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Trump Ahead of Cruz in Indiana

The first statewide poll of the presidential primaries in Indiana gives Trump an edge over Ted Cruz. Indiana is a crucial state because it is one of the few major states remaining where Cruz can snatch significant numbers of delegates from Trump.

According to WTHR:

The WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll has Trump with a 6-point lead over his closest challenger Ted Cruz. The poll indicates a record turnout will favor Trump over the other candidates.

The results prove just how pivotal Indiana’s primary race is going to be nationally.

Republican Presidential Primary

Donald Trump 37%
Ted  Cruz 31%
John Kasich 22%

When you drill down into the numbers into core Republicans, which we will do for you tonight on Eyewitness News, it makes this race a virtual tie between Trump and Cruz.

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    • One of the comments following this article explained that the description “ex-con” can only be used for those who have had their sentences commuted.
      These people are still felons…but now they can vote. How many will actually exercise that privilege I wonder?
      Dumb question: can the right to vote be bestowed by a governor?