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Cruz to Pick Carly Fiorina for Vice President

Sen. Ted Cruz will announce this afternoon that he is choosing Carly Fiorina and his vice presidential nominee.

The pick has several clear purposes. It will help Cruz appeal to Republican moderates. It will help Cruz steal the women’s vote from Trump, who has struggled at times with female voters. And Cruz hopes it will help him in California, where Fiorina is from and which holds its primary June 7. I will live stream Cruz’s announcement below.

25 Responses to Cruz to Pick Carly Fiorina for Vice President

  1. Cruz and Fiorina, oh dear, what an awful couple.
    By the way, I liked Trumps speech, many good points there, addressing Russia ” find common grounds on mutual interests”, addressing Middle East ” war and aggression not my first instinct”. Looks like Trump has found some good advisors. He already has good instincts.He was, in an interview, very critical of Angela Merkel, whom he thinks has destroyed Germany for years to come with her crazy immigration-politics. I agree.

    • Cruz and Fiorina. Sounds like a vaudeville act featuring a couple dancing the tango at the Grange Hall in Wytopitlock, Maine at the end of the 1920’s– just before talkies were introduced in movie halls.

  2. Of all the women out there, Carly is the one woman that I find less tolerable than Hillary. Her sour puss and dour personality always sends me into a frantic search for the remote control.
    Good luck in Kalifornia!

  3. Gotta disagree on this one Mr. Koffler.
    I don’t think Republican women will be more likely to vote for Cruz because he decided to play the pander card and as for California she was blown away by Boxer in 2010 and hasn’t gotten any more popular since.
    I really think this will be seen as a crass move by an “anything but” “outsider” politician whose desperation is so great he’ll knee jerk an Veep announcement hoping the public is too stupid to see the shallowness of it.
    There IS however one thing that might make it all work and that is Trump himself. I’m having visions of another stupid comment against Carly that will turn what would have been a “Cruz has gone delusionsal” to a very damaging “see, we told you Donald was unstable” meme right before the primary that could seal it for Trump and put Cruz away for good.

  4. while Ms. Fiorina is a horrid choice. After Dawnie Frumples’ SNL speech this morning, it was a good idea to name a running mate…

  5. What a dumb, desperate decision.
    The selection of a VP has to be more than something to garner some air time on TV, and it is usually a bargaining issue to seal the deal at a convention.
    MsCarly was a zero as a candidate and she didn’t add any numbers since she dropped out.
    What in the world is SenCruz thinking?
    Idiot move.

  6. Instead of the media talking about Trump’s speech today they have been talking about Cruz and Fiorina-so Cruz managed to steal some of the limelight away from Trump.

    I think Cruz looks really mean when he talks and the same for Fiorina. They both are kind of scary to me.

  7. It looks like they kidnapped a 5th grade class to stand on the bleachers behind SenCruz.
    Not a single vote in the whole group for anyone, so the point is….?

    How nice – a crowd of supporters in their chairs awaiting the candidates – at least a couple thousand, no, a couple hundred- eh no, it looks like two dozen. wow.

  8. She actually lives in Virginia now.
    And she a real loser! Her time at HP was a total disaster. This choice just about finishes Cruz. What a joke!