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Video || Trump Sneaks Into His own Speech

Donald Trump today eluded protestors at a speech he gave in California by heading in through the back door. Or the side door. Somewhere where there were no protestors.

He said he felt like he was sneaking across the border

19 thoughts on “Video || Trump Sneaks Into His own Speech”

  1. Sneak?
    That’s what the propaganda corps is calling it, blasting it all over broadcast tv. I do not consider you Mr. Koffler in that nest of rats, so no offense is ment.
    Trump just attacked from another direction, the thugs FAILED to stop him.
    He succeed, they failed.
    1001 delegates as of today.

  2. In America. How sad is that. Thank you Barack Obama and every single crazy lazy stupid liberal Democrat who has been working hard to get this country to this point over the years. Democrat Party my butt — these are progressives and socialists and some of them are out to destroy this country. The Party is rotten to the core.

    1. Of course, the Spawn of Satan has nothing to say about the ‘protesters’ trying to shut down free speech. I’m sure he condones it, POS that he is.

  3. Here we have the leading candidate for the POTUS being forced to walk up a dirt embankment into the back door of a facility where he was invited to speak.
    Forced because his security and the local authorities failed to anticipate or plan for an alternate route away from angry Mexican citizens waving their country’s flag and throwing debris and eggs at the police.
    Why are the Mexican citizens angry at a US candidate for POTUS- because they entered the USA illegally and he wants them to go back to their obviously beloved homeland.

    No citizen of a foreign country should be waving their national flag here in the USA as a protest against our immigration laws. They have no rights, no permission to be here on our soil and they need to be deported forcefully if they won’t self-deport.

  4. I slightly paraphrased the quote by MG Oliver Smith USMC,during the Korean War.
    “Retreat, hell, we’re attacking in a different direction’

  5. No surprise here! Trump has an 80% disapproval rating with hispanics…of his own making.
    If there is a next time, Donald, try a helicopter drop.

    1. Not his own making! TRUMP HAS GIVEN THOUSANDS OF MINORITY GROUPS THOUSANDS OF JOBS. Its Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s and the democratic party’s propaganda just to keep the power by inciting protests, etc. People are getting murdered and robbed and beaten because of the democratic party and their lies about America.

  6. Donald Trump said it felt like he was crossing the border, he didn’t say he felt like he was SNEAKING over the border?? Why twist around what he really said? If he does lose running for President, it will be because of quotes he never said from whatever media outlet. Commies now running the democratic party and teachers teaching socialism/communism just to bring America down and now the Republicans are part of the problem, they do nothing but go along with the democrats? Why? Communism never helped anyone by letting the government run things? Look whats happening to America now — we all let Obama run America into the ground, all cities infested with criminal immigrants, San Francisco now is a hell hole because of Obama, people murdered by terrorists because of Obama, it goes on and on. And now the young ones like socialism? They don’t even know what they will lose regarding freedom and by putting down the successful people. They should all go to Cuba and see what socialism is like, its starvation mostly and $25 a month pay for Cubans. Dumb mentally unfit Obama He wouldn’t even pass Kate’s Law when one of his favorite illegals killed her, thats how deep he hates America.

  7. It’s only a matter of time before one of these events turns into an all-out brawl.

    And of course, the leftist thugs won’t accept any of the blame. Nor will the media assign them any.

    1. Forget them accepting blame, it’s about time to make the b**tards feel the pain. You cannot “discuss” or “reason” with these anti-American thugs. Thugs don’t stop when asked, they stop when forced.

  8. I love that he said that he felt he was sneaking across the Mexican border. That must have made the protestors’ heads explode.

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