As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

36 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || April 23, 2016

  1. OK. A few typos are not a big deal, but the wrong day?
    It’s hard enough for us old fogies to keep up without confusing us.
    Why is SenSanders still in the race – money, loves the attention, what.
    GovKasich is a cranky old man and it shows every time he speaks, or I should say – pontificates on his superior, uh, everything.
    It’s time for MrObama to return to the WhiteHouse and take up full-time golf. The weather’s nice and we don’t care anymore.
    He is embarrassing all of us, angering other nations, and has no awareness of how little he’s regarded as a leader.

    • And the Drudge headline is

      Now the Germans Turn on Obama.

      So, this week he has been criticized by the Saudis, the Brits and now the Germans (but surely not his comrade in arms Merkel). I hope it increases and leaves a big old stain on his Legacy.

  2. I hesrd the crowd is crumbling about Donald Trump and how he spoke about India and Indian workers. And yet nary a peep about McAuliffe’s racist justification of 200,000 free to vote — insinuating that it is a reversal of Jim Crow laws — and criminals, by and large, mostly black. Racist? Yes. Picked up by MSM. Not a chance.

    And oh goody, Governors now governing via edict and EOs. The law,meh.

    I also had an unsolicited phone call from an Insurance Agent authorized to encourage use of ACA. On his end words like “imperative”, “compliant with the law”, “no such thing as Obamacare it is ACA”. My end, “my attorney”. His end, “entrapment” (Really your minion called me and violated at a minimum Do Not Call List policy).

    The whole experience made me realize how deep the Left and tyranny has penetrated the fabric of America. It colored my day in a profound way.

  3. The White House protocol person should be fired unless Michelle intended to insult Queen Elizabeth. The color purple is historically reserved for royalty and what color was Michelle dress that day? Purple. “Take that bust and shove it” Part 2.

          • That’s interesting, thanks. One comedian said she would see Tubman’s expression and channel her saying, “Girl you do not need more Ugg boots.” You know I look for the funny. Anyhow, if they call a twenty a baby brick in tipping circles (a hundred is a brick), will this become known as a Tubby? Would that be racist?