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Video || When Exactly Did Our Kids Become Communists?

This is from Fox News’ Red Eye Last night. Host Tom Shillue quotes a poll of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 that finds 51 percent don’t support capitalism, 42 percent do, and 33 percent say they support Socialism.

Respondents said capitalism is “unfair.” Well, as Shillue notes, they’re right, and that’s the point of it.

So now, we’re getting the results of the “Everybody gets a trophy” philosophy kids have been growing up with. The notions of “fairness” and “oppression” and “victims” are drummed into our kids’ skulls from an early age by the public schools system and then universities, all of which are the domain of the Left. Things that used to be par for the course, like absolute values denoting right from wrong and heroism on the battlefield and elsewhere are minimized or ignored.

You can see it in operation at the White House, where the man who was president as these kids came into adulthood, Barack Obama, thinks pay should be based on what people “deserve” and not on what their value is to an organization.

“We’ve got to keep making sure hard work is rewarded,” Obama wrote in the Huffington Post last year. “Right now, too many Americans are working long days for less pay than they deserve.”

Obama’s worldview is essentially that of the socialist – to each according to their needs, from each according to their ability to pony up. Such notions must be enforced by the government. And government interference, regulation, and taxation is what is wrecking the economy and causing widespread misery in this nation.

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  1. Take away their cars, designer clothes & shoes, cellular phones, Ipads, Laptops, television sets, Xboxes, and whatever other gadgets and gizmos the children of today cannot live without, and tell them this would be the result of socialism/communism and see what happens then.
    Oh and bring American and World History back to school as requirements for graduation so they can actually read about the scourge of China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.

    • ………and don’t forget their health insurance until age 26. By age 26, I had finished college, was married and had two kids. What a shiftless lot with their demand for free education and free everything else in life. They need to get off their dead asses, serve our country and we will give back.

      • You know, they probably don’t even really think about things like the free ride on parent’s health insurance and free college until some whizzer like Barry Obama or Bernie Sanders puts that crap into their heads. Then it is a “must have.”
        So I’ll tell you what. Let’s follow a couple of the good European ideas and require a one-year mandatory military service commitment – with credit for a year of free college, and apprenticeships in lieu of college for everyone.

          • I have read that this Country is in dire need of welders and bricklayers, both require some form of apprenticeships.

            The money is good because the ones that have the skills to do it are getting older and retiring.

      • Yup, by age 26, I had already been working in the real world for four years, earned my MBA (while working full-time), and was paying back both my undergraduate and graduate student loans.

  2. Send every one of those little snowflakes off for a year in a REAL socialist country and then see how they feel about their capitalist America.
    Would cost some short term money but the long term plus from finally shutting down the lies of the left would secure the future our grandchildren deserve.

  3. Communism begins in grade skool when the class president is the kid who promised free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones to everyone who voted for him/her.

    • Indeed. Here in the peoples republic of California (Mexico North) starting in grade school, free breakfast, and lunch.

      In the summer when schools is out, its free lunch time!

      The admistrators have moved chistmas break so the Mexicans who do not return from break on time, now they do! Its nuts!

      Pomona Calif – Gary High school – 2500 students 1200 do not speak English! 50%

      Everyone knows they are illegal, but the school gets ADA money from the state for them.

      • I have four cousins who attended Garey High School decades ago…the school is unrecognizable now. The oldest of the family and his wife, amazingly, still live in Pomona…they say it’s like a war zone due to the gangs, and they’re one of the few English-speaking families left in the neighborhood – their kids are long-grown and gone, so I don’t really know why they stay. His three younger sisters bailed out years ago, moving to nearby, but markedly safer cities.

