As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump Victory Speech – April 26. 2016

A little bit about what he wants to do, a lot about Donald Trump.

11 Responses to Video || Trump Victory Speech – April 26. 2016

  1. Credit where credit is due: Trump’s landslide victory tops that of every Republican presidential candidate (politician or non-politician) who has ever run for the presidency. Not bad for a guy who recently declared that Security, Education, and Healthcare, the hallmark of the DEM party, would be his top priorities if he became Potus.

    That said, why in the world would Trump decide to double down on stupid last nite with his sexist remarks in the midst of this victory by saying the only reason crooked Hillary is winning is b/c she is a woman and if she were a man she would only get 5% of the vote?

    Mary Pat Christie’s face says it all – and it’s going viral:

    Hillary must be dancing on the ceiling this morning!

    • I see your point, yet at the same time what he said is absolutely true. Any male candidate with her list of failures, lack of leadership while Benghazi was under attack, and the email fiasco wouldn’t even still be in the running. The ONLY thing that’s propping her up is the left wing/liberal base that is bound and determined to put a woman in the White House whether that woman would be good for the job or not.

      • Conservative Republican women are also deeply offended, Geoff. He needs to attack HRC relentlessly on her record, but why make it a gender issue?

        Trump certainly is no poster boy for women’s rights, unless you count his beauty pageants, three marriages, and womanizing.
        He LOVES women, as long as they are young and beautiful, lol.