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Poll || Trump Dominating California

According to Politico:

A new poll from Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies shows Donald Trump in a dominant position across the state.

The results, provided to POLITICO, show Trump leading statewide with 41 percent of the vote and Cruz trailing far behind with 23 percent. John Kasich is in third with 21 percent, and 15 percent of Republicans said they remain undecided.

California is worth 172 delegates when it votes on June 7 — with the winner of each of the state’s 53 congressional districts receiving three delegates. The statewide winner receives 13 delegates.

The Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies poll shows Trump winning in almost every corner of the state, from San Diego and Orange County to northern California and the Bay Area, though some regions have small sample sizes.

Meantime, a new poll of Pennsylvania Republicans released by Franklin and Marshall Thursday puts Trump at 40 percent, Cruz at 26 percent, and Kasich at 24 percent.

10 thoughts on “Poll || Trump Dominating California”

  1. Californians are as crazy as New Yorkers. Maybe more so. Trump won’t do well in the general in CA. Hillary will roll, 60% of the vote or more. But I would have thought CA Republican would not have been as much in favor of Trump as that poll indicates. I think there are probably a good number of districts where Cruz will carry, particularly in the Central Valley and the north counties, which are the only bastions of conservatism in the state. Still would seem Trump is set to take more than 100 of the 172 delegates. And that’s a shame.

  2. Let’s see – California, where 40% of the current population are illegal aliens, where foreign workers are imported to take the really good jobs in Silicon Valley, and where workers send more of their wages to the government than they get to keep is in the tank for MrTrump.
    Go figure.
    Pennslvania- Where the White working middle class has been shunted aside for the benefit of illegal aliens and Affirmative Action people.
    How surprising they would support MrTrump.

    Almost everyone at the top of the government, at the wheel of the political system couldn’t see this coming because they only talk to and associate with each other.
    The last two national elections confused them. They didn’t understand what the electors were saying because everything was hunky-dory in their lives.
    They looked at Wall Street and watched as their investments grew and grew, went out to dinner at crowded high-end restaurants, and planned luxury vacations, never seeing what was going on in fly-over country.
    Of course, a Donald Trump would be someone they support – he talks their talk and he supports them. So it seems, anyway.

      1. Illegal Immigration Statistics in California. California has the largest number of illegal immigrants in the United States, with an estimated 2.4 million unauthorized immigrants making up about 6.3 percent of the state’s total population, according to the Pew Research Center.

  3. Can’t tell you how many of my DEM friends here in la-la land despise HRC, and have openly turned their support to Trump. It’s truly amazing. Not to mention the fact that they ALL loathe Obama!

    Contrary to what I have said from the beginning, I am beginning to believe that the majority would prefer the celebrity to the ‘screecher’.
    It will be veddy interesting to see how Trump handles her in the coming months.

    Looking forward to the Greatest Show on Earth!

  4. Well, the Republican Party will put a stop to this. Post haste. At the very least they will claim it to be fraudulent or poor polling.

  5. I rarely do this, but I do not have the abilities of srdem65 and some others to condense and comment efficiently.

    So, below is a whole bunch of words from Rush Limbaugh. About the changing (evolving?) Donald Trump, his recent comments on illegals, bathrooms in NC, taxing the rich, and an important change in Trump’s organization.

    The entire thing is worth reading (link provided), and there is a lot of info on Harriet Tubman — RL knows his history.

    “….Well, so we’ve got a trifecta here, folks. We have a pathway to citizenship in one town hall meeting, on the Today show today… We have a trifecta. We have a pathway to citizenship spelled out. We have no problem whatsoever with… In fact, North Carolina and Georgia and all states should not be doing what they’re doing. If people want to use whatever bathroom, it’s fine. It isn’t a problem. People should be able to use whatever bathroom they want.

    Raising taxes on the rich? Yes! Absolutely raise taxes on the rich. Now, it’s interesting, ladies and gentlemen, there’s also this from the Wall Street Journal. The headline: “Donald Trump Plans to Adopt More Traditional Campaign Tactics.” It says his campaign is evolving. Coming soon are policy addresses, teleprompters, and a speechwriter. All of this is being chalked up to the hire he made, a guy named Paul Manafort, the convention manager for Trump’s…

    By the way, do you know what we just learned? Paul Manafort, who is now essentially… He elbowed Corey Lewandowski out of the way there, and he’s now running things for Trump, he has a business with a guy named Charlie Black, who is a well-known Republican establishment figure. I mean, well known. Charlie Black may be… If you wanted to put a picture of the Republican establishment a dictionary, his would be in it. And Charlie Black is running the Kasich campaign, and Charlie Black and Trump’s guy are business partners….”

    1. And now Manafort gets outed saying it’s all an act…Expect a different act soon or…sometime. But did he really leak that? You can pretzel your brain around it it if you want–it all amts to playing the electorate either way.

  6. Pennslvania- Where the White working middle class has been shunted aside for the benefit of illegal aliens and Affirmative Action people.
    How surprising they would support MrTrump.

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