    • And, instead, the kids received mud pies in a cardboard box instead of the Ben and Jerry ice cream they were promised. And the kids who complained about the mud pies were called crazy right wingers, troublemakers and sponsored by the Koch Brothers to disrupt the whole school election process. Late night comedians makes nasty jokes about them for weeks. And then the kids were sent to political indoctrination camp in the Florida Everglades for a whole summer and wrestle alligators until they got the right attitude. Big Brother Always Knows Best, they learned, and also that Big Brother doesn’t like people who complain. Doesn’t like them at all.

    • Here’s a new one. Just discussed on Fox News. Some genius female just suggested that pregnant or not, having given birth, or not, all women should be allowed “maternity leave”. This new benefit would be called “me-ternity” time off.
      E N T I T L E M E N T thinker of the year!
      This would set women back 100 years in the workplace. What do these idiots think with!

  4. There comes a time when hard-working, taxpaying adults start to feel like patsies, fools. Where was our free stuff, who cared if we could afford college or not, and who was to subsidize our apartments or homes?
    If we make a misstep and violate some law, we’re held to the highest standard while illegal aliens, gangsters, and crooks are more than likely to be forgiven or have their fingers slapped.
    Famous and law-abiding people have been sent to prison for evading some income taxes, while government employees don’t pay theirs at all. Martha Stewart was imprisoned for a lie, not a violent or heinous crime, but a lie.
    Some young people who have never been without anything in their lives, can’t imagine doing without. They look around and see the government passing out millions of dollars to people of another country who came here illegally, billions to strange corporations that go bankrupt without penalty and wonder – why not me.
    Black people can burn down their city without fear of penalty, while I would pay a fine for burning trash in my back yard.
    We can blame doting parents or social media or laziness on the young wanting free stuff, but at some point, we’re all asking – why not me, too.

    • My husband served our country with four and a half years in the Marine Corps. Our first child (hospital and doctor) was paid for since he was active duty. He went to school and got his engineering degree on the GI Bill. That enabled me to go to college with us both working (and he carrying a full college load). We bought our first home during that time, again, courtesy of the GI Bill. He served, put his life on the line, and our country rewarded us. First, he served. The rewards come after.

    • I was never given an allowance, my parents couldn’t afford it.
      When I was old enough where my Dad could trust me with a lawn mower, I mowed yards in the neighborhood to earn money.

      I saved enough to buy my own radio, I still have it today.

      In the winter time here in Ohio, kids come and want to shovel the snow from our driveway, sometimes I do it, sometimes I pay them to do it.

      Nothing wrong with that.
      Good honest work.

      Some kids don’t know what real work is.
      Nowadays, the ones that do should be appreciated.

    • Apparently some people act on that Why not Me. I have never seen so many competent, well dressed people with nice transportation and no visible minority status who live in my nice community flash those EBT cards all around town — lobster tonight. EBT cards — totally out of control.

  5. I don’t think these youngsters are influenced by illegals getting EBT or anything–I think they look to govt like Mom and Dad…automatically…who will do stuff now? Oh–the govt. They don’t even think about the cost.

    • Hence, Bernie Sanders.
      There lies the difference between the Sander’s crowds and the Trump crowds.
      Trump crowds want jobs, Sander’s crowds want gimme dat.

    • And if they look to their government as Mom and Dad I have to ask myself where were Mom and Dad and how did it evolve that these kids look to the government this way.

      I have a friend, HS teacher, upstate NY so she has a nice pension, was a Democrat until the Clintons rolled into office, lace curtain Irish, not much money growing up and not a good “home” environment either. Made sure her kids had everything she didn’t. Spoiled them materially, but brooked nothing when it came to their values, morals, sense of responsibility etc. They paid for their college, student loans which they are paying off etc etc. Not really politically active but think the Bernie crowd is nuts, and all those getting hand outs — out of line. They are two white kids, working, and they see the favoritism in the workplace and the organizations and universities . They don’t want to be favored, but they sure do want a fair shot. The Affirmative Action students like Barack himself grow into Affirmative Action employees — shiftless, ill equipped to perform, and absent on the concept of individual responsibiity. Not a racist bone in their bodies — either one of these kids. But they recognize unfair.

