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Trump is Right: Kasich is a Disgusting Eater

Well, so much for all the “act presidential” stuff. Donald Trump was back to being Donald Trump Monday, describing Gov. John Kasich’s eating habits as something awful to look at.

In fact, according to Politico, Trump is chafing under his new team’s direction to be more dignified, a stance which has never, as far as anyone has ever seen, suited him. And his new de facto campaign manager, lobbyist Paul Manafort, is all the worse for it.

From the Politico piece:

Donald Trump is bristling at efforts to implement a more conventional presidential campaign strategy, and has expressed misgivings about the political guru behind them, Paul Manafort, for overstepping his bounds, multiple sources close to the campaign tell POLITICO.

Trump became upset late last week when he learned from media reports that Manafort privately told Republican leaders that the billionaire reality TV star was “projecting an image” for voters and would begin toning down his rhetoric, according to the sources. They said that Trump also expressed concern about Manafort bringing several former lobbying colleagues into the campaign, as first reported by POLITICO.

Now Trump is taking steps to return some authority to Manafort’s chief internal rival, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski . . .

Campaign insiders say it has become increasingly clear that Trump, for all his boasts about his ability to become more “presidential,” is simply unwilling or perhaps unable to follow through, and resents efforts to transform him . . .

Trump expressed concern after learning about Manafort’s moves to bolster the campaign by bringing on associates from his lobbying days, as well as his pitch to leery Republican Party leaders.

At the risk of sounding unpresidential myself, Kasich is indeed a disgusting eater. Just look this, if you can bear it. Note how he wraps his mouth around about half the pizza at one point. View him, near the end, very subtly lob some stray pizza onto his fork with his index finger instead of his knife.

But the really offensive thing here is how he eats his pizza with a fork in the first place. As a New Yorker myself, I can tell you that this is absolutely unacceptable, and indeed, disgusting. I don’t know how they eat pizza in Ohio, but a New Yorker would not be caught dead daintily slicing up pizza with a fork and knife. They might be caught dead after doing so.

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    • He sure would get mine…at least I could vote. Now, no. And isn’t this table manners things typically penny ante? I can hardly crawl to the remote anymore this is all so dumb.

      • Kashite is a dem clear and simple. If you like him you are dem as well.

        We are tired of 8 years of dems and the GOP pretending not to be dems.

        They have screwed the middle class.

        What a sham it has been

          • here is your real guy

            See this 2014 video of Kasich meeting with the Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial board, in which Kasich is upset by people asking him about an amendment to the budget bill he signed preventing rape-crisis counselors from talking to patients about abortion. Kasich doesn’t just refuse to answer a question from Democratic then-challenger FitzGerald, he refuses to even acknowledge the man is talking. When a guy from the Dealer prompts him to answer FitzGerald, Kasich’s response: “Oh, did you have a question?” And it goes on like that for a bit.

            Then there’s the time Kasich repeatedly told a crowd how a cop who pulled him over for a traffic violation was an “idiot.” The time he snapped at a woman over his Medicaid policies at a conference full of GOP donors. (“I don’t know about you, lady, but when I get to the Pearly Gates, I’m going to have an answer for what I’ve done for the poor.”) The time he told a group of lobbyists, “If you’re not on the bus, we’ll run over you with the bus”… the 2012 state of the state address wherein he impersonated a person with Parkinson’s disease… the time during his 2010 campaign when he mocked then-govenor Ted Strictland for having grown up poor.

            When the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature refused to back Medicaid expansion in 2013, an angry Kasich went around them by appealing to the state’s Controlling Board.

            I am right and where are your facts?

          • Some anecdotes…but thanks for at least having something to post…I take back my snark about research…Of course, anyone in public life has these moments, but you did find them.

        • Some good news for a change!

          The dummies that brought us Obummer are staying home this time!!!!YEA!

          The data also show that the about 4.5 million fewer people have voted in the Democratic presidential contest this year versus 2008.

