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Hillary: “We Have Just Too Many Guns . . . In Our Homes”

Do we really, Mrs. Clinton? And how are you going to get those guns out of our homes?

The problem is that there are too many guns in the hands of criminals. And therefore, there cannot be too many guns in our homes, safely and responsibly kept, of course. Because people have a right to defend themselves against the results of the economic, moral, and societal decay caused by liberal policies.

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And what happens when the breakdown of the international order caused by the foreign policy of Hillary and President Obama brings ISIS, Iran, al Qeada, or someone else to our shores with assaults on the infrastructure – for example, an electromagnetic pulse attack. This, according to sober-minded people who have studied the issue, could cause short or even long-term chaos. Then how many guns in the home is too many?

16 thoughts on “Hillary: “We Have Just Too Many Guns . . . In Our Homes””

  1. When MrsClinton goes out in public, just how many armed men and how many guns protect her from….crazed Repubs? zombies? potential kidnappers? vampires?
    We all know that snipers can hit any target within eyesight, so her armed protectors are just to give reassurance to her.
    On her claim/complaint/fear that there are “too many” guns in our homes, Americans are well aware of how invading forces can conquer a city or state or even a whole country if they are the only ones armed.
    Our forefathers would have never repelled the British forces if they were unarmed, and who knows how successful Hitler would have been if the French had the same kind of arms in THEIR homes as we do today here in the USA.
    No. You can’t have our guns. Nope Not gonna.

    1. Especially when you consider how many illegals will be entering the country under Clinton. As it is our borderx are merely welcome mats for people to wipe their feet on before collecting their entitlements. Then they are throughout the country, illegal, unvetted and untracked. Yeah, no how, no way.

      1. I like the argument that ‘they’ can track a cow from Canada to its stall in Kentucky….give the Ilegal biologicals a cow so we can track them.

  2. I’m reminded of that old cowboy ditty ‘Home on the Range where the Buffalo roam…”
    The Buffalo are long gone. All we have now are Obama’s newly released prison felons, dangerous illegals with felonies, and a flood of unknown, unvetted, unsavory looking young men from countries whose stated goal is to kill Americans.

    Too many guns??? What are you afraid of, Hillary? Us? Well, we certainly aren’t afraid of you!

    1. There are too many guns, says Hillary, but never too much money in the Clinton Foundation, or enough suckers to want to buy favors from the Clinton, or too many silly young women for Bill, or too many pants suits for Hillary.

    1. Boy, ain’t that the truth. And the same for Slick Willy. They’ve both taken the oxygen out of the room for so many years people are gasping for air. They are like old time silent movie stars who just won’t admit their time is long gone by, but if they put on more stage makeup, no one will notice their irrelevance. They are irritating, self absorbed, clownish and crooked as a trout stream.

  3. She is quite right. After all, it is horribly inconvenient for any would-be tinpot dictator when the number of firearms in private hands exceeds by an order of magnitude the number of arms in government hands. It’s like the argument I’ve heard from prosecutors in pretrial hearings in criminal trials about how the various Constitutional limits on government action vs. criminal defendants and/or suspects handicaps their ability to convict: it is a feature, not a bug. That’s what it was written to be, a defense for us, the everyday Joe Smoes. And so, it should not be a surprise that every politician and bureaucrat sees it as wrong.

  4. I know there are many guns in the homes of many people I know. If there had been one in my home when we were attacked by four home invaders/rapists in 1981, would it have been a different story there? Who knows…I will never know. So butt out–this is not your business, Hillary. You have guards. Just butt out.

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