As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

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  1. Just finished reading the last thread. Michelle must’ve taken the red-eye back to the States, after dinner with the royals, and made it to Mississippi to give a racist/bigoted commencement speech.

    I’m starting to think she invited herself to mooch off the free lunch and dinner with the royals. Or, she should have fired her planner.

    More to the story:

      • Tiring? aww. Travelling by bicycle could be tiring, but sitting inside a luxurious, spacious, well appointed, fully staffed jumbo jet is NOT tiring. OK, maybe the crew is tired of jetting here and there, but MrsO?
        She’s really reaching out to claim a “victim” role here. No one, no law, no regulation demands that she go anywhere, or even live inside the WhiteHouse.
        Ungrateful, miserable, bitchy, arrogant, and ……….

    • Here’s the thing – no really knows if you’re straight or not unless you make it an issue.
      The law is not “anti-” anything, it is a reaffirmation of religious freedom that we have always enjoyed here in the US. The assumption is that Christians are the haters who won’t cater to homosexuals, but we have a large population of Muslims who won’t serve or sell to them, too.
      We’re a big enough country to accommodate all if we just let it be.

    • Yes, her work is never done.
      Flew to London to photo-op with the Royals then back to the states to push her agenda, while puss is lecturing to the Germans.

      It’s just devastating what is expected of her.

    • Just wondering if she has enough gall to ‘land’ in a white neighborhood after her racist rantings for the last 8 yrs.
      We’ll see if the Hollywood crowd really loves her or if they drop her like a hot potato.

    • I think she is gearing up either for political office (probably not — too much work) or a political appointment or some token well paid position where she can talk and talk and talk about Racism in America and Endless Victimhood.

    • Sometimes she appears to be inebriated. Watched the video of their arrival to William and Kates…she looked slightly drunk to me.
      And the British press made a point to mention the “inexpensive” bottle of Smirnoff vodka included on the drinks tray in William and Kates apartment.

  2. Just spent the last two hours trying to fix a technical problem with AMZ and Comcast. My primary CSRs were Trish from China, no solution and barely understandable. She was followed by Rohit, Upasha, and Saiq.

    Nary a Tom, Dick, Harry ….

    I fixed the problem myself. And I muttered to myself in English all the while.

    • Know exactly what you went through. Glad you were able to fix the problem. Like you, we’ve recently cancelled the outrageously priced television “package” offered by our so-called provider (Time Warner). They were charging us $171/month for the barest program package they offered. We had no HBO, etc. So we got fed up with the cost, and dropped everything but the pure internet from them. We then purchased the Roku device (Roku3, for $95). Set it up in minutes, and now we have 3000 “channels” to pick from and over 300,000 movies, documentaries, programs to enjoy. Even one local television station for news. Total cost per month is $50 for the internet (and at that I increased bandwidth from 15 to 20 Mbps). That’s it. I can explain more if you like. Should have done this a couple of years ago.

      Sidenote: on the day I went into the Time Warner office to cancel, there were 8 people in line. All eight (as I heard them) were cancelling their television packages, and going with a streaming device, as I was.

      • Yea. I hope your cable free experience will be as good as mine. I read more and listen more to music in the evening. My mornings are better.

        I also got Netflix and I already had AMZ Prime. There is so much and so much that is quality. I have a watchlist a mile long. And I love that I am in control of it. :)

        I also have friends, who for a one time smallish price, have bought one of the many antennae providing access to local news and more, depending on what you buy and where you are.

        Anyway, enjoy! Unfortunately we are not free of the cable companies when it comes to support…:)

        • As you say, it’s great having our own choices and having so dadgummed MANY choices. I was gobsmacked when I saw all that was available. Small example: last night I watched a documentary produced in 1944 by the Brits, narrated by John Gielgud, which showed up front and close just how the Brits were coping with the ongoing war. Extremely interesting if you like that sort of thing, which I do.
          But like you say, the cable companies still have a little control over us–we have to have access to the internet–although far, far less than before, and that’s a good thing. ;+}

        • Yea, we like the streaming thing a lot. As Grace suggests, you create a sort of “favorites” page (shows up on your TV screen), a home page, if you will, and on that page your just “save” whatever channels or programs you like. If you like movies and documentaries of any possible type, there must be, I dunno, hundreds of “channels” which each offer hundreds if not thousands of movies for you. Some sites you pay for the movie but most are free. Like Grace, we have Netflix for like 9 bucks/month or so and I may add one of those antennas for local TV reception like she did. If I can get Portland from here with that antenna–40 miles away– then I will have (counting all) 5-6 local stations I can news etc from. One fun thing, there are many universities streaming some of their classes (MIT, Rutgers, lots more), so if you like, say, history or astronomy or whatever, you’ll likely be able to find a class.

          Smartest thing I’ve done in a long time. Roku is extremely user friendly to set up and use, so that’s a plus.

          • Ditto everything Marcus said. Plus you save monthly cable bills, and where I am, even basic was high.

            Marcus the doc. sounds good — I have a big list of them as well. Being a historian by training and pretty much with the interests of most of the WHDers there is more than enough to keep me entertained and educated!

          • Aileen, Roku works directly off the internet, city or rural. Just plug your incoming internet cable into the Roku device (about 3’X3″ in size), and then run a connection from the Roku to one of the input slots in your TV (the store techie can show you how. This connecting cable is included in the package. Easy peasy). Roku is also wifi capable, so it will pick up your wifi signal if your prefer to go that way instead of plugging in your incoming internet cable.

            On the antenna, you are limited by how far away the transmission towers of the stations broadcasting are from your house. Just like the old timey TV antenna on your roof was limited by distance. The further away you are from the towers, the less strong the signal reaching your antenna.

      • Interesting, thanks.
        I have a “patio” TV, 19 incher and hooked up to a $19 antenna I bought at Wallyworld.
        Amazing find! I get all the local stations – CBS,NBC,FOX,ABC, PBS, and – ta da – several local movie channels, all the buy it now channels, weather channels and if I care to – Spanish speaking ones.
        The interesting part of this is I found that local channels, say Channel 10 – has a 10.1, 10.2, 10.3- all with different programming.
        My PBS station has 4 offsets – all good.
        After the $19, no charge at all.
        Good for the garage TV, the patio or just an odd TV.

        • I’m thinking of getting one of those antennas, and that will round out the whole deal. BJ’s here and Walmart have them, and they are surprisingly affordable. I need to figure out how the TV can distinguish between the internet programs and the over-the-air programming–where to plug in the antenna, etc.–, but I’m sure it’s easily done. Thanks!

          • Thinking of an antenna also, but first I want a smallish 28″ or so TV with DVD — the combo makes it more expensive (relatively speaking) and there is not much choice.

            Also the way MSM is capturing the news and entertainment there won’t be much for me to watch in the future anyway. And God knows, if HRC is coronated I won’t even look at local. Just seal me away with my streaming watchlist until “it’s over”. :)