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The Other, Not-So-Nice John Kasich

For those of us journalists who have covered Capitol Hill, one of most shocking developments of this year’s campaign season was the emergence of Nice John Kasich. He’s running for president on a message of optimism, love, warmth, love, warmth, optimism and warmth.

Few people in Washington who have dealt with John Kasich know Nice John Kasich, or were even aware that he existed. We were far better acquainted, during his many years here as a Congressman, with Surly John Kasich, No-Patience John Kasich, and Condescending John Kasich.

Of course, you can’t change your personality based on focus groups. So sometimes, the real person does emerge.

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    1. How about as arrogant as Trump? I would vote for Kasich in a hot second…I don’t want to have a beer with any of these characters–I just want them to run this joint and not their mouths. I see election day as the end of one nightmare, start of another.

      1. One need to go no Further than his total OPEN BORDERS love.

        That makes him a globalist and an insider working to destroy this country.

        Can you not see that open borders is the wrong direction?

        America first!!!!!

        1. Did you read his plan–not what it says at all–and he could prob get it thru Congress… This is all academic–I don’t think Kasich will get anywhere… Why hire the guy who could do the job–pretty conventional thinking…(like my pun?)

      1. LOL…It might give me pause if one of these bozos grabbed spaghetti with is or her hand and jammed it in but the pizza fork deal…Try as I might I can’t relate this to ability to govern. We’re tool users–any chance this could be a sign of evolved development?

        1. Sorry, but no. If he was trying tom come accross as “relatable” – maybe eating pizza with a fork is relatable to a European snob – but nobody I know.

  1. Kasich needs a little (or lot) of anger-management therapy. Is he referring to himself when he says we’re all ‘just looking for a hug’?

    This is one case where I would really be interested in his medical records. Any history of alcoholism, drugs, or mental problems? Something’s not ‘right’ about this guy.

  2. I heard quite awhile ago that he was not the person who presents himself to us now. I kept wondering when the media would say something.

    And today on Morning Joe, the guy from Bloomberg was saying he was great. Mika was very surprised and didn’t seem to get it.

  3. What’s shocking is that Kasich is still standing when other better known (and liked?)govs like Jindal, Walker, Christie and Perry are not. Maybe even Jeb! too. No chance of winning, but every chance to keep Trump from taking extra delegates.

    Seems like a waste of time, trouble and money to me.

    If the GOP wants a do over at the convention, then they better bring back my original choices Perry/Walker :)

      1. I was a big Walker fan. But he disappointed during the campaign and now that I learning more about the Priebus, Ryan, (and to a certain extent) Rubio JV GOPe and the fact that Walker is part of this little Wisconsin Wannabe pact I am not sure I feel the same or that I would vote for him.

        The masks have come off a lot of people and institutions and organizations.

        1. Kasich is a bad guy. RNC wants him and that is enought to say NO!

          And Kasich loves illegals he wants more.

          You support open borders?

          We have over 40 million illegals now, do we want more??? NO !!

      1. Well, this voter sure would like him–but I doubt that will come to pass. Someone on TV last nite said let’s have more immigrants–3 million legal a yr, not 1 million–can’t remember who said it–not Kasich for sure. Anyone else hear that…

    1. Because of Rule 40B, kasich has a chance to become the nominee. The rule says that anyone can become the nominee, even if he hasn’t campaigned a single day.

  4. He likes to tell people he was born in McKeesRocks, Pa, and his father was a mailman.
    I was also born in McKeesRocks Pa about the same time, but Father was a steelworker.

    He brags about balancing the budget, doing all sorts of wonderful things in DC, and how he all but saved Ohio from a death spiral, but never talks about having a job in the private sector. He’s a government toady who has no idea how anything outside the halls of Congress or the Governor’s office really works.

    Aside from all that, he’s just a creepy guy with a Giant Ego Complex. ugh.

    1. oops, lost my train of thought. Senior moment or something.
      …………..Father was a steelworker.
      None of that is a qualification for the Oval Office.


      1. He is not saying he’s qualified because his father was a mailman…how do you get that? He may say that to be relatable…My father was a psychiatrist–guess based on this, I would be unqualified…

      2. Too bad about Steel Workers not being a qualification for POTUS. I come from a family of them. Perhaps coal miners then — that is my mother’s side of the family?

