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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 3, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
3:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Kerry
4:30 pm || Honors the 2016 National Teacher of the Year and finalists; East Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

11 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 3, 2016”

  1. Meeting with John Kerry goes…..
    Hey, John, whats happening?
    Nothing much!
    Good, lets go to lunch…By the way do you play golf?

    1. Hey, John, what’s happening?
      Nothing much! But Iran told us to get our ass’s out of the Persian Gulf.
      No biggie John, I’ll stand with my muslim brothers, cut the orders and get our boys out.
      Now where did I put my clubs.
      Obama, bitch slapped again.

      1. Perhaps Obama and Kerry should be meeting with Ash Carter — unidentified US soldier, combat death, killed by ISIS. RIP.

        The only “good thing” about this is that it was a combat death and not a captured and cut off your head in front of the world Allah Akbar spectacle.

        Perhaps Obama would like to get an educated opinion from the Teacher of the Year.

        Odd. “service member”

        Malia Gap Year, Barry Legacy Year.

        1. May our Father God comfort and protect those who love him, and may they have assurance of his eternal joy in Heaven.

          Thank you for posting this, Gracepc. Someone has now identified him in the comments as Navy Seal Charles Keating Jr.

        2. The only good thing would be if Obama was arrested and tried for commiting crimes against America, breaking his oath and bringing in 10,000 horrible Muslims here to hurt us. Obama os the enemy within and nobody does anything about it. Maybe Trump would, but it will be too late by then as Obama Hitler is speeding up his destruction of America.

  2. Victory Lap Round 2:

    Daily Briefing…emphasis on brief.
    Kerry: Hey Johnny Boy, we show’d them Iranians how to make a deal eh? Call me Monte Hall.
    Teacher of the year: Common Core is Soylent Green.


  3. How come they never show Dictator Obama’s daily briefing from Satan on his schedule? Is he trying to hide something?

  4. Teacher of the year: there was a contest somewhere and someone decided who wins the honor. There are “finalists”- losers who did not win.
    And yet, our schools where these teachers rule instills in young minds that ‘everyone is a winner’, participation awards for anything is better than winning or losing.

    1. You reminded me of a KIA auto commercial I saw a month or so ago.
      Only saw it played once.
      Father and son are walking of a playing field, looked like baseball. Son is holding a trophy, big smile on face.
      Hands trophy to father who notice’s tag on same reads “Participant” Dad looks back at playing field filled with other teams and says,”but we beat every team”.
      Takes of tag and writes in “CHAMPIONS”.B

  5. OT. Criminals. Felons voting in VA. No big deal. Illegal criminals roaming America. No big deal. And now the Republican Congress is considering adding to criminal pandering with a Sentencing and Reform Corrections Act. No hearings. I doubt anyone has truly read it. Link it to Tom Cotton’s opposition to it, and some recommendations. My Cg. , a former prosecutor, is opposed to it and says he is “tracking” it.

    My fear is that it will sail through, with nary a scrutiny, and like magic become the law of the land. What good is a Republican Congress really with stuff like this happening? And since when did criminals become a new class of voters worth pandering to?

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