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SEAL Somehow Killed Despite “No Boots on the Ground” Policy

Military officials said today that a Navy SEAL was killed in combat in Iraq.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged that the SEAL was killed “in combat” but said he was not on a “combat mission.”

And remember, we do not have boots on the ground. Except that these sailor’s boots will soon be underground.

13 thoughts on “SEAL Somehow Killed Despite “No Boots on the Ground” Policy”

  1. Being a proud US Navy Vet (I still remember the first time I saw real SEALs at Little Creek & on my ship…I will always Love & Honor SEALs…something I wish I could have been)

    I am curious if this SEAL will be given a “combat” funeral and his next of kin will be allowed to apply for benefits since he died “in combat”… I worry because I see this Obama regime & Pentagon giving the next of kin/family roadblocks if they try to apply…

      1. Star, I think I heard last year the Obama regime/Pentagon got “cute” when a US Army guy (Special Forces) was killed as an “adviser” in Iraq (near Syria by ISIS forces) and not “in combat” as they said…?

          1. It affects the benefits the family receives. So, it can be a big deal. To say nothing of robbing them of the courageous and honorable status they deserve.

  2. How does anyone think we’ll ever get the truth from this “transparent ” regime. They have proven to lie about anything and everything… As long as “dear leader” is preserved upon his throne in his spotless, shining armor by his minions and the press.. The truth is THEY ONLY CARE about themselves..
    The life of a serviceman is a mere pawn in their agenda.

  3. I take all this personal. Born during WWII, my life has been a witness to one war after another, and nothing was ever won.
    Anything that happens in Iraq today is the direct result of the cowardice of PresBush, the First, and PresObama.
    We have permanent military encampments in other countries that aren’t needed or necessary, but none in the Middle East where our presence would certainly be a deterrent to some radical elements.
    This latest loss of an American life is right on the table in front of the wishy-washy politicians who catered and kowtowed to anti-military efforts, or to gain some temporary political capital by claiming a win or a peaceful end.

  4. So…he was not on a combat mission but he died in combat.

    What was he doing off mission? He must not have been following orders when he engaged in said combat.

    Does not make any sense.

  5. Can Josh NotEarnest be any stupider or insulting to anyone with even a hint of intelligence? I’m so tired of the Alinsky games.

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