As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump Foreign Policy Speech – Noon ET

Trump discusses the “specifics” of his foreign policy approach, other than smacking China. Trump reads from a teleprompter! Very presidential. We’ll see. He’ll be speaking from Washington at noon Eastern.

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  1. This policy speech better be a humdinger as his opponents and the Dem politicos will be parsing every phrase, looking for mistakes, something to ridicule or attack as dangerous.

          • I checked a few people and I heard he mispronounced words and snuffled and sniffed…even slurred, someone said. He sounded sick on MoJoe this AM…who knows. Will catch it later…I also heard a lot of it didn’t hang together but I can judge for myself.

          • What I posted at the …um..Wash Post…
            The most glaring thing to me (despite the snorting and snuffling and prissy hand gestures) ) was his total lack of comprehension of WHY we pay to keep troops in certain countries long-term at our own expense–to maintain some say and control (power of the purse), gather intelligence (yes even on allies), and to fulfill our role as superpower with a presence in every situation and area. This is in our best interests and worth the money–this IS America First.

  2. Can hardly wait for this one! Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?
    I am confused.
    Trump’s family has always maintained that Donald is the same person at home that we see on the telly.
    His new manager says Donald’s on stage persona is an ‘act’.
    So who is the real Donald Trump?
    Are we to believe the new speech writer and the teleprompter or our lyin’ eyes over the past 9 months?

    Trump is winning big-time b/c the other 16 candidates were soooo awful! Hillary is the worst thing that ever happened to the DEMS and could barely edge out the old hippie Socialist.

    Time to stock up on the popcorn!

    It’s all too surreal!

    • Indeed!

      I would call this speech a JFK moment!

      Great speech and I believe one that will hear quoted in the future!

      Make America great again!

    • I watched it and my take on it was that he was a bit uncomfortable with the teleprompter.
      He got his points across though.

      He was successful in damning the failed attempts by the past administration’s failed policies in the mid-east and the Asian influx on world peace, namely NK.

      His directions are noble, let’s see how he would deal with congress if he is elected.

  3. Well…he certainly is better than Lil’ Barry on the ‘prompter! After 8 years, Barry still looks like he is at a tennis match. Talk about slow learners!

  4. I watched 90% of the speech. I thought it was great. I only wish there would have been a live camera, showing O and Hilla’s faces as they watched.