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Obama Playing Golf in England

Just as I suspected. Obama is playing golf this afternoon in England, because he has nothing better to do on a taxpayer-financed official foreign trip. Unfortunately for him, in order to avoid causing an international incident, he had to bring along British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Just imagine, next year he’ll have to pay to play golf overseas himself.

They’re at The Grove, one of England’s most splendid courses. Have a look-see.


Lousy conditions, though. From the pool report:

The pool was permitted to watch as President Obama and his partners completed the third hole on the course. The pool arrived on the scene as the foursome (which also included Marvin Nicholson and Joe Paulsen) made their way onto the green. Obama was wearing a black windbreaker, black pants, black cap and white golf shoes. Prime Minister Cameron donned a navy sweater (or jumper if you prefer) and dark pants.

The current temperature is 52 degrees with a stiff wind blowing.

The two leaders appeared to be having a friendly conversation, but the pool was not within earshot. Cameron missed a long putt and showed little reaction. Obama squatted down to size up his much shorter putt. The president’s putt looked to be on line as it zipped across the green, but it then rolled around the hole and right back out.

A loud “oh!” was the collective response from Obama and Cameron. “Did you see that?” Obama yelled to the pool. “Robbed.” And with that, the pool’s time on the golf course came to a quick end.

Obama will stay overnight in London before heading to Germany Sunday.

30 Responses to Obama Playing Golf in England

      • A golf membership is peanuts to Obama. We have been members of RCC (Riviera) for forty years now, and all of us old timers are scared to death that this guy will settle here and become a permanent fixture.
        If it should happen, there will be a mass exodus! He is despised, almost as much as OJ was before he was kicked out of the club.

    • Of course! Even tho he is a millionaire from his book sales, the wookie and zero never miss a chance for free stuff.

      No class gay Muslim knee grow and his tranny wookie wife, looking for moar!

      He wants to be a talk show host when this inconvenience of being president is over.

      • I was right after all, Obama haters are the biggest racist, bigoted, black-hating klansman scumbags in America today. No wonder Trump is winning, he, like you, is a racist, bigoted, black-hating klansman scumbag, but I already knew that.

        Obama is not against America, he and the dems do what they think their version of politics and GOP does their version.

        If there is any Communist influence on Obama, that influence has not translated into any actions such that, pretty unanimously, leftists have said with much vehemence that Obama is neither a socialist and definitely not in the realm of a communist.

        Honestly, to say that Obama is a Communist shows a misunderstanding of communism. It’s like saying that he’s a Muslim because his father is a Muslim and he spent some time in Indonesia. If you don’t know anything about Islam, you may wrongly conclude that he’s a Muslim. But Obama doesn’t know a single surat from the Qur’an. I do. I’m neither Muslim nor a Communist, but I believe I know more about both than Obama such that I can confidently say that he is neither.

        Here’s a thought, do you have ANYTHING iota of common sense, or knowledge or evidence that prove what he said is wrong? I don’t think so.

        • I’m not in for the racist attacks against him as I despise his white half just as much as his black.
          BUT, if you’re so up on what Obama is and is not, you might want to enlighten the group as to why all the Frank Marshall Davis mentoring, his mother and father’s pasts, his Alinsky devotion, his Ayers ties, the black liberation theology of “G D” America Wright, the rather sick obsession with everything Valerie Jarret makes him anything but an internal enemy working against the Constitution and liberties of every individual in these United States.

        • Oh dear. Amadeua – is that a misspelling of Amadeus, by the way? Please stop drinking the koolaid, it has obviously unbalanced your mind.

  1. Written by a black group for rules for Obummers home town. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. 2016 is going to be a record year in murder in the windy city. So far 1000 have been killed or shot in 2016.

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    10. Enforce and honor the Street Code. Make our streets honorable, respected and true to the game.

  2. I was scrolling through the Daily Mail looking for articles about Michelle and whether she is still in London shopping and so forth. (Where is she, I can’t find anything?!?) Instead I found this article about Google staffers and lobbyists having met over 427 times at the WH. Why is this not surprising?

    • Whenever I can I avoid Google. They are so far up Obama’s you know what….and it is my opinion that they will share anything with the government.