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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Obama has returned from Europe. No public schedule.

Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm ET

8 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 26, 2016”

  1. Barry was here to lecture us about the necessity of a unified Europe, that is to keep the EU intact and more powerful and all of us within NATO. Necessary for whom ? Europe is reeling from immigration, terrorism, cultural clashes and economic problems and here he comes and wishes us more of this. He, his handlers and the other Quislings in politics, want Europe to be one easily governed organisation. Does it not sound like some kind of new Soviet Union ? Or ” Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer” ?
    There is a value in nationalism, patriotism and competition among nations. A person like Obama, with roots in countries like Kenya and Indonesia, could never understand that. But maybe Trump can ?

    1. Thanks for these great points swedishlady, and also your nice reminder of the highlights of barry’s little Island home yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t get to enjoy the great outdoors so much like he did because we have to WORK so much..but we sure appreciate it.

      1. Good morning Island Girl, oh, but you are enviable just to live there. And your weekends, I can imagine…. It is a lovely place. I have been there, on Maui, many years ago, in the eighties. I hope it hasn´t changed. Just to see those pine apple fields was so exotic to me, a girl from the north. Pine apples was something in sweet syrup in a tin can in those days….

        1. awww…yes it has changed,especially on beautiful Maui. I will tell you though my best memory here nearby was my hubby’s job on day 2 here was driving his new boss through the pineapples and stopping to grab one and slice delicious sun heated chunks to eat on the once empty beach. ALOHA

    2. Donald Trump is too rude to handle International diplomacy. Hillary Rodham Clinton has fortitude, and she would be a good combination with Angela Merkel for managing world peace and conflict.

  2. Obama has a tendency to pop in on ongoing discussions, pontificate, lecture, scold and then, ding, class dismissed.

    His hubris makes me ill.


  3. It is really ex hosting to blame W. Bush for all of America’s economic woes for the the last 8 years while your overseas. Europeans think this American President is lazy and stupid. And they are right.

    1. But much like the Emperor’s New Clothes, Obama fails to see the obvious and still thinks the Euro folks love him…



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