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Of Course Hillary is Playing the “Woman Card”

It usually blows my mind into infinite, disgusting little pieces when political correctness seizes hold of reality and claims it for itself. Which means, of course, every single day. Surprised I can still write.

Donald Trump is being pilloried for suggesting Hillary Clinton would not have 5 percent of the vote were she not a woman. “The only thing she’s got going is the women’s card,” he said Tuesday.

Thursday, instead of backing down, he escalating the matter. “Without the women’s card, Hillary would not even be a viable person to run for city council positions,” he said on the Today show.

This, apparently, is insulting to all women everywhere.

“Do you understand why people find that to be kind of a demeaning comment?” Today host Savannah Guthrie asked.

I do not understand. I know she wasn’t asking me, but I do not. In the real world, where most voters live, the prospect of having the first woman, African American, Hispanic, Jew, Croatian – you name it – as president is an appealing thing to some. And no doubt part of Hillary’s support is based on her sex. And no doubt, as Trump said, it’s hard to figure out what the accomplishments are that qualify Hillary to be president.

Name one, quick!

Now name a foreign policy failure during the Obama presidency.

Not as hard to do, is it?

What’s particularly disturbing is that Clinton herself is making the case for her candidacy based on being a woman, and she doesn’t get called on it.

Remember this? Here, she not only touts herself as the first woman running for president, she suggests that because she is a woman, ipso facto, she cannot possibly be part of the establishment. So she is either unaware of the gains women have made in the past 50 years or she thinks the ladies are too tender to play with the big boys.

Well, look, I’ve got to just jump in here because, honestly, Sen. Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment. And I’ve got to tell you that it is … It is really quite amusing to me.

Maybe Guthrie should ask Hillary next time she’s on why she is insulting women in this manner.

50 thoughts on “Of Course Hillary is Playing the “Woman Card””

  1. Clinton, by her inane statements and positions, is an insult to intelligent women everywhere. I have no problem with electing a qualified woman president. But an old, ill, amoral, felonious hosebeast would not be my first, or 150 millionth, choice.

    1. I agree–if we need a woman president, it’s not this woman. But to say she’d only get 5%, implying women are so stupid they ALL vote by chromosomes, is ridiculous. and I would also say, despite her many flaws, she is a few steps above city council.

      1. “and I would also say, despite her many flaws, she is a few steps above city council.”

        I wouldn’t want her in ours.
        She’s a crook.

        1. I am not too thrilled about our city council either–but that was not my point. I am saying she would be overqualified for city council, not that she would be a good councilwoman for your area…am I speaking English?.

          1. She did nothing as a senator and as Sec of state she was a disaster.
            Not only is she a crook, but a sick old hag.
            Hillary for Prison!

          2. Agree for once…But I also think Trump was insulting to say unless she had women to vote for her just bec she was a woman, she would not get more than 5%. A slap at women…

          3. Agree on that, too–AFVet–she got titles and air miles…I would not call it experience…how about that reset button? That was rich! Libya–that was poor.

      2. Not all, because she would never get the conservative women’s vote, so of those that would vote for her (democrat women) I agree that 95% are voting for her because she’s a woman.

      3. Star, I am a little surprised at this from you “If we need a woman President”. Perhaps I should read if the President we need, based on qualifications etc., happens to be a woman then we should vote for that person. Having been called out for not addressing your words directly as written, clarification would be appreciated.

        That said, I am at the choking point with womens rights, minority rights, little people’s rights, transgender rights, blah blah blah. The Presidency is not an award for a person having lived through “adversity”.

        There should be no quota — white male, check / “black” male, check / white female, check …

        The liberal Democrat policies in oursuit of a socialist nanny state has spread rot throughout this country.

  2. When Hills ran in 2008, it was on her questionable Senatorial record.

    Second time around, she can’t run on or far enough away from her SoS record.

    Now, she’s running on a broken record.

    Hillary, there’s a special place in Hell for women like you!

      1. Reservations are accepted there.
        I have a confirmed reservation for a window seat and have promised to save a place there for a few people.

      2. Hell can hold all who have been born plus all who will be born.

        Hellary will be happy with seeing vince foster again. She will tell him that bill did not really have him killed. It just looks like that.

          1. Poor Vince indeed…and the 40+ other “suicides” and “accidents” associated with the Clinton’s. I have seen a list of 90+ convenient deaths. At some point these deaths reach far beyond the realm of coincidence.
            Google it.
            Now I am probably on a hit list too! haha. Don’t care – I am old and I will be in Heaven lickety split!

          1. Speaking of facts–just saying something like you do does not transform it into a fact. “People say,” “fingers pointing,” “I bet xyz,” “it makes sense that”–these are not statements of fact.

        1. Oh be careful racist.
          I have “talked” with Star for many years now and she does not dismiss facts, although she may question them from time to time.

          At times, she can be a conundrum.

  3. In 2008, the implication was if she was elected President, then Bubba would really be calling the shots there.
    Didn’t work.
    Now, he might think he can still call the shots if she wins, but the message is for her to be the first, historic, unprecedented person of her sex to sit in the Oval Office.

    She is a worse candidate today than she was in 2008. Her crimes or alledged crimes, her money grubbing past, and her lack of understanding the American public is more than enough reason for her to retire gracefully and let some other Dem carry the banner.

      1. The deaths of Benghazi on her watch and the irresponsible handling of our country’s security — the security of men and women everywhere working to keep this country safe — is unforgivable. She is morally reprehensible.

        She will not be able to escape her final judgement. My money is that this judgement will be harsh and earned.

  4. I say she is playing the ‘lady’ card – the First Lady. Without the Clinton name and connections, where would Hillary Rodham be? Same goes for that snot, Chelsea.

    1. You are correct of course. But I would like to add that – she is a women but not a lady!

      Vicious conniving bitch perhaps?

      And they left the white house so poor.

  5. Wow the 1st qtr GDP .5 The lowest in a very long time.

    What did America spent money on? The number 2 biggest (normally number one)

    “Obamacare was no longer what soaked up most Americans’ cash in the first quarter (nonetheless, it was a runner up with $10.8 billion in spending). “

  6. Warning: Another of those painful WH Correspondents Dins coming up Sat with the awful attempts at humor, followed by days of followup yuks in the press.

    1. Has there ever been any self-deprecating humor out of Obama’s mouth in the last 7 yrs? He turned the entire affair into a Bash the GOP night.

      1. I don’t remember the line but I think he once made a ref (or his writers did) to the show BLACK-ISH. The line about bucket list–that was stolen from a comedian, I forget whom.

    1. I don’t know what your wife meant by that but Hillary does not deserve to be the first female President of the United States.

      Way too many skeletons in the closet.

      She makes Jacob Marley look like a piker.

      1. I think, in general, ticking off these firsts has been tarnished by the present occupant of the big white abode. Whatever gender or ethnic or nationality group, it still comes down to electing a human…which is actually not a bad lesson. Does a woman as president make me more prestigious as a woman? No. More employable? No. More respected? No. Would people think of women differently–as in hey maybe they ain’t so dumb–probably not. The cachet may have worn off the “first” thing.

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