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Video || Obama Arrives at Windsor Castle for Lunch with the Queen

Looks like there was some confusion about who sits where. And it also looks like Prince Philip is driving. Look out!

45 Responses to Video || Obama Arrives at Windsor Castle for Lunch with the Queen

  1. Michelle looked her usual sullen self, slouched, in a perfectly unattractive outfit.

    So wait, the US not only flew over the Obama’s in separate planes for this lunch, they flew Marine One over too so they could look royal and land on the grounds of the castle? Holy cow, Happy Earth Day.

    • Just because it’s legal to schmooze delegates this way doesn’t make it right.

      Should Cruz win the nom this way, the media will refer to him as a brilliant politician with a great ground game. I guess this is why I support Trump :)

      • I had no idea that these were the rules.
        Trump has at the least exposed them.
        I don’t think Trump knew either, but it appears he is adapting to the game.

      • Cruz is in on the RNC backroom skullduggery, I’m convinced. With Bush and Rubio tossed out on their butts in the race, the RNC didn’t have any other choice but to bring Cruz in on the “Plan”.

    • I see Trump’s new surrogate admitted his shtik so far has been an act. Surprise, he’s really a dem. I almost don’t even care anymore. Where’s that doom guy–we are doomed.

  2. As usual, it looks like MO’s wighat hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. And a little curtsy to the Queen would have been in order. Wearing that hideous Purple Prince dress was inappropriate. Purple clothing has always been a symbol of royalty and wealth to be worn only by close family members.

    Lots of pics of MO in the DM wearing her signature
    ‘resting b*tch face’.
    Brits are complaining about the Obama 11 vehicle motorcade. What a spectacle – these two!

    • I don’t begrudge any President safety and life saving measures.

      But, I would begrudge Mooch having a similar car. And since she seems to have a plane at her disposal 24/7 it would not surprise me that she has other perks as well. Just as Valerie Jarrett has unwarranted Secret Service.

      BTW, re. comments on Mooch’s appearance. Grifter. Star wins though with the “tatty refugee”.