As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump’s TrumpChopper Grand Entrance

Here is Donald Trump descending from the sky and onto the stage at a rally Sunday in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Well, the man does know how to put on a show. And, it follows, how to stage an entrance.

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  1. Did you see the hatchet piece in the sunday NYT about Trump’s planes and copters? They actually tried to denigrate him by saying he had old, run down transportation…. geez, has it come to this?

    And I think it was FRONT PAGE…..arghhhh


      • Yep, except for one difference: Obama doesn’t own his helicopter, he’s just borrowing it from the American people, like he’s borrowing his current house, his current butlers, his current food, his current light bulbs, his current toilet paper. Trump actually owns his helicopter, bought and paid for with his own money.

        • Is it me or is the word “presidential” past its expiration date? We never thought President Selfie Stick Me Me Me was “presidential.” What does that mean–serious, thoughtful, quietly competent, respected? Those days are gone. Grownup…gravitas–those were tried for a while but are also passe.

          • For openers, the next potus should sign a pledge to stay out of public venues at all times. No more restaurant-hopping, public vacays, NYC theatres, sports games, etc., etc.

            The Obama freeloaders have denigrated the presidency beyond all words.

        • And Obama wanted to land more than 3 helicopters at the Queen’s. But she expressly forbid more than three, and the WH objected and pushed also I understand. Seems last time Obama’s air entourage — with as much flash and pomp and circumstance as possible in any human being — destroyed a 300 year old garden.

          The Left and Obama in particular has no respect for history. I have no problems with Trump and his helicopter. Nothing can beat the gaudiness that is Barack and Mooch Obama.

    • Yes, he is. You name of Mambo Jumbo says it all . After Obama anyone would look more Presidential. Even a rock.

      How about Cruz Katchit conspiring to fix the next 3 state elections. Now that is Hitlery kind of President.

      Crooked Hitlery and lyn’ Ted……wow!

  2. Wow.
    At this point, MrTrump is the ultimate celebrity – not just in the US, but around the world. No one else, no entertainer of any venue, or no political figure anywhere in the world has garnered daily, and sometimes hourly, publicity such as he enjoys.
    If he plans to speak in Podunk, Anystate, thousands of people line up for hours for the chance to be there, to listen to him, and just to see him.
    World leaders have expressed concerns about him, political leaders here in the US have one topic, MrTlump, and the MSM, in every medium, finds him, his family or his platform fascinating.
    What a guy – a self-made billionaire, a drop-dead gorgeous wife, a beautiful and successful group of children, and most surprising – the support and admiration of his ex-wives.
    Entertainer, maybe – smarter than the average politico – you bet.

  3. The contrast between Trump and Obama couldn’t be more stark. A billionaire v. the affirmative action/entitlement King/Emperor.

    After 8 yrs. of watching the two ghetto grifters treat themselves like visiting royalty on our dime, how refreshing it would be to have someone who would not be addicted to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Trump IS rich and famous.

    The ideal President would be a self-made Billionaire who knows the value of a dollar…and spends it frugally. But J.P. Getty has been dead for decades. Oh well…

    • Oh yea! Agree, the Knee Grows in the white house acts like they won the lotto.

      Which is exactly what happened.

      Thanks to Valery Jarrett and her uncle Vernon Jordan.

  4. One more thing. I don’t know about others, but I am sick of hearing Presidential candidates pounding their chests about their parents being immigrants who came here with $100 bucks sewn into their pants.. and fathers who carried mail on their backs!

    Is this the new priority for the highest office in the land? Poverty stricken parents from third world countries who spoke no English when they emigrated to the Promised Land?

    How ironic that Obama started his race to the top with a book called Dreams From My Father! Well, we know how that turned out. A living Nightmare! We should also be more aware of who is elected to the U.S Congress. It seems to be a breeding ground for sons of immigrants now. Julien Castro comes to mind. Caveat emptor!

    • Speaking anecdotally my mailman is my favorite person in my day–mail on his back and all. I don’t mind a story–Abe Lincoln got a long way on his…but I don’t consider it a qualification because none of these people ARE poor, really do have any empathy or understanding, etc. So these stories are mildly interesting but amount to nada.

  5. I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.

    ~Abraham Lincoln

    • This reminded me of a little show I saw on my new favorite channel Viceland about the last days before graduation in a rough-and-tumble school in Gary, Indiana. The youngsters featured, all black, were kind of broken up over leaving school and for many the last formal edu setting. They joked around, but you could tell. The BMOC guy, band leader, class president was considering going in the marines, but could not decide–he also liked car mechanics. He had a job at Subway he took pretty seriously, though he smoked weed on the way over–but he also pressed his uniform everyday and showed up even on the last day of school. The white kid who runs this series, which is called B. Deep–B for balls–said if you are in the service, you could go to war, be killed. The young man said well, this is the greatest country that ever was, it would be worth it. He did not seem to be ironical…he was completely serious. Here he was in this dying town, houses boarded up, his friends about to disperse, and he was trying to plan his future. These kids are entitled to a future.

      • Courage, Patriotism, Honor.
        Yes, he or she could be killed.
        Bravery in the face of what might happen is what sets us apart.

        The ones that serve wrote a blank check to the Country they are willing to fight and die for.

        An all volunteer fighting force is the best we can give.

        It should be cherished.
        Warriors all.

        • x2 They showed this kid talking to his third marine recruiter–he said this one “got” him and indeed he was not giving a hard sell–just said sometimes if you wait too long, the choice passes you by…the young man took that in…When the recruiter got up to leave–the kid said, thanks, bro…then amended that to “thanks, sir…”

      • Wow. I am speechless. I have been to Gary, IN. Had to stop there for fuel enroute from Chicago. It is a hell hole. To think that a young man in that environment believes dying for his country would be worth it, brings tears to my eyes. God bless The USA.

        • I’ve been through Gary, IN. Agree. But the lesson perhaps is that in the worst of environments, there are heroes and courage and strong spirits who can make this a better world. I need to remind myself of that often, these days.

  6. Refugee resettlement has been discussed here in the past. This reporter exposes the organizations behind the grants given to Fargo and other cities,for taking refugees and their welcoming attitude toward immigrants. The organizations are Partnership for A New American Economy and Welcoming America. It’s of little surprise George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and others are mentioned. Also, quite interesting to learn where most of the grant money goes.

  7. Another OT post. Saturday night was a massive 5 alarm fire in our community. It was a huge apartment complex under construction that burned all night long. The next day photos showed the heat was so intense part of the road melted, homes nearby had shattered windows, melted walls, toys and planters in their back yards melted. Cars parked across the street had melted bumpers and a jeep was shown to have a melted top.

    During the horrible fire, surrounded with flames, was a stunning photo taken of our American Flag, flying magnificently throughout all the fire and chaos. I was certain the flag would burn but I was wrong.

    Old Glory stood her ground and the news reports are that she was unharmed. It’s simply amazing she’s still flying. A story teller I am not, however, the message I take from this is one of hope and survival.

    Here’s the side by side photo. (this is a public page, you don’t need a Facebook account to see the photos).