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Boehner: Cruz a “Miserable Son of Bitch”

From the Washington Examiner:

John Boehner ripped into Ted Cruz at an event at Stanford University Wednesday night, by referring to him as “lucifer in the flesh,” and saying he “never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Well, okay, but some might argue that given America’s state of affairs under people like Boehner and President Obama, a miserable son of a bitch is what’s needed.

36 Responses to Boehner: Cruz a “Miserable Son of Bitch”

  1. I agree. Had he only gone after Obama with such …. brilliance? No one cares what Boehner thinks about anything after rolling over for Obama after giving him the House and Speakership.

  2. If Cruz qualified as a miserable SOB by opposing Boehner’s complete capitulation to Obama, then more power to him. I’d be proud to be on Boehner’s list of least helpful people.

    • I didn’t realize how funny I am until I thought about it…Being that the other, figurative, biggest cry baby in politics is going on with this “Lyin’ Ted” idiocy and all the other garbage that brain dead simpletons seem to enjoy.

  3. GOPe (elite and entrenched) Sour Grapes Recipe:

    1.Take one part King/Cyanide quip.
    2.Add, equal parts of Lindsey Graham
    mouthing off on Trump’s speech yesterday.
    3.Pour over ice and hand the drink to Boehner.

    • Exactly. Not exactly an insult when the weeping Cheeto doesn’t like you. Yet he’s text buddies with Trump? Who’s the outsider again? CRUZ!

  4. I for one would still like to know how this “miserable drunken son of a bitch” Boehner can afford to buy a million dollar condo on the west coast of Florida after being on a government salary for the last twenty years as a sleeze ball congressman. Just how did he manage that!

  5. Trump golfs with him all the time and they text back and forth. And Trump is the outsider?? Really??? Trump IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN A Demorat.