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Live Stream || “Major” Cruz Announcement – 4:00 pm ET

Sen. Ted Cruz this morning said he will make a “major announcement” at 4 pm this afternoon. There is rampant speculation that it will be a vice presidential pick, and that it will be Carly Fiorina. But he wouldn’t say.

“If we were making an announcement at 4 p.m., then it wouldn’t make sense to announce it at 10 a.m.,” he said. Okay, makes sense.

UPDATE: Cruz will indeed announce he is choosing Fiorina.

32 Responses to Live Stream || “Major” Cruz Announcement – 4:00 pm ET

  1. As my state of Indiana is up next in the primary election, I was hoping the Cruz announcement was that he’s giving up. Listening to Fiorina is almost as bad as listening to Hillary.

      • This is my 8th presidential primary vote. It will be the 1st contested vote in my life. Usually all said and done by the time it gets to us. Ppl I know see Cruz as liar and manipulator. Funny how the powers that be couldn’t stand Cruz, until he’s their last great hope. Makes me wonder what kind of a deal he cut to have the party on his side. As far as Kasich goes, hearing him say he’s the only 1 that can win, that gets old quick. Especially when he’s only won his home state.

  2. Africa – black failure Because they are dumb

    USA – Black failure – Because Majic Knee grow did it on purpose. He did it because he hates whites.

    Build the wall

    USA first

    if you want to live better – Vote for Trump

      • But Obama is a Racist… I was born in mid 1970s, grew up in 1980s, served in USN 1990s, kinda went to college in early 2000s… And I never heard or cared about “racism” until “Barack Hussein Obama” became “president”…

        • You’re just a kid Spook.
          I was born in ’51.
          I was discharged from the Air Force in ’73.

          I have had many friends over the years of every color and race.

          I live by the Golden Rule.

  3. Hmm, maybe going to pick his running mate for the general election is kind of wishful thinking on his part. Why not go full bore – name his Cabinet, Sec of State, etc, maybe a preview of his first State of the Union speech, too.

  4. Ted and Carly? They deserve each other. They won’t even make it to Kalifornia where she is so despised.
    The Hoosier basketball ‘ring’ gaffe should be the end of the line for Teddy boy. What a dork!