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Video || Cruz Faces Off with Trump Supporter

Why would Cruz try to be polite with this moron, whom he met Monday during a campaign stop in Marion, Indiana?

Ironically, that’s what people like about Trump. Were this a Cruz supporter, Trump would have put this guy away and not pretended that you are going to have a reasonable discussion with him. He would have given him the respect he deserved – that is, none.

Maybe Cruz thought he was back at Harvard and saw in this man the captain of the Yale debating team.

10 thoughts on “Video || Cruz Faces Off with Trump Supporter”

  1. The Trump supporter – we all know guys like that. The guy probably knows who drives what car at NASCAR, works hard for the money, loves MOM, has a nice girl he lies to when he goes to the nudie bar, and is the heart and soul of America.
    SenCruz is the wrong man at the wrong time with the wrong message.

  2. Being from Indiana, the person Cruz is seen arguing with doesn’t represent this whole state. Gotta love the media for putting this idiot on TV and making all the ppl here look backeard, stupid, and unable to make a credible argument no matter who they are fir.

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