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Malia Obama to Attend Harvard

From the White House:

The President and Mrs. Obama announced today that their daughter Malia will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017 as a member of the Class of 2021. Malia will take a gap year before beginning school.

Malia is currently a senior at Sidwell Friends School in Washington. There was no word on what she’ll be doing next year. The Obamas will remain in Washington for at least a couple of years while their younger daughter, Sasha, finishes up at Sidwell.

Malia Obama


64 thoughts on “Malia Obama to Attend Harvard”

  1. Gap year – does that mean she’s delaying her college start for a year?
    Her parents will be out of the WhiteHouse in January – usually the start of the second semester, so..
    OK, why= is the question.

  2. Interesting she is taking a gap year.

    My experience with high school kids who took off a year was that it was harder to go back.

    There is more to this than we are being told.

    1. My experience is that they’re so darn excited to start their college experience, party, live in a dorm and party.

      Ms Malia also has a mom who’s lecturing,on our dime, everyone else’s kids to go to school and be smarter than the boys! She’s never brought up gap years?

  3. actually gap hers are common in the UK and the rest of Europe. Students often use them for travel and other enriching life experiences. If the parents have the financial means to encourage this, it is a great idea.

    1. My neice took 4 gap years by joining the Coast Guard. Now ready to graduate college that was paid for by the GI Bill. The school also gave her two years college credit for her service and started as a junior.

    2. And God knows the Obama’s aspire to be European, internationalist, multicultural. They run from being American. Gap years are common here also, among those who can afford them.

    1. Actually doom, I visited a relative that lives in Hammond ,IN to get out and vote on Tuesday.
      I was surprised, pleasantly, I might add, to see flagpoles with the American flag displayed.
      In two city blocks only 3 or 4 homes had none.
      Its a mixed community,but has a large Afro-Am population.
      I don’t know if this means anything, but the flags weren’t there last Christmas.

  4. Sounds like a legacy acceptance since I don’t think Harvard is noted for their film school?

    Have Michelle or Barry agreed to take a teaching position post-White House? Kinda like Eliz Warrens triple digit salary for teaching a few hours a semester? That would be the ultimate lazy Obama dream job :D

    1. Cutting her some slack, in a weak moment here, let’s assume that the surly one is truly interested in film. Of the Ivies wouldn’t Yale be the better choice?

      Know little of the field, but I seem to remember for acting, film etc. — Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep etc . went to Yale.

      Because let’s face it, any offspring of any President, can write their own educational and career ticket.

      1. “Because let’s face it, any offspring of any President, can write their own educational and career ticket.”

        Well, unless they are Republican….then, it’s a little dicey.

  5. They’re probably delaying her starting college so that Malia isn’t off at school and missing out on their last five months at the White House and all of the luxuries and parties, and travel. She’ll probably even be traveling on her own all over the world in the last five months, costing us millions of dollars for her entourage and security. They’re all going to milk this as much as possible right up to the very last minute.

    1. Exactly what I think it is:

      She and the rest of the family will be traveling around the world on the taxpayers dime, and she doesn’t want to miss a thing.

  6. A bit of nastiness on this site today. Ease up folks, the kid is not deserving of the vitriol. Rich priviledged kids and very smart kids have gone to Ivies for generations…no news here…


    1. Why ease up. This family has done all it could to destroy our country.

      Obamacare, tax increases, supporting Isis, EPA killing coal companies, unlimited immigration. SS for Mexicans, Stopping the Pipeline we need. Giving Iraq back, Letting terriorist out of gitmo to kill our troops.

      Give him a break like he gave us

    2. I don’t care one way or the other — but the kid has a puss on her and and the condescending air of perpetual boredom like her mother.

      Obama brings them into the conversation so they are fair game. Certainly the Bush girls weren’t spared.

    3. The Obamas haven’t eased up on us for eight years, so everything is fair game…and these comments are hardly nasty, and all pretty mild IMHO.

    4. I guess if the Office of the First Lady makes an official press release out of the decision, it’s worthy of discussion? Guessing “more to the story?” is the main topic.

      Blame her Mom. ;)

    5. “Ease up folks”

      Not. A. Chance.

      After these people have looked down their noses at half of America for the last seven-plus years?

      Never will I ease up on them. Ever.

    6. I’m with you Harv. These girls have had their every public moment scripted. We don’t really know them at all. To me, they act like most teenagers. Now when they are in college and “on their own” then we can all pass judgement on them. Until then – they are kids. Leave them alone.

  7. Last night Obummer fessed up and kiss the press corps saying:

    “I want to close my final White House Correspondents’ Dinner by just saying, thank you. I’m very proud of what you’ve done. It has been an honor and a privilege to work side-by-side with you to strengthen our democracy.”

  8. Gap year? It’s going to be Around the World in 365 days! Travel, travel, travel. They need to cash their chips in before their fame and notoriety vanishes. Mooch has spent all of her time cultivating…not her garden…but all of her fave celebrities and certain royal families.
    They will be treated like visiting royalty.
    Those Obama slush funds will come in very handy – everything thing will have an ‘official’ stamp of approval such as ‘Goodwill Tour’.

    1. Come to think of it, did we ever see her semi-literate mother’s Princeton records? That thesis was 6th grade level, or worse.

    2. Likely a deserved but certainly an appropriate,non partisan congratulations to this young girl.She deserves the right to be judged as an individual without prejudice.We all do.

    1. I actually don’t get spun up about those kids–they do have a sullen look sometimes, esp the tall one. But it is a fake environment in which to live your teens–I can feel for some of that. But basically–so what.

      1. The “Obama’s” have been such a fake “First Family” since getting to the White House… -Getting a dog and never seeing it unless its photo-ops…-NEVER going to ‘church’…-the Wookie always flying off on her own…-Barack always off golfing…-the spoiled daughters always looking moody

        1. Yeah–and all the mag covers about how he’s father of the year and she’s mother of the century–but I still can’t get spun up. It’s all bread and circuses… If either Trump or Hillary gets in, there will be a huge cult of following their every move and the spouses, the clothes, the quotes, the attempts to be normal or funny, all the usual.

    1. It’s not like she was ever going to community college… Big deal. Did she get a full ride or is he going to pony out of his speaking fees?

      1. There’s probably some taxpayer funded program for the children of Soon-To-Be Ex-Presidents to go to college.

        1. GUARANTEED!
          The Obama’s haven’t paid for jack I the last 7 years.
          Can anyone actually think they’ll pay for ANYTHING now?

          1. Supposedly they paid for Sidwell Friends, not that I have seen the receipts. If I recall, that may be $40K a yr. What’s Harvard–$75? I really don’t know. I could look it up but why. He told the kids once you will always be rich. And they will.

  9. Could a reason for a gap year be she would be daughter of a former POTUS (2017) versus current POTUS (2016)? Security, Secret Service, etc?

  10. It is easier to explain to a new roommate that your Dad is retired than that he is a failed President and global laughingstock.

  11. I hope she works hard, has experiences that help her grown intellectually, emotionally, and in maturity. I hope her years in college help her to a perspective that enable her to contribute to her nation and treasure her good fortune in being born an American.

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