        1. Too bad a community agitator was deemed qualified, for the job. Give me carpenter, steelworker or a plumber, anyone who actually runs a business and loves this country more than life itself. Retired military (pre-Obama) like Col. West. That’s what we need.

          1. That’s a fine family history right there OK Lady.
            My Dad was an Army Veteran WWII radio operator, and then a machinist in a factory for 35 years.

            After he retired he took up beekeeping and learned to build his own hives because he could do it cheaper than what they were charging him to buy one.

    1. Again–send me in coach–I would vote for him. So he’s testy? So he thinks a lot of his accomplishments–doesn’t Trump talk about how great HE is all the time…and none of it has to do with governing even.

        1. Bam! Yes. When I was on the Hill, late 60s-thru 1982–a lot of these people you see on the news were known to be petty, mean to their staffs, demanding, crabby, grumpy, whatever—everyone has a mask of sorts…But could they think, gather people to their position, count heads, work out win-wins, horsetrade–that is what counted. They did all this in their little private offices drinking bourbon and “branch.” Now they prob do it at the gym…

          1. Mask off! Funny. You sound like that Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise kept taking his mask off. It’s no secret I worked on the Hill, but I did not work for a member or a committee–I worked for a SPECIAL INTEREST, the largest domestic export, bringing gazillions to this country–aerospace! Choke on that one, LOL.

          2. And shocker, AfVet–were Trump ever to get in power, he would need those same crabby small hideaway office seniority guys he has been “paying” to get anything through–hellloooo establishment.

    2. Thanks for the link Girly1.
      All true.
      Kasich started in the Ohio senate at 26 yrs. old.
      He’s far more politician than private sector, and he probably got his job at Lehman Bros. through political connections.

      He’s for common core and voted for NAFTA, and took federal $ to expand Medicaid.

      The link mentioned “tax shifting”.
      That’s exactly what he did.
      When running for governor, he said he was going to reduce property taxes, who wouldn’t like that to happen ?
      He never did, instead they have gone up.

      He is not even-keeled, instead, if you confront him he can get nasty.

      Obama is the same way.
      We don’t need another president with that attitude.

        1. I don’t see any evidence of Trump having a ‘hair-trigger’. Hurling insults? Yes. But that’s about it. There is a somewhat comedic side to him – not mean and nasty.

          HRC, OTOH, is a b*tch on wheels but I don’t see her blowing a fuse or storming out of the room every time someone disagrees with her.

          Kasich is another story….

          1. I have also heard Trump is very high-handed with the help, yells, curses, reviles like he lashed out at the apprentices (also nobodies) who dared to not support him… Who knows…I hope this Trump spasm will soon be over…

          2. Kasich just acts like a guy who is one dance step from blowing his top, yelling at someone who didn’t kowtow to him, ready to slug someone who didn’t agree with him. He adds absolutely nothing to the political discourse and acts like some nut from the movie Fahrenheit 451. All this, in addition to being a complete phony Soros is pouring money into. I wouldn’t hire him to walk my dog around the block.

        2. Hitabeast is nasty and many near her died odd deaths. Foster and Brown to name a couple.

          Trump is sweet and wants to send the Titanic USA away from the giant crash coming.

          Sail away skipper!

          1. Somewhere on Fox Business, I think either on Varney or Dobbs on Monday, was some woman who was head of a Cruz Super Pac. She lived in a Trump condo and said no matter what else could be said about him, the place ran like a well-oiled machine, that he surrounded himself with great people, many of whom have worked for him for decades. She also said she would support him and work for him if he were the nominee. Wish I could remember her name.

        3. Hillary is a progressive left wing liberal that worked for a man that hates this Country.
          Trump loves this Country and is determined to strengthen it and it’s borders.

          Under Obama and Hillary’s watch, look what we have become.

          Just look at the mess they have created in the mid-east.

          Do you want more of that ?
          I don’t.

          Plus, the economy is in shambles.

          I want a businessman in there for once.
          No more politicians.

          1. I don’t want anything Hillary is selling but I sure don’t want (even MORE) what Trump is peddling–and the agonizing garbage we would have to put up with hearing about it and looking at his raddled self and his me me me… You guys hated the me me me with Obama but now I guess it’s OK. You hated the big talk (controlling the tides), the phone and pen stuff…now it’s all nifty. Oh, well, I can type until I am blue in the keyboard, I guess–at least on WHD. Running out of eye time…manana.

