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Video || Nasty, Violent Protests Outside Trump Rally

As if to highlight the problem that is driving support for Donald Trump, protestors at a Trump rally in Southern California Thursday night destroyed a police car, went topless, and beat up Trump supporters.

I gather Trump will be blamed for the violence.

29 thoughts on “Video || Nasty, Violent Protests Outside Trump Rally”

  1. George Soros paid stooges. At this point I only hope they keep it up. Shows EXACTLY what happens when open borders meets leftist politics.
    And all the flying of the Mexican flags? If that isn’t an invasion then what is?

    1. All one in the media has to do is look at the agitators’ signs to catch the websites of the groups they represent. Like this one from last night…

      We never see the reports about these morons, only that Trump says meanie poopy-head things that make them angry. So sad.

  2. Violent rioters attacking the local police and waving the flag of a foreign nation:
    If, IF, those rioters were illegal aliens (citizens) from Russia, or Libya, and were waving the flag of their homeland, the MSM would be alarmed and declare that we have been invaded by hostile forces.

  3. MSN article makes it seem as if it were a 50-50 confrontation, but finally has to admit hundreds of anti-Trumpeters were the rioters. How I hate our biased media. What could be worse for the nation than reporters who inject propaganda into their stories?

  4. 1. Of course DT will be blamed. That is the media spin – as ordered by their owners.
    2. Wonder how many of those waving flags were actually of Mexican descent?
    3. This is California – what did anyone expect.

  5. If either Cruz or Trump make it all the way to the White House, there will be riots like this every week for four or eight years. Just as they did with Reagan or Bush, the media will do a daily fatwah on Trump/Cruz, professors will insist students show their anger at “this weekend’s demonstration”, the “I Hate Trump (or Cruz)” t-shirt and baseball cap industry will flourish. The Occupy Movement will come alive again and political science students will receive college credit for participation. Gray Beards and chin scratchers will be honored guests permanently nested on the MSM to answer the question: “Did we ever see a President as bad as Trump/Cruz?”

    We know the drill.We’ve watched it for 40 years.

  6. As always, there are some Mexicans or Mex-Am. waving the Mexican flag. If it’s so good in Mexico why are the here. Costa Mesa shows the impact of the arrival of illegas when the reporter stated that 1/3 are Hispanics. It used to be over 90% white

    1. They could
      1. Blame their own failed Mexican government
      2. Blame the liberal policies that keep them day to day on government assistance rather than demanding assimilation and legalization
      But then again that would require facing the truth and Soros sheep aren’t quite evolved enough yet to handle the truth.

      1. But free-form violent personalities are attracted to these rallies because they have at least in the past tacitly condoned or even offered legal fees for violent people. Did Trump ever follow through on getting protestors arrested. Did he go outside and say knock it off? You always say is Muslims don’t tell the extremists to knock it off, they are complicit. Does that theory apply here at all?

        1. Star,
          They aren’t “attracted” at all. These are organized, orchestrated paid events. (Remember I live in Missouri and watched the Ferguson fiasco unfold live)
          America is being sold out from within and we either stop it now or turn it over. I for one don’t give a crap that the left is getting angry. So be it. They’ve gotten away with debasing us for years and the silent majority has just finally had enough and is finally pushing back. Trump is just the figurehead of those millions of voices shouting : ENOUGH!

          1. Yes, I got that enough message…but we can’t deny the non-paid, non-organized participation of some, and some people are by their nature looking for a scrum and a fight. The world is full of people like that. I would not say every demo is just a put-up job and I look for why it’s violent, if it is.

          1. I find your response to the possible and some proven violence Star. Usually you recoil from ANY violence or even curse words and you are in fear if Trump if elected President. And yet, this doesn’t appear to raise a hair.

          2. I find your response to the possible and some proven violence Star.

            oops sorry left out some words. I find your response ….violence to be oddly calm Star.

    2. I see. So, Trump says mean things and it’s A-OK for you leftists to riot in response.

      Got it.

      Careful what you wish for, boy. You just might get it.

          1. That’s got to be the dumbest reason to vote for someone I’ve ever heard. You deserve Hillary Clinton and all the whiny butthurt she’ll bring you!

    3. It’s a free country. He can spew anything he want. If self proclaimed socialists can temporarily run as a Democrat and spew Communist anti capitalist bull, then pretty much Trump or any other candidate can say what they want without fear from paid radicals and unhappy illegals. This whole idea that DT is the one encouraging violence and should not be speaking in one place or the other is as I said below hogwash. And the police should do their job and arrest these people.

  7. Costa Mesa and neighboring coastal areas is an enclave for wealthy whites. There is also a large population of Mexicans who work in the area’s upscale hotel/restaurant and high-end retailing. Many live in near-by Santa Ana which is densely populated with Mexicans.

    Trump’s staff needs to check their demographics before venturing into enemy territory. There has been a seismic change in demographics since the days of Gov. Pete Wilson and Prop 187 in Kalifornia.
    Trump doesn’t have a chance in the General election against HRC in Kalifornia. Whites are now the minorities.

    1. Trump’s staff needs to check their demographics before venturing into enemy territory.

      This is an American political election there shouldn’t be any “enemy territory” and law enforcement should arrest anyone — even those protected Mexicans with their Mexican flags — who is violent in any way. But to restrict movement and appearances because someone chooses to speak to perhaps some supporters who might want to hear their message because they are in enemy territory is hogwash.

      1. Orange county is one of the safest counties in the country. I guess you don’t that. It’s republician too. Since obama took over they added affordable housing in nice apartments. I paid 2000 a month. I owned a house in Laguna niguel area the mexician’s have taken over the school area like it tijuana. The homes are a million and up. Thsy also are getting pre k and state funded lunches.

  8. Thank you, Keith! You seem to be staying relatively neutral in this, but I was curious how YOU felt about a Trump presidency & covering it for whitehousedossier? Are you dreading it, looking Forward to it, or somewhere in between?
    Tom Faddis

  9. “I gather Trump will be blamed for the violence.” (From Keith’s article).

    A CNN “reporter” has already asked a Trump staffer if Trump would apologize for the mob behavior. Not kidding.

  10. I was their the event was wonderful. We did not know anything that was going on outside. We are in having unity of love to take back our state and country against these low life illegals. The police completly protected us inside the public venue. Than we see the hate on the outside of illegals and mexicians living off us taking our jobs killing our loved ones.

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