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Michelle Obama Took a Day Trip to London to Dine with Royals

First Lady Michelle Obama traveled on her own to the United Kingdom to have lunch on April 22 with Queen Elizabeth and dinner the same day with Prince William and Duchess Kate, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for her to travel separately from President Obama.

The president visited Saudi Arabia before coming to London the evening of April 21. After dining with Mrs. Obama in two separate palaces April 22, he stayed on in the United Kingdom for a day without her before traveling on to Germany alone. It doesn’t appear that the first lady did much of anything else other than eat with royalty while in the United Kingdom.

Government records obtained last year by Judicial Watch pegged Mrs. Obama’s flight travel to Europe at $11,684 per hour. Assuming similar costs this year, the approximately 15-hour roundtrip cost to taxpayers for the flight alone comes to about $175,000. This, of course, does not include other outlays for staff and security.

It is not clear exactly when the first lady arrived in London, though she was in Washington April 20 and could not have set foot in the United Kingdom before April 21.

On April 22, Mrs. Obama skipped a meet-and-greet the president held with U.S. embassy staff in London but was ready to go when it was time to chopper over to Windsor Castle for lunch with the queen and Prince Philip. She arrived in a $6,000 Oscar De La Renta dress.

Mrs. Obama did not accompany her husband to 10 Downing Street for his mid-afternoon meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Instead, she freshened up for the dinner that evening at Kensington Palace with William and Kate.

Sunday, she returned to the United States and headed to Jackson, Mississippi, where she delivered the commencement address at Jackson State University. The president Sunday took in a short morning performance at Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London and then went golfing with Cameron.

“We’re going to go to Windsor Castle and we’re going to have lunch with the Queen,” Mrs. Obama told children visiting the White House April 20. “Pretty cool.”


42 Responses to Michelle Obama Took a Day Trip to London to Dine with Royals

  1. The disrespect that Michelle Obama has for America and the American people must be appalling to this 90 years old woman who even signed up and drove a truck for her country’s war effort.

    If the situation were reversed Mooch would be living the good life from the safety of a gilded bunker — . And depending on who is attacking us it is unclear exactly what side she would be on.

  2. Was this the reason for her claim that travel is “tiring”?
    How incredibly stupid, even for one as stupid as MrsO; fly to GB for lunch and dinner, fly back to DC, fly to MS for a speech, then fly back to DC.
    There is the sneaking suspicion that the Royals would not have felt insulted if she didn’t attend the dinners.
    Civilian life is going to be very hard for the Obamas. 8 years of pampered, luxurious living is just about over and the realities of a hum-drum, now what? daily life will sit hard with them.
    Good riddance, Imo.

  3. So we spent maybe $300k all in to send her over there for no particular reason, and as a bonus he gave multiple derogatory speeches regarding British withdrawal from the EU that did uncountable damage to the relationship between the two countries. Man, we got more than we bargained for with this pair!

  4. All that money for a 45 minute lunch with the Queen? I think it was in the Daily Mail that one of Obama’s staff nearly fainted with excitement over meeting the Queen. The poor Queen, what she must endure…

    • That fainting staff member was The Valjar!
      And Michelle was drunk. Yes, I would bet on it.
      The only thing tiring about her travel is the hangovers.

  5. Can’t wait til the stroke of midnight on Jan. 20, 2017 when her gilded carriage turns into a pumpkin powered by a team of mice (rats). Hope they drop her off in the ghetto from whence she came.

    • I pray everyday there is a special place in Almighty Hell for these Obama grifters…

      (and anyone who has served & respected their awful regime from 2008-2016 AD)

      • Sadly, they’ll just keep going with no consequences. I felt similar feelings about the Clintons when they left the White House, and they never went away…and now they’re on the verge of coming full circle back to the people’s house.

    • At noon…it is over…1-20-17….Then the next president can insult Mr. O while he sits there at the event…. as Mr. Bush had to do

  6. Cannot begin to express how much this disgusts me…total disregard for those half of us who pay taxes for this VANITY trip. An excuse to buy new wardrobe, to be photographed again…knowing she will ever be invited to dine with Royalty again. Beverly Hillbillies mentality demonstrated, again.

  7. To all you people that voted for Obama, especially black people: this is what we got. Do you think they care about you and your every day struggles? Do you think they are concerned about what is happening in the streets of the black communities? Only if it helps their agenda. What is their agenda? This. This is their agenda. To further themselves. They could care less about you or me.

  8. Is there no General at the Air Force with a Backbone to Say Sorry Mrs. Obama you can’t take a Separate Plane. Or what about The House. They always Say We Control the Purse Strings. They Control Nothing. This is why most Trump Supporters are opening their windows and Shouting “We are Mad as Hell and Are Not Going to Take it Anymore” just as Howard Beale asked them to do. (Network 1976). Unfortunately it took 40 Years for Americans to Wake Up and Shout!