a whole bunch of religious leaders have been spreading throughout this election. I’m sorry to see Senator Cruz using it. It stems from the new habits of the Evangelical movement and ignores theology.

          Mr Trump is a classic example of how Christian men of our grandfathers’ time lived and worshiped: a practical way of life that didn’t need to be talked about. He is Presbyterian, so Communion is his method of restoring his relationship with Christ. And as Dr Norman Vincent Peale’s most successful protege, he takes seriously the teaching that we should not keep looking back on what God has forgiven. Modern evangelicals actually teach this as “not prophesying failure” but they seem to forget that when they are talking about Mr Trump.

        2. Thanks, Tina, for shedding light on the ‘new’ Evangelicals.

          I am of the old school where religion was not discussed publicly.

          Politics is not the place for Ted Cruz. He made a very poor choice. I, for one, do not want a ‘preacher-in-chief’.

  6. This should come as no surprise to any Republican:

    Time for a thorough cleansing of the filth which has perverted the GOP over the past 30 years or so.

    They hand us Dole, McCain Romney.
    We hand them the House.
    We hand them the Senate.
    They hand OBAMA everything he wanted.

    Take no prisoners.

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