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Video || Cruz Ad Goes After Trump on Transgender Issue

Here is Sen. Ted Cruz’s new spooky ad taking on Donald Trump for supporting allowing transgenders to use the bathroom they choose. What do you think? Is this an effective ad? Is this issue going to hurt Trump?

14 Responses to Video || Cruz Ad Goes After Trump on Transgender Issue

  1. I think that that was a mistake on his part.
    I think people’s privacy should be respected at all times especially in the restroom.
    Your loved ones should not be subjected to the possibility of unknown people sharing the facilities.

    They put locks on bathroom doors for a reason.

  2. Hurt him? nah. Get him more crossover Dems? you bet.
    I get it. He’s stealing all the Progressive idiocy so they can’t use it against him.
    We all know he’s not “conservative” as some others, but rather more moderate than some might think.
    Trump supporters are not going to be diverted by some PC nonsense thrown around by anyone – their goal is to close the borders, bring back American money and business, and to set the DC monster back a few steps.

    • He needs to be able to divert the conversation away from these trivial attempts to nail him on one sound byte.
      They tried that with Reagan and he more or less just dismissed it.

    • “Get him more crossover Dems? you bet.”

      I don’t know why people keep saying this.

      Not a single Democrat is going to change his or her vote from Bernie or Hillary on an issue they already agree with.

    • Exactly srdem. Trump is using the lib mentality right in their face – love it and he WILL get a lot of crossover Dem voters who refuse to vote for Hillary – mostly Dem men who don’t care for Hillary. I think it’s a smart move.

    • I agree. Trump basically neutralized the topic, at least for now. The topic of who uses what bathroom shouldn’t be anywhere on the list of what a “journalist” asks a Presidential candidate, but we are where we are. The low caliber of main stream journalists we suffer from are convinced this is a good gotcha question, and that makes them very excited, like children in a candy store.

      • Exactly right. I would never allow my children to go to a public bathroom alone anyway – but this? This is beyond any sensible thought.
        DT – you disappointed me with this reply to a stupid question.
        If I caught a man exposing himself to my daughters or granddaughters, he would soon be minus a rather important body part. Believe me, I would do it. And it would be painful…agonizingly painful.
        This is what the “everyone gets a trophy, politically correct, dope smoking, too lazy to work when I can get it for free” mentality has brought to us.
        Now, the old adage, “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” is more relevant than ever.
        Best be deciding what we stand for…

  3. Seven years of Obama and the world is going to Hell in a hand basket. And the topic of the day is who uses what bathroom! It’s really come to this? I foresee a YUUUUUGE spike in the sale of Depends.

  4. Yes, I think it is an effective ad for those who find this an issue.

    Teflon DJT will not have any problem getting over this one.

    Gosh, he just publicly mocked an Indian person answering a call center call and people laugh.

    PC he is not.