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Saturday Open Thread || April 30, 2016



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  1. Hillary , yesterday, said she has dealt with men like Trump who have ” gone off the reservation”.

    Uh, first it was CP time, insulting blacks.

    Now she invokes a slur against American Indians.

    Where is Eliz Warren to chirp up about this?

    Donald should snap back: I love American Indians, why would she denigrate them with her off color remark?

    He is going to literally skewer her…..


  2. Your QOTD,QOTW,QOTY …

    “What happens in Europe is going to have an impact in the United States,” Obama said. “We consider it a major national security issue that you have uncontrolled migration into Europe. Not because these folks are coming into the United States, but because if it destabilizes Europe, our largest trading block, trading partner, it’s going to be bad for our economy.”

    • Well, he should know what is bad for our economy, the tactics he is using have destroyed ours.
      I feel that that is why people are embracing Trump.

      • Good catch, Sadie.
        So Obama’s unchecked open border policy and personal invitation to millions of unaccompanied minors, unvetted refugees, and illegal alien felons released from US prisons are NOT having an effect on OUR national security and economy???

        He is deleting his own 8 yr. history of open borders and lawlessness. Now he is trying to lobotomize America into believing his economic failures are all b/c of Europe’s uncontrolled migration.
        His legacy is already set in stone (hopefully).

    • Since October, 80,000 illegal aliens have entered the US through TX. In 2015, Obama’s ICE released nearly 20,000 violent criminal illegal aliens back onto our streets last year. Before he lectures Europe, he needs to make sure his house is clean.

  3. Front page today – Biden and the Pope beaming over Pope’s endorsement of Biden’s fight against cancer. Could this be the opening note in the symphony that will defeat Clinton?

  4. Just seen on twitter:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 25m25 minutes ago
    Press pool spotted golf clubs being loaded in the motorcade as Pres Obama departs WH to unannounced location.

  5. Looking around, it occurred to me that this is a most unfortunate time for American Hispanics. Like the majority of legal, assimilated immigrants Hispanics had a rough go of it early on. Like the Irish and the Italians etc. with name calling, derision, being looked down upon. But they became good Americans.

    Now they are being tainted by this absolute trash that has invaded this country courtesy of Barack Obama’s refusal to secure our borders and the Party of the Leftists.

    Holding a Mexican flag, burning the American flag, while you smash police cars and bloody Anglos is not who the Hispanic Americans are. But it would be a good idea if they started to stand up for themselves.

    Unless, of course, I am wrong and the majority of the American Hispanics do want this.

    • “Now they are being tainted by this absolute trash that has invaded this country courtesy of Barack Obama’s refusal to secure our borders and the Party of the Leftists.”

      Same with the Muslims.

      I don’t care how you worship or for that matter what you worship, just don’t shove it down my throat.

      I feel the same about liberal policies.

    • A never classy place since the Obamas moved in. Drudge has a pix of someone in the audience (don’t know who) giving the middle finger to someone (assume it was the guest host comedian who I also don’t know). But since it is now ok to have these kind of antics at an event where a POTUS says everything you need to know about this Administration and certainly makes the vile leftist Mexican street thugs against DR understandable.

      This oozes from the top down.

    • I didn’t watch any of it but a friend said this:

      The host , Larry Gilmore, – also Black even ended his humorless, tasteless schtick with, ” Yo, Barry …my nigger. ” I am not kidding.

      Did any of you guys see/hear this? Wow.

      • Remember the “church lady?
        How Special.
        It was awful, ignorant, not funny, mean, snide and the racial insult at the end was perfectly fitting.

        I am tired of Black insults, Black demands, Black criminals, Black everything.
        Racist? dunno, don’t care.

        • I think I am right there with you.

          I noticed I had typed what we have to call the N word out — no thought. Just as it was used. And it has given me pause. This bit of angst I had over doing that.

          I no longer care either. I am tired to the bone of it all.

      • And the answer is:
        “Yes, Mr. President, this event is too tackle for most Americans who work for a living. But of course, you don’t have any idea we exist.”

    • This comment was seen following article about the dinner in the Daily Mail – states my opinion exactly.
      (Dianikes, London, United Kingdom, about a minute ago)
      “This event perfectly exemplifies How corroded American media is today.
      They are consumed by being celebrities and being seen with other celebrities. They seek to make make the news – they ARE the news – instead of working hard report it.
      The whole multi-million dollar dinner is an embarrassment and shows how hollowed out the industry has become.
      No wonder no one trusts the media anymore.”

      Read more:
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  6. Absolutely fitting , perfect& proper ,
    as that’s what the pospotus has acted like since Jan. ’09……
    From ‘weaponizing the IRS&EPA, dividing the entire Nation at every opportunity & every possible level; black vs white vs hispanic,
    Illegal alien vs citizen, rich vs poor, right vs left, etc etc .
    Destroying the economy, environment, the Constitution, the health care system,
    Yes, our healthcare system is now under the control of the very same bloated federal government that can’t get bottled water and baloney sandwiches to fucking New Jersey in three weeks.

    And tasked with enforcing this nightmare is the IRS, which has been exposed as hopelessly corrupt and criminal, and now weaponized for the political left in America.
    Doubling + the national Debt, insulting every police officer & dept. in America, decimating the Military, toppling foreign gov’t.s ,sanctioning the murder of Americans…………..the NDAA,
    fast & furious……..
    Yeah it’ll be great to see the last of that narcissistic, hypocritical,racist& his mate,so we don’t have to foot the bill for anymore multi-million $$ “vacations” ,with thier huge entourages of sycophants , & watch her shovel caviar, Kobe Beef, & whole Lobsters into her woodchipper maw, while forcing schools to feed OUR children shit on a shingle lunches…..Yeah ADIOS MFs