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Fiorina Plummets Off the Stage After Introducing Cruz

Well now, this was a pretty funny, I have to say.

Between this and Heidi Cruz saying Ted is an immigrant – not to mention polls showing a double digit lead for Donald Trump over Cruz in Indiana – signs seem pretty bad for the Texan.

9 Responses to Fiorina Plummets Off the Stage After Introducing Cruz

  1. Why is this necessary to post?

    So we can laugh at her? Make fun of the Cruz campaign?

    It certainly doesn’t seem newsworthy.

    • It isn’t newsworthy and immediately the left latched onto it saying that Ted Cruz practically shoved her off the stage and started laughing at her.

  2. She must not have been injured or we would have heard about that. Lots of oowies, though.

    Listening to MsCarly introduce the Cruz family is creepy.
    The choosing of a VP running mate and claiming victory when the facts show there will be no victory anywhere is also a little like watching the mentally ill play chess.

  3. Since it seems she wasn’t hurt, I thought is was funny, and the really telling part was how her running mate ignored the whole thing. Kinda like he does everyone and throws them under the bus

    • A) I wonder how you would feel if you fell off a stage and people did nothing but laugh? Embarrassed maybe?
      B) To what are you referring when you say he throws everyone under the bus?

  4. If Cruz needs to drag the kids (props) all over Indiana, he needs a bigger stage. Almost looks like Fiorina was shoved off the stage when the little ones crept up behind her.
    And, pray tell, why aren’t the kids in school?

  5. She wasn’t hurt and after that a little rain falls.

    Let’s face it, many of us have been at a podium or making a presentation and something embarrassing happens. Ok, maybe just me. I’ve never fallen off a stage, but I have tripped and very awkwardly scrambled, etc.

    At first, there is silence as everyone waits to see if the person is ok. Sometimes a little reassuring applause. After that, there is sometimes laughter = perhaps to avoid or break the embarrassment.

    Happens to many. Why not Carly. She’s a public figure. And I dare say if it happened to someone on HRC’s staff or Obama’s (not Bernie for some reason) then someone on the Right would have it up, and we would be laughing. Get over it. She’s ok, and now it’s kind of embarrassingly funny. Newsworthy? Have you seen “the news” lately? The trauma of chalk?

  6. why is this “pretty funny,” Keith? she’s an older woman who could have hurt herself. been thinking about and will now drop WHD. buh-bye.