As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 21, 2016

11:10 am AST || Begins meetings of the the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council Summit; Diriyah Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
3:15 pm AST || Delivers a statement to the press
5:00 pm AST || Departs Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
10:00 pm BST || Arrives London

All times British Summer Time or Arabia Standard Time

7 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, April 21, 2016

  1. And representing the USA at the council table, none other than Casper Milquetoast…

    Good day to flap in the breeze…then celebrate with his customary victory lap.

    Oh, what a legacy he shall leave us..


  2. I just watched President Obama speaking to the leaders of U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council Summit; Diriyah Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and enjoyed the karma. Can anyone out there who watched the speak, and have an open mind, and heart who understands how the views around the world work can comment on the following? Can you imagine Donald Trump conducting a setting of that magnitude of such? I know that my question may sound like I’m a Donald Trump hater, “please, believe me, I’m not.” I am a Service-Connected Army Veteran of thirty-six years who have served around the world defending our great nation and just refuse to believe we are in such disarray for a new leader for the United States. I just want to enjoy peace and equality, and I cannot see that in Mr. Trump at the head of our country. No drought, Mr. Trump is a great business person, and can rattle a crowd of individuals with rhetoric, but running a nation is a different animal. Please do not judge me until you have walked in my shoes. Just my thoughts. Henry Watkins

    • You raise questions we all ponder: who can best serve the nation as POTUS, giving the mind boggling, near impossible tasks awaiting the new President?

      At this stage we try to sort out all the pros and cons of each candidate and make the best choice we can. It’s always been that way, of course. Voting is placing a bet. We look at the odds, look at the candidate’s life story, think our way through the selection process, watch and listen to the candidates, overlay our own principles and values the selection process, listen to opinions of those we respect.

      In the end, our vote is a best guess, a hope that it will all turn out well for the country. We hope that for whomever we chose, with all the faults, vulnerabilities and warning signs of that candidate, the cons will be addressed while in office and the pros become stronger. We hope that the person will grow in office, find the best counsel available and act according to that best advice.

      We hope that somewhere inside our candidate there is greatness ready to blossom, courage ready to be tapped, and wisdom ready to be born. Being POTUS is a near impossible job. We know that. So we hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

      • I am doing all this gauging, measuring and deciding and I am with Mr Watkins. If Trump has debarked from his plane–no official welcome–would the kings and princes all be called lyin scum, the worst, the worst? Even if they are devious, this is diplomacy…