As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

17 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 1, 2016

  1. Now watching MrTrump on FOX as he sits on the couch, chatting about this and that.
    He is a master of conversation, shows a comfortable aura even while being questioned, and manages to give all of his talking points in a casual setting.

    Every political operative, every pundit is still mystified at MrTrump’s success with the voters. The man has what JohnKennedy and RonReagan had in spades – charisma and likeability, something missing in all of the other candidates. MrTrump can stumble over phrases, say something off-kilter, propose something not popular and yet – we forgive or overlook, because WE do the same, talk the same. His supporters believe he’s one of them, even though his whole life experience is so removed from the average American that they can’t imagine living as he does- doesn’t matter.
    What a guy.

  2. Well……it IS Sunday. LOL
    My shameless self-promotion for the week:
    Sunday Globe column: Hastert etal, Remove them all from society, permanently.
    Face it folks, our society is sick and it’s getting sicker. I place the blame squarely on a 40 year march to the left and one by one removing the moral guard rails until now we’re on a mountain road taking hair pin curves at 70 mph. There’s no question the car’s going over the side, it’s only a matter if anyone survives the crash.