  5. Speaking on behalf of the minority Kasich-ites in NY, I like his banter. Why is it that when Trump talks like this, he is funny and engaging, but Kasich is arrogant?

    Also, we’ve had Mister Cool President for 7 years. Maybe we need someone who will talk back and talk tough once in a while. Think of Kasich talking to the Saudis this week instead of Mr Linguini.


    1. Mr. Obumer is nasty , he is passive aggressive.

      He is doing his best to steer the USA titanic into the iceberg of his creation.

  6. Anytime the New York Times endorses a Republican – like they did with Kasich – that person should be an automatic non-starter. Period.

    He needs to go away.

  7. Yes he is an A** why do you think he has not won. Kasich is not a good gov. He went around his own legislation to expand Obamacare/medicaid. His state is on the hooks for billions.He got lucky their was oil. The steele industry is gone. In wa dc. He was nothing but a lying cronie. He is the establishment. Now soros paying him a million plus to continue.

    1. Soros–and I have not seen this confirmed–is maybe involved in a PAC–not in funding him. The Medicaid thing was to benefit the people for a short time…Yes, when it ends, he will have to find the money… If everyone does not like him as you say, he must not have cronys.

        1. I will say this–if Kasich took VP under Trump, he would be DEAD TO ME so fast–deader than the other DEAD TO ME (Christie–whatever happened to him anyhow?).

          1. Christie is the most reviled politician in NJ…and that’s saying something. I doubt if there will be another Republican governor here in my lifetime. It’s too bad because Kim Guadagno, his Lt. Gov, would be a great Governor in her own right.

  8. Keith, thanks for the insight from behind the scenes. It confirms my suspicions of Kasich. I’ve always thought he was a phony, creepy guy.

    The biggest reason not to support Kasich: in one of the debates a few months ago, he promised that in his first hundred days as POTUS, he would finally get “comprehensive immigration reform” done. With all the problems facing this country, I find it astonishing that his promised first order of business would be not to take care of issues that the VOTERS (citizens) are concerned with, but to REWARD the illegals. No thank you.

    By the way, I saw in the news yesterday that Shrillary recently said the same. She plans on doing “comprehensive immigration reform” in her first hundred days. So there you go… perhaps Shrillary has found her VP running mate.

  9. What codswallop. Kasich is showing nothing more than mere raillery. This article claiming foul play from this candidate is comical.

  10. To Star, There you go again knocking Trump! Voting for Mr. Kasich in a hot second will ya now? According to John Kasich He won’t deport any illegal immigrants because he said that he could never round them all up? He also said that he would let the good ones stay here (illegals)?? How would he know the good ones from the bad ones. Sometimes, like in CA, they attack us like years later after they come here. Remember that married couple who worked with the 14 people they killed for a long time and these people also were friends of theirs? John Kasich seems like a likeable guy but when a reporter asked him about just winning 1 State, his Ohio, he got nasty and on other occasions on Fox with Megan, he got short-tempered, impatient also. Keith is right, he can be surly, impatient, etc. Who needs that? I’ll take Trump over him any day, Trump is smarter, less surly, Trump says what he feels, he’s real at least, not like these politicians who sound so sweet and phony, Hillary Clinton for one. She’s Crooked Hillary alright, greedy, greedy, takes money from anyone, terrorist countries, took $300,000 for a speech at a college??? She says she cares about college tuitions and takes from these colleges, greedy! She’s phony as a 3 dollar bill,money and power is all in her mind. — I could not believe my ears when I heard her ask her supporters in the audience to each send her $1.00, those poor people and she’s so rich asking them for money too? Crazy woman and ugly pantsuits. I love pants but she’s running for President and doesn’t put on a long skirt or a dress ever? Does he leak or are her legs that horrible? Something is definitely wrong with her, lazy? She sounds like an air head, with the crooked e-mail set up, and taking so much money from countries for her foundation? Baloney, she’s just horrible asking for money all the time. If she’s president because they don’t like Trump, goodbye America, another miserable 4 years of social justice and nothing else. And hate the rich and raise taxes for the food stamps and welfare, country will stay in the pits with her, she hates the military and the police too. She should be in jail, but no, she’s allowed to run for President? Horrible woman, vote for Trump if you know whats good for you. He could never be worse than Obama the traitor.


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