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Video || Obama – Cameron Press Conference

17 thoughts on “Video || Obama – Cameron Press Conference”

  1. You will notice that the First wookie is with him in Britian but not in Saudi.

    Why? Because she is a Muslim and SA she would have to wear a scarf or head cover. She never goes to any Muslim country.

    Because it would show that she is a Muslim. And by implication Him too!!!

    1. Why do you believe she is a Muslim? He might be but she is no more Muslim than I am. She could never cope with the cultural and religious tenets.
      I know she accompanied him once before – and her stylist drastically missed the mark in choosing her attire. Western women are asked to cover shoulders, upper arms, and knees – I.e., modest attire. They are not required to wear a scarf – unless they are visiting a Mosque.

      1. There’s a lovely picture out there of Mooch visiting a muslim country, in a flowing green outfit, wearing a headscarf and scratching her (?) crotch.

    2. Not where if Michelle is a Muslim, but there’s some questions about Barry.

      Some comments from Boris Johnson today suggest they think Obama is not friendly to the West and therefore….

      “Boris Johnson suggests ‘part-Kenyan’ Obama may have ‘ancestral dislike’ of UK”

      They’ve got the measure of The One, it would seem.

      1. He is spending his last year trying to re-write history for the past 8 years, and doing a damn poor job of it.
        We can either believe him or our lyin’ eyes.

  2. It seems like the Press across the ocean did not get the Memo that one must never question MrObama on anything awkward.
    Oh, it was almost fun to watch as he squirmed and told a one outrageous lie after another.

    1. Listening to talk radio from England today, and the anger and raw hatred from callers for Obama’s press conference today darned near burned my headset off. He ticked off people on both sides of the issue today. It takes a special talent in the art of BS to do that. In their eyes, he is not to be trusted, confused the issue, seems to be completely ignorant of the issues involved, and (surprise) comes off at arrogant and full of himself. That’s just for starters.

  3. So Valjar finally got to meet the Queen, eh? Almost fainted, too.
    C’mon Barry! This trip was all about photo-ops and making sure the legacy is intact, including the mystery of the Churchill bust!

    BTW, is the Mooch going to take a final tour of Europe on the sly?

      1. Did you hear Obama described how this ‘hard-working staff woman’ (he wouldn’t name her, but we all know who he was referring to) has been begging him to meet the Queen for 7 yrs now?

        The entire exchange about his unmitigated ‘love’ for the UK and the Queen was disgusting.

      1. Many years ago, my wife and I were in Paris and walking by the Grand Mosque (this was the old one not the new one they have built since we were there) on the Left Bank. We noticed that there were tourists walking on the grounds of the mosque, So we decided to join them, and found ourselves walking around the outside corridor of the place, past rooms which had a lot of men just hanging around, talking to each other, staring at all the tourists walking by in their mosque. It was quite dark inside, though you could see OK. If looks could kill, all those tourists would be dead. Why? The animosity, the glaring at the “non-believers”–particularly at the women tourists–would have killed a herd of goats. Anyway, the thing I remember is that the place was filthy, trash everywhere, poorly maintained, paint peeling off everywhere and it smelled like a cow barn. Hope they’ve kept their new Paris mosque a bit more hygienic and more suited to human habitation.

        1. I toured the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman. It is a work of architectural art and beautifully maintained. It is said to have the longest single piece carpet in the world – hand woven. (I believe now it may be the second longest.). I have many photographs of the interior and exterior.
          (I am a woman so tried to keep my head covered but frankly, for the most part it was a losing battle.).
          My sister, niece and great niece toured with me and my Omani friend. After the tour, we were led into a small room with racks and racks of pamphlets about Islam. My Omani friend excused herself at this point.
          We were invited to sit by an older Omani man. He asked us were we were from. When I replied, “America” he said, “Ah. Then I suppose you are all Christian?”
          We looked like 4 little bobble head dolls as we vehemently nodded our heads up and down! I still chuckle about that! haha
          We chatted for a short while and then he politely excused us! haha

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