  1. Table manners….we have devolved into a discussion on…table manners….

    But this is our populace, would rather hear about sloppy munching that resolving the national debt.

    oiy vey, pass the schmaltz…


  2. Wha?
    Since I never, it’s hard to imagine what it is about a NewYork pizza that allows the eater to use a fork and knife. Is it a floppy crust pizza, does it have too much gloopy stuff on it to pick it up safely, or is it too big a slice to hold in one’s hand?

    Moving on – a candidate for the POTUS position that holds pressers inside diners or other eateries isn’t drawing any crowds or followers. His explanation of the pact with SenCruz isn’t based on what we’ve been told.
    Then, to add on to his arrogance, he indicates by his snotty attitude that any question of his campaign or his agenda is insulting to him.

  3. Kasich and Mooch should have a pizza-eating face-off. She just declared that pizza is her ‘very, very favorite – hands down’.

    Speaking of ‘face-offs’, read an article entitled: “Kasich has the world’s most punchable face”.
    He really does look battle-scarred. Must be all that anger he has harbored for years.

    • Anger or frustration–when you actually know a thing or two and have done a thing or two and are sidelined by dumb remarks about your table manners or rugged face, it must be galling…I can relate…But he should stop snapping at people, no matter how much he wants to–because HE cannot be authentic, say what he thinks, be a breath of fresh air–nope, not him. Just the other one.

      • Sorry but your reply does not even make sense.

        I know your upset because your believes are being over thrown by 70 percent of the country.

        America first!

        • Uh–at best 60% of the Rep party…which is the minority party in the country. My beliefs cannot be overthrown–I stand by them–others may have different ones. I am upset because people are so desperate to believe everything is falling apart that they will buy into someone who parrots back what the “shows” say…who mistake being wickedly delighted at someone saying “naughty” things that they mistake that for policies and thoughtfulness. People who think making money equals intelligence (think of all the people with a disconnect there, cough Geo Clooney, Katy Perry). But this is a so-called democracy–my dreams of replacing Obama with someone better are going to be dashed…I have to cowboy up.

          • John Kasich’s travels in New York brought him yesterday to a Jewish bookstore, where he met students of the Talmud. Having thus met people who spend their entire day scrutinizing religious texts, Kasich’s reaction was to ask them if they were aware of facts about those texts that they probably knew as very small children. “They sold [Joseph] into slavery, and that’s how the Jews got to Egypt. Right? Did you know that?” For those who never attended Sunday school, this is a bit like visiting MIT, wandering into a physics lab, and asking people if they ever heard of this guy named Isaac Newton.

          • OMG he should be shot for that–no other candidates ever talk about things they know little about–how could he? Scandal! (Actually he also said more lame things–something about Jesus’s blood.)

            And let me add this–you think you are grievously insulting me saying I may be a a
            Dem. I may be! I sure am not for anything Trump stands for and if that is a Rep now, then I may not be a Rep anymore. But I also don’t like many of the current Dem tenets…so basically I have no party…

          • Star…I’m not a Trump fan girl but I am also not desperate. I never have ever lived my life according to who was President of this great country.This election is to me about bye bye barry.

  4. Kasich also talks with his mouth full, he brings his head down to the table instead of bringing the food up to his face and he just always looks sloppy to me even when he’s on the campaign trail speaking.

    I know what I said sounds picky and immature but it’s the truth.

    • If he wants to eat like that in private, no problem, but when the cameras are rolling, it shows just how much he cares about his image.

      You’re right Carol, he has a reputation of being an “in your face” politician.

  5. Let the man eat in peace, however he wants. He’s not going anywhere.
    The real news is that, rather than growing up, the 13-year-old tween girl Dawnie Frumples is devolving into a 10-year-old worthless bratty waste of oxygen.

  6. Actually, I recall a brief news clip during the 2008 campaign in which Sarah Palin met up with Donald Trump – in NYC itself, if memory serves. Mr Trump was eating pizza with a fork and knife, with impeccable table manners. The scene stuck in my memory because of how civilized it was, and it reflected well on the man himself: calm, controlled, and comfortable.

