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Video || Donald Trump New York Victory Speech

Big win in New York tonight for Donald Trump, as expected. Even without Ivanka’s vote.

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  1. very proud of you MR Trump.let the remaining states also be 50% and above.I am praying everyday for your family and i are standing strong with you.May God bless you and your family.sookrajie ramdeo RN.

  2. I am watching Morning Joe to see their reactions to Trump’s big victory last night and what constantly galls me is the elitist panelists like Tom Brokaw, Chuck Todd, and Mike Barnicle are all confused why the white hard-working male votes for Trump.

    Obama has spent the last eight years marginalizing the white male, especially the blue collar working male. He’s taken away their jobs in plants and coal mines, told them they have white privilege, told them their factory jobs aren’t as important as solar and yet Brokaw wonders WHY white men are in Trump’s corner. Brokaw is a perfect example of how skewed the MSM is, oblivious to real life, to real jobs, to day-to-day troubles of those of us who actually want to better ourselves by working and being seen as viable members of society.

    I’m thrilled Trump won and I hope he sharpens his skills to really make the election against Hillary a good one.

    1. Yes, people have grievances, esp white males, I guess…But this guy is not the answer–he is just telling people what they want to hear from his watching of the “shows” and maybe reading blogs like this one, I don’t know if he does. He has no way to make good on these promises without the Cong and the courts–and because of what some of the promises are, in my opinion this is good. Neither does Hillary, by the way, unless Trump destroys the down ticket.

        1. There is no one who may be nominated that I will vote for. I am washing my hair or writing in or picking some goofy fringe party…for all the good that will do. If this means Hillary gets elected, then so be it. The Reps will not have picked someone I can respect and stomach. Everyone looks at this differently–I have waited 8 yrs, commented everyplace for many hrs, thinking finally the Obama mess would end–and voila, new mess. That’s life…as they say “It happens.”

    2. Me too. Well said EOSredux. And so very true.

      Quite some time ago Instapundit’s wife (I forget her name) was one of the early ones who saw what was happening to the males in America — especially boys. For lack of a better word, I go with “neutering”. Which makes me wonder if Obama and the libs are into eunuch court attendants. Well, Obama …maybe not so much. There is Reggie. Perhaps Valerie.

      Hmm. wandered a little off track there. Ooops.

  3. Listened to the local news talk this morning on way into office and a couple of Cruz bots were calling in with hate towards anything Trump that until this cycle I had only heard from the left.
    Social media has turned us on each other instead of focused against the left.
    And the WaPo op ed pages today? You’d think the alien invasion is already underway and the end of civilization is upon us.

  4. Trump won 57 percent of the women’s vote in NY yesterday. The networks are going nuts over this, of course, trying to understand how this could possibly happen after all the effort they put into proving that women hate Trump.

    1. What really bugs em is that Republican women aren’t the mindless slugs that Democrats are. Putting family and economics first, they’re able to see beyond the fake “war on women” trope of Clinton Inc.

    2. Yes but Tom Brokaw, in his infinite elite wisdom, had an answer why women in NY voted for Trump: He said, and I kid you not, that “those women” were part of a team where their husbands were voting for Trump. His comment stopped me dead in my tracks. I wanted to reach into the screen and shake him.

      1. So Brokaw thinks women are unable to think for themselves? He and the other panelists remind me of Rove when they thought Romney was winning. They’re clueless and clinging bitterly to their old beliefs.

      2. The only explanation Brokaw and the other media elites can offer is that, in essence, women who voted for Trump are too dumb to be independent thinkers and form their own opinions.

  5. Here’s Cruz’s dad selling yet another fantasy to get his boy into the White House:

    “Rafael Cruz: Donald Trump ‘Would Be Worse Than Hillary Clinton, But He Cannot Beat Hillary Clinton’”

    My opinion: by the time Trump gets done with Mzzz Clinton, (and he hasn’t even started yet) she will be a pile of foul smelling mush on the stage floor. She won’t know what hit her.

    1. Rafael Cruz: “If there’s one thing Sen. Cruz understands, it’s servant leadership. He understands that he would go to the White House to be a servant to every American.”

