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Why Those Unbound Cruz Delegates May Go Trump

This is from a piece last night I wrote for LifeZette.

Sen. Ted Cruz and his backers seem confident they can corral the support of enough delegates to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination of the first ballot. Scores of the first-ballot “unbound” delegates, Cruz and many in the media think, actually have been bound to the Texas senator.

But unless by “bound” they mean physically tied up with a pistol to their heads, Cruz’s confidence may be perilously misplaced. Because Cruz has two problems: Donald Trump — and Ted Cruz . . .

Between the final primaries on June 7 and the Republican nomination on July 18, Trump will have nearly six long weeks to deploy his most fearsome weapon: personal persuasion.

And Cruz can’t match Trump when it comes to cajoling. You can read the entire piece here.

29 thoughts on “Why Those Unbound Cruz Delegates May Go Trump”

  1. As little as I like it or want to admit it, Trump is looking like the guy. Cruz looks less likely, and less compelling, every day. Kasich just needs to go home.

    So that leaves us with what happens with Hillary and the FBI. Obama can stop her indictment, and likely will. But can he stop the FBI from at least presenting a summary of its case in public? And what effect does that have on her mindless supporters?

    This is the strangest and least satisfactory race ever.

    1. I still see a Biden/Warren savior ticket. At this point they have to let it play out. Hillary gets the delegates and is going into convention for nomination. Then the hammer drops.
      Obama off the hook because he didn’t interfere and the fact she’s going to spend here golden years fending off a prison term rather than measuring drapes for the Oval will rest solely on her and her arrogance.

      1. I agree about Biden and Warren being on the bench and ready to jump in the game if that Clinton woman drops out/gets indicted/ or otherwise gets put in the slammer for high crimes against the state. The B and W team have both been relatively quiet during this political season, an unusual characteristic for both of them since they both have a loud, off the mark and obnoxious opinion about everything and are not shy about blaring it out in front of every available microphone. Must be killing them to have to keep their big mouth shut, but that’s the price they are willing to pay for the good of their future parasitic political lives, one supposes.

        1. The only face saver for Hillary would be ill health. And if the Party forces B/W that might turn out to be true even more so than today. For her, that would be a staggering blow — worse than Bill’s betrayals.

          I’ve given up on the FBI and DOJ. Hillary walks with barely a scratch.

        1. I could tell you I’m totally surprised by your disconnect from reality, but I’d be lying and you’d be gullible enough to believe it…

          1. Agree with Geoff, Correy–if threatening to kill terrorist tots does not disturb people, his blatant scam of a “university” will be just another “oh, you know Trump.”

  2. The question is will the Cruz delegates have the grit to stand alone at the convention when the majority are voting for MrTrump.
    SenCruz’s primary argument or persuasion is that MrTrump is a flawed candidate and the delegate(s) should do everything they can to deny him what he has earned, fair and square, in primary states, .
    It’s a hard sell for most Americans who share a value of fair play.
    It’s will also be hard for most delegates to void the wishes and votes of fellow Repubs.

    MrTrump is right – he is the presumptive candidate, so SenCruz and the Pancake Eater should drop out graciously – the public does not want them to be POTUS.

    1. I was a bit surprised to see Cruz as poorly as he did. Not that he has a prayer of winning the nomination, but he’s crashing faster than I thought he would. The strange and clownish Kasich beat Cruz in every state except Pennsylvania. That’s just pathetic.

      1. Good point.
        SenCruz seemed to go off the rails and into the weeds when he decided to attack MrTrump rather than present HIS own agenda and ideas. A ‘don’t vote for him because ___’ isn’t a good strategy for a candidate.

        1. Agree completely. It’s a better tactic to go “vote for me because I want to do this and that”, not because “I’m so much cooler than the other idiot candidate.”

          I was just on the phone with one of my sons who is finishing up his MBA with an emphasis on Strategy, and we were talking about the Trump campaign’s tactics and strategy. His take is that Trump has found a niche in the campaign–the “we are sick of these politicians screwing with us” niche, and is exploiting it for all he’s worth. Seems to be working for Trump.

          This is the most fun political campaign in a very long time.

  3. I’m seeing a lot in my Twitter feed that Cruz plans to announce Carly will be his veep! I mean, call me crazy, but how do you even entertain the idea of selecting a VP when you haven’t a chance in he** of getting the nomination? I’m surprised (and disappointed) that Carly would fall for such a media ploy.

  4. The Cruz/Kasich collaboration is going to hurt both of them.
    The ‘ground game’ both of them has employed should say, wait a minute, we worked for you and now you want us to vote for him ???

    Wouldn’t you think that this is what the voters are trying to get away from ?
    Backroom deals ?

  5. Delegates in binders! This is such nonsense–he will get the 1237–the papers will sell fewer copies, the shows will get fewer viewers, the world will crumble…Well, maybe the last part…

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