  7. I must be also be uncouth, because I eat pizza with a knife and fork sometimes. I’ve blistered the roof of my mouth too often, plus I rarely bite into anything with my front teeth. After having them bonded, I’m very careful when I eat.

    • The ever-popular pizza mouth…The reason New Yorkers often fold a little, balance the gooey stuff, is because they eat walking, no forks to be had. As for protecting your teeth, I once interviewed a dentist for a story and he was adamant–never use your teeth for tools, to open packages, etc…He was so upset over it, I never have again.

  8. With the growing numbers of illegal aliens arriving here everyday, and the Obama administration ignoring our immigration laws to stop the inflow, it stands to reason that Islamic Terrorists are going to simply cross over, ready to cause even more death and destruction. There will be no skirting the truth the next time, as Obama and his failure to carry out enforcement will be held accountable. Then even further Obama is allowing our nation to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees, which have likely been assimilated by unknown numbers of Terrorists. With a very limited intelligence we have little knowledge of whether they are a real refugee or small cells of ISIS ready to take advantage open border policy, as that what is happening now. This President has given orders, to allow anybody who reaches America not to be held by the US Border Agents. For at least a year, immigration agents must release them, if they have no criminal record on file and no need to see an immigration judge.

    Only Politician I see as being sincere and not offering a bunch of lies is Donald Trump. The rest mainly Hillary Clinton who has pledged to carry on Obamas agenda, and then Cruz and Kasick who will follow the demands of their lobbyists and special interests, who have paid for their campaigns.

    Under Trumps authority the wall will be raised to stop the free flowing drugs, which are killing without any preference to gender, age, and a larger contingency of US Border Patrol officers. Plus more internal agents of ICE to use digital tracking systems to not ONLY locate the millions of illegal aliens, but whoever comes through the open turnstile of the Obama and his minions, who find no sanctity in our sovereignty.

    From the correspondence of James Carafano at the The Daily Signal

    According to press reports, a man arrested as part of an Islamic State (ISIS) group in Minnesota claimed he wanted to setup a pipeline to funnel terrorists into the U.S. through Mexico. The story rekindles concerns over the security of our southern border.

    It should come as no surprise that there are reports of terrorists trying to cross from Mexico to the U.S.—it’s been tried before. In 2011, Iranian agents tried to recruit a Mexican cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States with a car bomb while he dined at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

    The assault on our border is overwhelming—and it’s not just about jumping over walls. U.S. officials just discovered a massive 800-foot tunnel under the border—complete with elevator. This means that bad actors are increasingly flying over the border, and they’ve used undersea craft, as well as speedboats, to smuggle people into the U.S.

    Further, the Obama administration has a dismal record in securing our southern border, exacerbated by self-defeating immigration policies that ignore the law and encourage waves of human smuggling across the border.

    The U.S. is lacking effective, and persistent, border security with responsible enforcement of immigration laws.
    Serious efforts to stop terrorist’s demands vigilance at the border, but this is not happening.

    It’s also important to note that many of the terrorist plots we see aimed at Americans come from—America. There have been 10 successful terror plots within the U.S. since 9/11 that was led by Americans. Of the failed plots, 63 out of 74 involved homegrown terrorists.

    This doesn’t mean we get to ignore the threat from abroad and our borders and ports of entry, but rather those we can’t solely focus on our southern border problems.
    When it comes to stopping terrorists from overseas, there are lots of places to stop them. This means our goal should be to stop them long before they get near our borders. There are lots of ways President Barack Obama could be doing more to shut down the pipeline of foreign fighters.
    Critically, Obama ought to be doing more to stop the heartbeat of the Islamist insurgency—which comes from ISIS’ control of vast territories in Iraq.

    If Donald Trump loses by the rigged system instead of the popular vote, I cannot see myself and a whole bunch of friends even worth bothering to vote. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton with her murky past or a husband who cannot keep his hands of the ladies, nor the heavily wealthy benefactors to Cruz or Kasick, everything will just remain the same. The profiteers will buy their votes and the American people will be no better off, from either party as it stands.