      Cruz is a serpent, not a ‘servant’.
      He would be better fit in his father’s Pentecostal church.

      1. We more of Cruz’s dirty tricks come to light (“Ben Carson has dropped out of the race, vote for me”, etc.) I am really getting bad vibes about this guy. I’d vote for him over Hillary for sure, but, I’d always wonder what he’s really up to. Both Cruz and Trump would beat Hillary but they would use different tactics. Trump would use nunchucks and kamas, and Cruz would play three dimension chess. Either way, she loses. I think she’d beat Kasich easily, which is why we hear the constant cry from the media that Kasich is the only one who can beat Hillary–they always promote the Republican most likely to lose to the Democrat.

        1. Funnily enough, I believe Trump would be the most rational of the three (HRC, Kasich and Cruz) – once he settled in with a good group of advisors.

          The only difference between Kasich and HRC is their party affiliation.
          Cruz is a nut case.

          Trump, I believe, would come to his senses quickly, and would modify his radical notions of deporting millions of illegals, starting trade wars, etc.

          Can he go from ‘showman’ to ‘leader of the
          Free World?
          It’s a stretch, but I suppose anything is possible.

          1. Here’s my observation (worth about a nickel at this point) of the evolution of Trump’s campaign tactics. Trump understands better than anyone that running for President is, at its core, show business and he understands show business better than most. Sad state of affairs, but that’s the reality. So he plans out his campaign in stages meant to capture the attention of the electorate.

            Stage One (which we are at the tail end of)–take no prisoners, throw out off the wall comments, insult, do anything to eliminate the Republican competition, win, win win.

            Stage Two (just beginning)–calm down, less caterwauling, more lucid, more details on plans, reach out more, less insulting. This stage ends if he gets the R nomination.

            Stage Three (if nominated by the Party)–More Presidential, calmer, sharper talking points, wider appeal, more reach out to Independents (who will ultimately swing the election one way or the other), less aggressive to other Republicans. Most of all, in this stage, a full blown, no prisoners taken, tell it like it is, no mercy and very personal attack on Hillary’s record, her unsuitability to be President, her lifetime of corrupt political behavior, her sweetheart deals (via Clinton Foundation) with some of America’s worse enemies, her peculiar manner of presenting herself to the electorate, her insincerity, lies, etc.

            But we’ll see.

          2. NY was a closed primary on the Dem side, independents were locked out.
            I think that Sanders could have beaten Hillary if it had been open.

          3. Relative to the transitions I also hear Trump is reorganizing staff to meet the challenges, especially after Colorado.

            He may talk a good game as required, but he is smart and he probably knows he dropped the ball and will self correct.

            And re. Obama, Cruz, Hillary as opposed to Trump. I think there is a meanness to them — big chips on their shoulders that is absent in Trump. They all have big egos — have to to be in game, but it’s the “content” of the ego also that counts. Not well expresed — but …it is I see.

        2. The polls show Kasich would beat her–but they also show Bernie would beat all of them…so polls pft. Sick of hearing about them. Why don’t we just “poll” instead of polling places. Be done with the whole ridiculous mess… wit

          1. They also had a poll on MoJoe that showed that only 65% of those who voted for Trump would be enthusiastic about him as president–we are in lesser of evils country there, I guess. Polls, polls…I need a nap, a long one until we somehow get a decent president.

          2. At this point in the game, polls are like throwing a handful of feathers in the air and trying to predict where each one of them will land. The electorate is in a raucous mood, candidates are squirming all over the place, and fortune tellers are raking bags of money predicting the future. All they need is a turban with a big red ruby on the front to complete the picture. Agree. Polls are more or less like alchemy at this point.

          3. Second time the confetti apparently upset you–any reason? Both parties will have it at their conventions…They do parades with it…seems pretty unobjectionable to me, altho messy.

  6. Apparently Harriet Tubman is booting Andrew Jackson off the $20. Anyone care? Don’t suppose Obama would settle for this instead of harping on his Supreme Court nominee….

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