  6. I work w/a liberal female attorney who doesn’t think her 18-year-old, never had a job granddaughter (grandma even pays for said kid’s best friend’s vacation) should be challenged on her support of Bernie, but supported for being “involved.” oh, dear God.

  7. I know it began at least 20 years ago.
    When our son was a Sophomore on his high school cross country team, he regularly outran the former team star – a classmate who happened to be a Senior.
    Finally, his coach (a woman who was unable to stand and coach due to her obese condition – she sat on a camp stool) told him to let the other boy win “because he is a Senior.”
    Our son complied – and rarely won any race after that.
    I am still angry about that. Coaching that kid to lose impacted him until this day – he lost his competitive spirit. And yes, I blame her fat ass and her, too.

    • And before anyone says anything – truth is truth. She had a fat ass. Some of the rest of us do, too. Facts are facts and truth is Truth.

      • 2 miles in cross country races and various races in track. 1/2 mile, 1 mile.
        I loved the relays in track where you would pass the baton to the next guy.

        As a distance runner, I could outlast someone that only had a burst of speed.
        They usually put us in the middle of the relay and put the sprinter on the last leg.

        I loved it.

        • I asked him once what he thought about as he ran 5k’s. He said, “Mom, I mostly just talk to The Lord.”
          The impact those few words had on my life? Priceless.
          Still brings tears to my eyes.
          I “jogged” when I was in my early 50’s. Loved it – and lost about 10 pounds.
          My husband and I quit smoking many years ago – at the same time. We didn’t divorce and weren’t guilty of murder either.
          However, after that first year on no smoking, we needed to lose weight! haha.
          Running was the choice for exercise/weight loss – and tuna for lunch and Campbell’s soup for dinner. Our reward each day was 18 M&M’s each night and a vodka tonic.
          Great memories tied associated with running. Except for Fat Ass.

    • I ran cross country and track for four years.
      Our coach was just the opposite.
      We went to the state two years in a row.
      There was no ‘let the other guy win because he is a senior.’

      That’s BS.
      It was running the course against the stopwatch.

      Everybody competed equally.

      • Yes – and for the worse. Makes me mad and sick at heart. Nothing like being a winner – and these kids have been robbed of that great experience.

    • I noticed the change in the late 70’s, early 80’s. I was stunned when our kids–in high school at the time– didn’t know the most basic facts about history, geography, how our government functions, basic math (the new math was the thing then), current events, languages, etc. My daughter couldn’t find New Hampshire on a map of New England when she was a sophomore. And we live in Maine, for goodness sakes. So we undertook to get them up to speed on these basic subjects. We’d talk to them about these things, quiz them from time to time, tried to improve their knowledge. Homeschooling was just getting started then, and the school authorities did everything they could to stop it, mock it, fight it in the Legislature. They’re fine now, they are all big time readers, but they had to do it on their own. That whole experience was a real eye opener for us. It must be 1,000 times worse for high school students today. The US is 27th in worldwide ranking for academic achievement–math, science, reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, etc.– and we understand completely how that happened

      • Your post captured it all. While Americans in every state were trusting the schools to teach our children how to acquire knowledge and how to rationally assess it (ie, how to “think”), instead the schools moved more and more into intellectual obedience training: teaching them to follow agendas and accept whatever they were told.

        As parents and grandparents, we can at least give our own young ones a free mind that is capable of meaningful thought. We can counter the fakery with factual history, and real science, and genuine morals. It really will make a difference, one at a time.

        • Well said Tina.
          The most exasperating part is we are forced to pay for the schools who are delivering an inferior product.

          Home schooling is the answer for those that can do it.

          • Definitely agree there – home school is the wave of the future. The internet has fantastic options, so parents don’t even have to learn how to teach algebra and calculus. The days of warehousing kids in airless factories are coming to an end.

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