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State Department Tries to Deny “No Boots on the Ground” Pledge

Even for the Obama administration, this one is deeply rich.

State Department spokesman John Kirby Monday said to an astonished Matt Lee of the Associated Press that the administration has not been saying there would be “no boots on the ground” in places like Syria in Iraq.

This after President Obama announced Monday that 250 special operations troops would be hitting the ground in Syria during the next several weeks.

Maybe they will not be wearing boots. Maybe Obama is having them don ballet slippers as part of the restricted rules of engagement.

Lee: For months and months and months, the mantra from the president and everyone else in the administration has been, “No boots on the ground,” and now —

Kirby: No, that is not true.

Lee: What?

Kirby: It’s just not true, Matt.

Lee: It is. It’s true!

Kirby: No it’s not. I just flatly, absolutely disagree with you.

At another point, Kirby claimed, “There was never this, ‘No boots on the ground.’ I don’t know where this keeps coming from.” Well. It keeps coming from here:

27 thoughts on “State Department Tries to Deny “No Boots on the Ground” Pledge”

  1. The willingness of this regime to deny the truth and to outright lie in the face of video evidence to the contrary (easy to find a dozen cuts of Obama saying “No boots on the ground”) is just beyond reason or belief. Not a shred of integrity or conscience, yet perfectly willing to lecture us and the rest of the world like the moral superiors they think they are.

    1. Obama’s legacy will be that he created an Administration with a deep culture of lying and deception. It is just astonishing that this gaggle of Pinocchios haven’t figured out, or don’t care, that they can be fact checked in minutes and be proven to be liars of the first magnitude. They lie even more than LBJ did, and that’s a lot.

  2. The Obama State Department is a joke. Even beyond a joke at this point. They have no credibility.

    But you have to give them credit — you have to look hard to find someone as pathetic as this unprincipled lap dog Kirby. Thank God he no longer wears the uniform.

  3. What a lying media whore. I never did trust this idiot when he was in full uniform, and now that he is over at State covering up for the criminal acts of Hillary Clinton,I think much less of this jerk. But can you believe his denying about the quote by Obama, of ‘NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND’, Oversees? It is no wonder once again, why Trump is so popular..this guy should be fired pronto…just another liar in this administration.

  4. Off topic, from previous thread re: multiple helicopters for visit to Queen (and anywhere else). If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the secret service do this so bad guys don’t know which chopper the president is in, Marine I or II or III?

    Personally I wish he’d taken the tube and used Hillary’s metro-card.

  5. Not denying the fact that “No boots on the ground” was all a lie, now that it is reversed, these Libtards will not put enough men in there to be effective. It will be a token force – ineffective.

    1. Exactly. Obama has no interest in stopping ISIS, as he continually demonstrates. The more mayhem and bloodshed, the better. It’s his best tactic to destroy Western society.

  6. I have it on absolutely no authority whatsoever that the additional “operators” will, in an effort to “level the playing field”, will indeed not BE wearing boots but instead will don combat “sandals” like their counterparts, the courageous, compassionate and righteous IS/ISIS/ISIL fighters!!! May the mercy of Allah be upon you!!!!

  7. Lyin’ Barry is editing all of the enormous blunders of his last 8 years, including the one in the UK about ‘saving the world’ from economic collapse.
    What’s next? There were no ‘red lines’?

  8. I didn’t take to this Kirby even when he was in uniform…This is pretty what is the word–disingenuous–there are already plenty of boots there and they fight too, not just cheer from the sidelines… Will this do anything, be effective? It makes me think there are things we don’t know that even led them to crank in more troops and do it publicly.

  9. So all this does is confirm that the lies and liars in this administration, if that is what it should indeed be called, are at the top, and burrowed deep throughout, in all the cesspools sewers it encompasses.

  10. There are approximately 4000 boots on the ground in Iraq and 300 headed to Syria. Not to mention the boots on the ground in Afghanistan who are sitting ducks. Obama is doing as little as possible to stall until he leaves office. His policy of NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND is a lie and he is putting our great military at risk for little if any success. Obama should be called out an forced to admit he is now and always has been PRO Muslims & ANTI American.

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