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Obama Schedule || Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hmm. A lot of down time in the afternoon. I’m guessing he’ll get in some golf. If he choppers up to Scotland he should bake some cookies or something instead of dropping another vacation bomb on taxpayers.

9:45 am BST || Tours the Globe Theatre in London
10:45 am BST || Participates in a town hall discussion; Royal Horticultural Halls, London
12:40 pm BST || Meets with Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn; Royal Horticultural Halls, London

All are times British Summer Time, which is five hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time

12 Responses to Obama Schedule || Saturday, April 23, 2016

  1. Did someone say ‘vacation bomb’ – that’s next month in Japan.

    “I have no more elections to win” is going to Hiroshima. The apology and bowing tour to be continued.

  2. Slightly OT, but this pic of the Obama’s riding with the Queen and the Duke (with the Duke driving) says it all. Look at the facial expressions on Michelle and the Queen riding in the back seat. Oh, my! “We would rather be anywhere else but in this car with this woman next to me”, thinketh the Queen. And Michelle is asking, “So where is my damned ice cream cone!?!?!” LOL.

    • Right. Its very apparent that the wookie is wearing a wig!!

      Thought bubble ove the Queen:

      Uppity trannie , I hate these pis ants!

    • It’s called her ‘resting b*tch face’, Marcus.

      Thought bubble: “Why is this old Duke guy allowed to put my royal life in jeopardy? I never go anywhere without my personal chauffer.
      There is only one Queen, and it’s me!”

    • And where is Mooch? Has sh jetted out or is that tomorrow or perhaps she has a day of shopping and a night of London clubbing? After all lunch with the Queen and dinner with the royal kids are over. How much did it cost us?

      • I wondered that too Grace. Obama toured the Globe Theater yesterday and no sighting of Michelle. If I were a betting woman, I’d say the girls flew over with mom on the hush hush and they are off shopping for a new freshman year college wardrobe for Malia.

    • Hey when you can play golf around the world for FREE ….. That’s what it’s all about. The Free Stuff Legacy of Barack Obama, the Emperor with No Clothes.