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ZoNation Video || Harriet Tubman, Republican

I like Zo’s commentary here. He wants to know why any Republican would be unhappy erasing Andrew Jackson, founder of the Democratic Party, from the $20 bill and replacing him with Harriet Tubman, “a gun-carrying, God-fearing Christian woman” who embodies the principle of freedom, on which the Republican Party was founded and still rests today.

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  1. I’m not a Repub, but I don’t like the change either.
    Why change it at all, why her, and why now – we know the answer- our first historic Af-Am POTUS.

    • Agreed. All part of the political correctness culture. Honor Tubman by putting her on a commemorative postage stamp, like other exceptional Americans. Jackson should be replaced with a Founder, like John Hays, one of the authors of the Federalist Papers – if a replacement is considered to be important.

  2. Democrat or Republican is not the issue. Exceptional Americans not president or Founder should not be on paper currency, instead a commemorative postage stamp. It is the only time I have disagree with Zo – and you. :)

  3. While I certainly respect the cost issue, I just cannot agree with Jackson staying on the bill. I’ve done a lot of research on his history over the years and as an American I am ashamed at this point knowing what I know now that he ever even made it on the bill in the first place.
    I took it head on in last Sunday’s Globe column. Here’s the last few paragraphs:
    For from this year forward, future travelers through the date of April 20th will note that alongside the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 and Billie Holiday recording her civil rights song “Strange Fruit” in 1939, will be the announcement by Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew that anti-slavery activist, Union spy and true American hero Harriet Tubman would be replacing Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar U.S. banknote.

    To many Jackson is “Old Hickory”, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans. To others he was an opportunistic, slave holding politician. To American history he is our 7th President and the founder of the modern day Democrat Party. But to me, above all else he is the man behind the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and ultimately the Trail of Tears that treated Native Americans no differently than Nazis marching Jews into the gas chambers. The thousands of men, women and children that died under Jackson and his approved successor Martin Van Buren are forever reminders of the worst of the worst of human behavior.

    Whatever else Jackson might have done can never erase the stain of the slaughter that he oversaw.

    And while some are calling the Tubman decision just more political correctness run amok I cannot agree. Sometimes things just happen because they are the correct thing to do. This is one of those times.
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    Read up on the Indian Removal Act, the Trail of Tears and you find a President of the United States as evil to fellow human beings as Hitler was to the Jews. I love this country, I love my history, but it must be dealt with honestly and openly and when the myth doesn’t match the truth, that MUST be told.