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Future King of England Meets Future King of Mulligans

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  1. I read that Obama talked about the “bathroom laws” in North Carolina and Mississippi while in London. He said the laws were wrong and should be overturned, the laws did not reflect the general opinion. The bathroom issue seems to be very important to him. Well, maybe he should stick to issues like this ? And may I add, the other one , the lap dog Cameron that is, agreed. Of course.
    By the way, little prince George is such a cute little guy.

    • He is getting creepier and creepier, SL.
      Just turned on CNN and there he was…again…at a London Townhall where he sounded like such a tortured soul as he lamented the ‘bathroom laws’. The agony across his face was visceral.

      Too bad he has zero emotion regarding less serious matters, i.e, ISIS murderers, overwhelming ‘refugee’ problems and crimes overseas, and the unfinished wars.

    • Barry is fascinated with bathrooms, their history, who uses them and when they use them. He has a large collection of bathroom bowls in the basement of the White House, carefully displayed with flood lights and protected with an armed guard. He often goes there when Michelle starts yelling at him again to quietly meditate on how wonderful he is and how lucky the world is to have him lecturing nations on how to run their affairs.

  2. I listened to parts of the press conference.They both got some tough questions on the Brexit intervention, Cameron “answered” with his usual balderdash, Obama “answered” in his usual lofty, incomprehensibly way. Obama also claimed that the Winston Churchill bust now is in the residential area of the W.H. Because Obama ” loves” Churchill, “I love the guy”. So very convincing, don´t you think ? He said that he removed the bust from the Oval office because he , as an Afro-American president, wanted a Martin Luther King bust instead and it would look “cluttered” with too many busts in the room . Not enough tables, he said. He also said in his oily insinuating manner that he was sure that even the Brits could understand this priority.
    Well, mayor Boris Johnsons words come to my mind, “Obama is a part-Kenyan hypocrite”…… And he really looks “small” when he is out of his safe waters, away from his safe turfs. No, this trip was no feather in the hat for the Obama administration.

    • He’s such a liar. The Churchill bust in question was returned, so it obviously isn’t in the White House. I believe this issue came up before and a smaller, different bust was produced from somewhere.
      The Brits are royally pissed at Barry for meddling in their politics. This junket was not a win for the Obamas.

      • I thought it was returned to the British Embassy in DC? The excuse being it was “on loan” to the Bushes? Then why did he say it’s sitting outside his office in the WH private residence?

        This guy is hard to keep up with his truthiness ;)

        • That’s my understanding as well, the bust was sent to the British Embassy in February 2009, a month after The One was sworn into office. It was one of the first things he did during his reign as King of All He Surveys.

          The White House apologists have contorted themselves into human pretzels trying to spin this whole kerfuffle over and over, but when you are paid to lie for a liar, it just makes the situation worse.

          • Speaking of busts (and we were in more ways than one), when I went to Monticello, I saw busts of Washington and I think Madison–an early form of selfie. I think the guide said they gifted them to each other.

  3. The headline on Drudge Report right now, ” Now the Germans are turning on Obama”. Obama will have a short stop in Germany before going home and the Germans are planning big demonstrations on the Europe-EU “free trade” agreements, the TTIP.
    Yes, Europeans are very skeptical of this elite-project. I witnessed big demonstrations in Berlin when I visited last year.I guess that even Obama will realize now that the “love-story” is over. It was just a main stream media PC-imagination and people are not buying it anymore.