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The Bern You Feel Will be in Your Pocket

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the King of Free Stuff. But of course, nothing is for free, as any child – except the children loving on Bernie – can tell you.

Sanders wants to soak the rich, Wall Street, and other oppressive rich people. But there’s only so much of that you can do before the rich are no longer the rich, don’t care about getting rich, start firing lots of people, or move to the Cayman Islands. Or before Wall Street becomes just another alley on the Lower East Side.

Because Bernie, to give you free stuff, he will have to take your money away and give it back to you as he sees fit. He has to tax the middle class, and even, the lower classes.

Check out this chart. If you are a middle class worker earning making close to $60,000 a year, you lose $137 out of your paycheck under Sanders if you are paid every two weeks, according to a study by the Tax Foundation.

Taxes under Bernie

President Obama, having acclimated us to Leftism, has paved the way for a radical Socialist to actually get close to the presidency. And remember, with Socialists, the ends are so wonderful, that the means are always justified.

Many of on the right like to root for Sanders over Hillary because they detest her so much. But the thought of a true Socialist confiscating your money and property should outweigh the pleasure of watching Clinton go down to a raving grandpa. Because a hard Leftist like Sanders should not be permitted anywhere near the presidency, and that includes betting the Democratic nomination.

7 Responses to The Bern You Feel Will be in Your Pocket

  1. It still feels like ‘The Bern’ was an April Fool’s joke played by the DNC to make HRC the unopposed Hobson’s Choice for the DEMS.

    The fact that he caught on like nothing we have ever seen should scare the daylights out of every American. What a wake-up call!

    He seemed like the perfect foil for the GOP candidate, whoever that will be. A dream ticket for the R’s. After nine months of this insanity, I doubt if Trump, Cruz or Kasich could beat him in the General. The Millenials are crazier than anyone could have imagined! Scary!

  2. I’d still rather run against Bernie than Hillary. Yes, there’s a bunch of idiots that buy into his crap but less than the “it’s about time we had a woman president” crowd that will pull for H for “history’s” sake. (WHD women excluded of course, they have proven time and time again their independence and intelligence.)

  3. I am bored with all of this. Bernie has as much chance as Kasich (Kasich has a better chance actually given the GOPe’s decision to put up whoever will play ball with them and he has proven to be a complete whore).

  4. I actually would rather have Bernie than Hillary. Not because I like Hillary. I can’t stand her.

    But should Bernie win? Everything burns to the ground sooner. And the sooner it burns to the ground, the sooner we can start over.

  5. Also of note, from the Daily Caller article:

    The numbers also don’t fully depict how incomes would be affected by the projected drain on the U.S. economy Sanders’ plan is projected to cause: The GDP would drop an estimated 9.5 percent, capital investment would plummet by around 18.6 percent, wages would be reduced by roughly 4.3 percent, and just under 6 million full-time jobs would be lost, according to the Tax Foundation’s analysis.

    Under the proposal, all taxpayers would face a new 2.2 percent tax on income, and a 6.2 percent Social Security payroll tax would be applied to incomes over $250,000.