In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || White House Briefing – May 2, 2016

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  1. Everyone

    Fly the stars and strips, on your car and on your house. ON THE

    5th of May – anti illegals day!

    1. Years ago I gave up on my dream to work in “National Security” because I could not pass a ‘background check’ (health & financial issues…)

      I figure nowadays they only way I will get a “security clearance” is if I become a US Congressman/US Senator (how those 535 idiots, criminals & morons are allowed to have any “security clearances” amazes me…)

      1. Valerie Jarrett, Huma A. and a few others have found it helpful to have ties to Iran and Islam. Membership in CAIR, associate membership for you, is also probably helpful.

        In other words, “national security” isn’t what it used to be. Today, it is a joke. Ask HRC and the FBI and DOJ.

        1. Agree. It took a full year for me to get my clearance, and it was a deadly serious endeavor. We could lose it for a thousand reasons. One friend of mine lost his in Germany because he dated a German girl who’s grandparents were still living in East Germany. Another lost his because he took a flight to Beirut (on leave) and didn’t ask permission to go there. Another lost his because he inadvertently left a Confidential paper in his pocket when he left the work area. Many other examples.

      2. I had a secret clearance when I was in tech school for the AF.
        After completing that, I had to wait about 1 month for my TS clearance to come through before I could be assigned to a duty station.

        I was 18.

      3. I just read a really sad, thought- provoking article in The Atlantic,
        “The Secret Shame of the Middle Class. Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400. in a crisis. I’m one of them”, by Neal Gabler.
        Good God, where has our country gone? If you get a chance, read it! It won’t solve anything, but you will not feel so alone!

  2. Hmmm, regarding the correspondent’s dinner and Wilmore’s use “nigga”. Neither Josh nor Barack Obama were offended. As a matter of fact the President “appreciated the spirit” …. and Josh is confident it was used “by design” and that Wilmore used it to be “provocative”.

    So I hope everyone appreciates the spirit of my usage and that it was by design to be provocative. If it’s good enough for Barack and Josh it should be good enough for all people, black and white. I am unclear as to the officially acceptable spelling and pronunciation however.

    Finally, perhaps like the illegals in America, the N word has come of age. It is time that it comes out of the shadows.

    Although it is unclear as to the officially acceptable spelling and pronunciation.

    And like all the change that Barack Obama has brought to transform America, some of us are more reluctant that others to adopt this transformation. You will notice that the very proper Al Sharpton sees it “as best in poor taste”. So, there is that. Decorum and all.

    1. oops. Must be very concerned about the acceptable spelling and pronunication as I mentioned it twice. Either that or I need to edit better.

      1. One caveat–only blacks can use it with other blacks. I was disgusted by the lack of respect for the presidency, and my daughter said I didn’t get it–it was OK within the black circle. Then she added–of course, Obama is sort of not like a black black person….

        1. I believe Star, that was policy before. But now that it has been elevated to the office of POTUS and said before a crowd of mixed race, color, creed, gender and nationality I believe that exclusion is no longer viable.

          If it does pertain only to blacks by blacks then I expect an official policy statement to that effect.

          People of your daughter’s generation somehow believe that it is ok, as long as it is kept amongst the blacks. Somehow that makes it ok. No so. It is either ok, or not. Language does not “belong to” or is not “reserved for”.

          This is not directed again at your daughter. But it is this kind of thinking that allows a policy that says you can not use islamic extremism, or illegal alien etc.

        2. True. Obama is not “Black” in the sense that he wants others to believe. He is of mixed race, was never “down with the struggle”, didn’t march for the cause, never participated in a civil rights sit down, was never threatened by angry southern policemen, etc. Nor were any of his family members, unless those things happened in Kenya. He was, in fact, a privileged young man, whose parents were both highly educated, whose grandparents on his mother’s side were upper class, who went to a very expensive private high school, who went to Columbia and Harvard Law, who has sashayed himself into the highest elected office in the land. He has ridden the affirmative action bandwagon for a very long time, apparently, even at this stage of his life, doesn’t want to get off.

          1. *allegedly*”went to Columbia and Harvard Law…”
            -I have NEVER seen ANY GPA, transcripts or papers or fellow classmates that prove “Barack Hussein Obama” went to Columbia or Harvard Law…

        3. “I was disgusted by the lack of respect for the presidency,”

          I’ve been disgusted for the last 7 1/2 years how this man treats the “office of the presidency”.

    1. He makes several great points and I agree with much of it. Two of the most important reasons we determined to support Mr Trump are that (1) much of his agenda can be accomplished by simply enforcing the actual law as it exists and holding departments accountable for doing so, (which helps address numbers 2,4 & 5 in this Open Letter) and (2) he is the only candidate who has a long record of successful negotiation across disparate stakeholders along with use of the tools at his disposal to accomplish his goals without “unintended consequences” or foul play (Numbers 3, 4,& 5 of the Open Letter).

      I especially like his capacity to look down the road at possible scenarios and choose a path that stays successful in the long haul. Unlike our recent leaders who never planned effectively for negative results, Mr Trump ALWAYS considers every possible down side and how to respond before making a move.

      In particular, where so many organizations today operate on a quarter to quarter basis, so that as long as something seems a short term success there are no consequences for later failure, Mr Trump’s business success has always relied on being able to look very far out: years and decades, while never neglecting the need for perfection *today*.

      That habit of walking through his buildings every morning and speaking to the maids and porters, while planning the construction of a new property that he expects to outlive him ( Russian politician Alexander Lebed said of Trump and his buildings: ““You leave on the earth a very good trace for centuries. We’re all mortal, but the things you build will stay forever. You’ve already proven wrong the assertion that the higher the attic, the more trash there is.”), those habits are what give me hope that if anyone can help get things going again in a way that will have some longevity to the positive effects, it is Mr Donald Trump.

  3. OT. And a little mean spirited I confess.

    But re. Malia Obama and her gap year, I saw this comment and it just made me laugh. Goofy.
    I doubt this this will work. Malia doesn’t seem qualified to work at the Gap.

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